Focus on These 3 Things and Watch Your Startup Flourish

Are you struggling to figure out how to make the web work for your small business?  Are you confused about what to do and what to focus on first? 

I mean… there IS a lot of noise out there on the web today and it makes it all very confusing for small business owners that are new to the internet. 

Just recently, I received a message from a small business owner new to the web asking for help with building his brand on the web and marketing a new product. 

One of the first questions that I asked him was:  who are you targeting with this product?  

Their response: crickets…

There was no response.

My guess is that they are not clear on who they are targeting and what they need to do to get their product in front of that audience. 

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The Benefits of Clarity + Focus

If you are confused about what to do and how to get started with using the web to support your business, the most CRITICAL and important piece of advice that I can offer you is this:   

Get clear on who you are targeting FIRST then figure out how to get focused on creating a strategy for getting your business in front of them. 

You’ll want to do this because: 

  1. You want to make sure that your message resonates with the right people
  2. It’s easier to focus on creating content for a specific type of audience (than just any audience)
  3. Getting clear on your target audience will help you focus and message will attract the right visitors to your business


CLICK HERE to download my free Clarity + Focus Workbook.

Since launching this brand, hiring a coach, conversing with fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers that I admire in this space, one thing started to become very clear to me: they are all pretty clear on who they serve and what they can help them with.

My Journey to Finding Clarity and Focus on the Web 

Three years ago, I started a blog covering a topic that I was very passionate about. I made it a point to publish content there consistently – 2 to 3 times a week. 

After a while, the blog started to gain traction and received recognition online from large publications such as the New York Times and even Small Business Trends. 

Things started to pick up so well that traffic wise, the site started to receive more than 200,000 page views per month!

Don’t get me wrong, that kind of traffic is awesome… 

But…there was a MAJOR problem with the site:  I was trying to appeal to too many types of people.   

As a result, the content that I created was too broad and all over the place. 

The second issue was that I did not have a clear + targeted message that spoke to the right type of visitors. 

You see, 200,000 visitors to a website is all fine and dandy…but if your site visitors are not the ideal prospects that you want to attract to your business, then it’s less likely that any of the offers you make from your site will appeal to them.

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The Wake Up Call + The Comment that Completely Changed My Mindset

Google plus communities are one of my favorite places to network, interact with peers and share content. 

It was here, that a fellow blogger + entrepreneur left a comment that totally rocked my world.

This all happened after I shared a post via Google plus community that we were both active in.  He liked the post, commented on it and invited me to write content to his blog. I obliged of course… 

He then asked for a link to my website so that he could take a look at some of my published content. 

His response — “Wow Kim, you have a really nice site here — BUT… I am NOT clear on what you offer”.  

Huh??? What do you mean you’re not clear on what I offer…  

Folks, that one comment alone was a rude awakening for me.   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But deep down…I knew it was true.

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What I Decided To Do Next 

I sat..and pondered what I would do next. I figured..well there is no way in he$# that I am starting over.  I had written and pumped out content on this site for more than 2 years, invested in all sorts of money into this program and that one…and so on and so forth. 

But the truth of the matter is that I really didn’t have a choice BUT to start over. Since launching this new brand with YourChicGeek, it was seriously the Best decision I have made.   

Prior to launching this brand I did two important things: 

  1. Hired a business coach and mentor to help me get super clear on who I was targeting 
  2. Created a message that resonates with the right people and a strategy for getting my brand in front of them.

Guys, you will not believe how much of a difference getting clear on who you want to attract to your business will make for your business. 

Funny thing is that, I would hear people say it over and over – “get clear on who you are targeting + understand your target audience”… but I never did it.   

I just assumed that if I blogged more, or shared my content on social media multiple times, or used the right tools…it would deliver the results that I wanted. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s just not how it works.  You need to get targeted with your branding and messaging online.

CLICK HERE to download my free Clarity + Focus Workbook.


How to Get Focused + 3 Important Considerations for Small Biz’s New to the Web

If you’re getting started on the web for the first time and you’re not really sure what to do and focus on first, here are a few things that you may want to consider:   

  • Get clear on who you want to target.  Yep, I’m sorry to keep beating this dead horse, but if you’re new to the web and want to make the most out of your marketing and online efforts this is a key first step. 


  • Creating a targeted message around the market that you want to attract.  After you have figured out who you want to target online, you will need to create a brand message that resonates with them. 


  • Create and build on a strategy for getting your message in front of that audience. After you you’ve identified a market that you want to serve, and have created a message that resonates with that market. Now it’s time to figure out how you to get your message in front of them. Some questions to consider are: what platforms will you will use to do it, and creating a solid brand identity that stands out amongst your competition.


Your next steps…

If you’re starting out online for the first time and are not sure what to do or focus on first, my Digital Domination guide gives you a detailed road map and plan of action to follow.
In the meantime, please drop me a line and let me know what you think about the post.  I look forward to your comments.


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Kim, YourChicGeek is a tech savvy diva + founder of YourChicGeek.com. She is passionate about teaching small biz’s how to go from unnoticed to unstoppable online using tech and digital marketing. Kim has created several online courses and DIY trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy that help small businesses flourish online. You can contact Kim to hop on a quick 15 minute call to chat about your digital marketing goals.

  • Hey Kim,

    What a wonderful lesson for us all.

    In the post that I shared just today I’ve had some HUGE results but they’ve only come after having found my clarity with what I do and how I present myself. I know there are SO many people who are frustrated and lost. Their content might be awesome, people might be commenting and sharing it all over social media but it’s just like the experience you had that you shared above.

    We would all love to be getting 200,000 visitors to our site a month but if not one single one of them is taking the action steps we want then it’s just 200,000 visitors and nothing else.

    Most of the people that I work with that’s the first thing I ask them. What do you do and the majority of them can’t answer that. No wonder they’re frustrated.

    I’m so glad you also worked with your coach and have gotten more crystal clear because coaching small business owners is only going to help them benefit from what you’ve already been through yourself. I know for me I love working with someone who has been there and done that already.

    Bravo my dear, wonderful job and I hope you have an amazing week now. Talk to you soon.


    • Well hello there Adrienne! Thank you sooo much for commenting on this post. Will be heading over to check out yours pretty soon. You know its funny, years ago, I kept hearing people say ” find a target market” and get your message in front of them over and over again…but it didnt really resonate with me.

      That was untilll I decided to hire Don Purdum (aka Mr “Know The Business Youre Really In” and chatting with my bud Soji Fagade.

      I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel with knowing that I am much clearer on who I am targeting and what I can assist them with.

      Heading over to read your post now. I cant thank you enough for all of your support. You are a gem 🙂

  • Hi Kim

    A great lesson to learn and you developed the entire post in so easy to understand format that beginners would face no problem to get the gist of your message.

    Staying focused while doing any kind of work is damn difficult because a lot of things divert our attention if the activity goes on recurring basis. For that purpose one needs to keep reviewing how he is going most frequently to bring back the lost attention.

    Many thanks for sharing this lovely post.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    • Helloooo there Muba! Thanks so much for commenting on this post. Yes staying focused is super hard to do for first time businesses. Heck, when I started out years ago, I was seriously chasing all of the wrong things…listening to this person, and that person and etc.,

      Hiring a coach was one of the best decisions that I’ve made for this new brand and business. It has really taught me the importance of knowing what it is that I am offering and secondly who I want to present my offerings to.

      I really wanted to stress the importance of getting clear on things..before really launching off into a business. This is an essential and critical first step that a lot of newbies don’t do.

      Thanks again for chiming in on this one.

  • Sherman Smith

    Hey Kim,

    That’s right! You have to get clear on your message and your target audience.

    Like you I heard this over and over again (surprisingly my ears didn’t bleed) until one day I told myself that maybe they’re right. So I started aplying this message and lo and behold my blog posts started to make better sense.

    Yes I did have people ask me what I did many times and this was an indicator that I needed to make a change. I’m still making those Subtle changes but I don’t get asked about what I do anymore.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

    • Heyyyy there Sherman! So nice of you to drop by and comment my friend. I felt the same way as you with my ears bleeding hearing “you need to get clear…you need to clear).

      Since I have gotten very clear on who I’m targeting, I cant even begin to tell you how much it has helped me with writing better blog content specifically tailored to the audience that I want to reach. It is really amazing what clarity can do for your brand. Again, thanks for dropping by to chime in.

      Wishing you a fantastic week!

  • Hi Kim, I am back visiting after reading about you on Enstine’s blog. I think this is a great post. I have considered starting over on my blog at times too but I haven’t made that final decision yet. I am looking forward to working with your “Clarity and Focus Workbook.” Have a great evening. 🙂

    • Helloooo there Monna!

      Thanks so much for the stopping by the blog to check things out. I just want to note, please thing long and hard about starting over on your blog before you do.

      I just knew that I was blogging to too many peeps and therefore, was getting to no one and therefore decided it was time to start over. Hope that you enjoy the workbook. I am hear if you have questions or concerns.


  • Hi Kim,

    It was such a pleasure to work with you and teach the principles behind Clarity + Focus = Execution… Having a clear, concise and relevant message is vital to our success.

    It’s hard stripping away our old mass marketing mindset. But, it’s also vital in a world that is in search of specific solutions to highly specific problems or needs.

    The problem with so many is that they get the cart before the horse. They start with what feels natural and easy and that’s just executing… i.e.. putting something out there.

    That isn’t just bad for the audience, it’s also bad for the content creator and business owners because we get into really bad habits.

    Thanks so much for linking to me and mentioning me as your coach.

    You are a delight and I’m excited for your upcoming successes!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hello there Coach Don! I cannot thank you enough for helping me get on the right track with this brand. I am also super grateful that I had someone call me out on it…. which really caused me to take a step back and re-evaluate things.

      It has certainly been an eye opening experience for me to get very clear on who I am targeting and most importantly my messaging. Wishing you a fantastic week! 🙂

  • Mark Newsome

    What an excellent and extremely helpful post Kim!

    Clearly it’s no coincidence, whenever you’re struggling, or just
    not sure what to do, it’s best you hired and heed the track record proven
    advice, of those most qualified to provide it!

    Because those type of investments, always pay off in multiples!

    I know this whole blogging thing had me completely
    and utterly confused, until I started heeding and diligently applying
    the proven advice, of some on my Coaches & Mentors!

    People like Adrienne Smith, my Coach & Mentor, Donna & David Merrill, and
    a host of others!
    Boy did things change and definitely for the better!LOL!

    You offered some extremely practical advice! And it’s proven advice as well!Thanks!

    • Hey there Mark! Thanks so much for the comments. Yes, you are absolutely right about hiring folks to help you in the areas that you struggle in.

      You know,..I figured that hey..im getting 100,000+ folks to a blog – thats AWESOME! But, what I learned quickly is that you can have all of the traffic in the world but if your message isnt right and youre not clear on who it is you want to attract and what you can help them with then you wont get the right people to your business.

      Thanks again! Wishing you a blessed week 🙂

  • dianaadams

    Hi Kim,

    I love this post!!! 🙂


    • Diannaaa! How goes it chica? Thanks sooo much for dropping by. I am a true testament to what “getting super targeted” with your messaging and brand can do. Looking forward to working with you and wishing you an awesome week. 🙂

  • Hi Kim,
    What a good reminder is this!
    I could very well relate to some of the areas in which you mentioned I this post,
    Focusing is an important issue in writing, not only in writing but in any business deals if we lost that everything will go waste! Nice to know that person’s surprising question turned you around to think it all again! And that led you to a different line all together to a success level!
    Very interesting life story in blog writing
    Thanks for sharing this in a different kind story!
    Keep sharing!
    May you have great success in all your endeavours.

    • Heyyy there Philip! Thanks soo much for your continued support my friend. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the post 🙂 Cheers bud..

  • Enstine Muki

    Hey Kim,
    How are you doing?
    It’s been crazy busy trying to finish up with a money transfer app I’m doing for a client here. Deadline is critical 😉

    Hey! You can’t be wrong hiring Don. He is definitely one guy that knows how to take his client from “Abrahamic” methods to what works today 😉

    cool guy, Don

    • Well hello there Enstine! Thanks so much for dropping by my friend. Yes! Hiring Don one hands down one of the BEST decisions that I have made so far with this brand.

      I am sooooo grateful that I found him along this journey..else I would have wasted more time going around and around in circles trying to figure things out.

  • Brandy K Horn

    Great article that hit home with me!

    Firstly, I must say, I love your Blog and Website! Talk about a lot of content; you weren’t kidding. But, that is what I have as well, and that’s one reason why I absolutely love yours; great quality content and a lot of it.

    I want to be sure that I always have enough quality content, plus I’m constantly adding new content so the readers will keep returning. That’s not why I’m not succeeding though. Just as you were doing, I don’t have a clear focus. I learned from you sharing your experience, then detailing how to make it better, what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it. I’ve read entire e-books that haven’t had the details you include to make everything work in your simple step by step article! They’re clear, concise, and to the point.

    I am going to use your guide and steps (except for the coach; your site, Blog, e-books, and resources are going to be my mentor) hopefully, to take my business to the next level; loyal visitors and monetization! I’ll definitely try to post my progress along the way with how well or how badly it’s performing. I’m focusing on too many things right now and that’s my problem. So, I will start with a new website, focusing on one major theme, then add a few things that are very closely related to my main theme. If it goes well, then maybe next year, I’ll add another website and so on. I am so glad I found you! Yes, it was a painful wake-up call, but it was exactly what I needed too.

    Thank you! I will be a loyal subscriber and look forward to reading more on your site.

    • Yayyy for you Brandy! Believe me… starting over was the toughest decision I ever made. I mean coming from a blog that garnered 200k + visitors a month to now a blog that gets way less was sooooo hard for me.

      People told me I was crazy and that I shouldn’t do it. But deep down in my heart of hearts, it was the best decision that I’ve ever made. Sure, I still have a lot of work to do with this brand, but I now know that it was just something that I had to do.

      Please do keep me posted on your progress chica. If you need help with getting clear and also getting a strategy in place, email me so that we can chat more in detail.

      Here’s to your success 🙂

      • Brandy K Horn

        Thank you so much and I will keep in touch. Same goes for you; if there’s ever anything that I can help you with or do for you, just let me know! I’ve found out quickly, who you need to keep close, network with, and learn from, and the people who you need to stay far, far away from. So many scams are out there.

        Your loyal reader,