How to Use Social Media Networks to Grow Your Online Presence

Struggling to use social media networks to grow your online presence?

If you are…you are not alone!

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t read messages like this:

I’m using social media to market my business but it’s not helping me grow at all.  

“I’ve spent countless hours marketing my business on multiple social media networks, but nothing I am doing is helping my business grow”.

“I have 10,000 followers on Twitter — but I am getting little to no engagement (if any) at all!”

Or even worse…this comment >>>>

Social media is a COMPLETE waste of time…”  

Social Media is Not a Waste of Time

If I can be honest for a moment, I used to think social media was a waste of time too.  

This was until I started seeing some of the amazing benefits to using the networks for business.

In fact, just the other day I had a conversation with an entrepreneur that messaged me on Facebook.  I will refer to her as Tanya.

She reached out to me asking for help with “improving her presence on social media”.  

The more that I get messages like these, two things are becoming clear to me: 

  1. Small business owners like Tanya are ready recognize the importance of using social media for business growth.
  2. The majority of the small business owners that I talk to do not have a strategy in place for using social media networks.

A lack of strategy is the major reason that a lot of peeps struggle to grow their presence with social media (myself included at one point).   

What usually happens is that they end up giving up on social media all together.

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How I Got Started with Social Media Networks  

I remember when I first started using social media networks for an older brand that I started.  I was really excited about it.

Before I started using social media networks to market that brand, I spent a lot of time reading different blogs trying to figure out which social media networks would work best.  

To be honest, it was very overwhelming!  

I read articles where “folks” would say, things like “you need to be EVERYWHERE” or you need to have thousands and thousands of followers to be successful at social media marketing.

And so I jumped on board the social media train, with a new Twitter and Facebook account in tow and started pumping out content like a mad woman. 

I even went as far as hiring a social media marketing assistant and telling them “ I just need you to get as many followers as you possibly can and as fast as you can”.

You see, I was so obsessed with all of the hype of getting massive numbers of followers versus making true “connections” with the right followers.  

In retrospect, the decisions that I made back then make me cringe. But going through things through trial by fire is what helps us make better decisions.

Sadly, there are still a ton of folks using social media networks that use “Numbers” as a measure of success.

I can assure you that “Numbers” are one thing, but conversions tell are what you really need to measure. (I will save this for another blog post)!

How I Turned Things Around and Started to Grow My Online Presence with Social Media Networks

Earlier this year, when I started the YourChicGeek brand, a friend and fellow blogger Adrienne Smith of AdrienneSmith.net made a statement that completely changed my perspective on the way that I was using social media.  

We were chatting one day and I had mentioned that I was getting ready to launch a new brand and that I wanted to use social media to grow it.

She mentioned that I needed to really engage more with my new followers (each and every one of them).

I was thinking to myself…ummmm I don’t know about. I was dead set on just using the platforms to share my new content.

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As I started to share content from my blog to my social media networks, I thought about what Adrienne had mentioned to me and started putting it into practice.

Adrienne’s advice was spot on!  

Engagement on social media seriously helped me take my social media presence to another level.

Is it a lot of work?  Absolutely!

But, if you want to be memorable, helpful and build a brand that stands out from everyone else, you need to engage with your peeps!

It’s as simple as that…

As soon as I started to get out there and engage with my followers, I started noticing more “Retweets”, brand “Mentions” and “Shares” and more people reaching out to me.

Engagement on social media seriously helped me take my social media presence to another level.

Is it a lot of work?  Absolutely!

But, if you want to be memorable, helpful and build a brand that stands out from everyone else, you need to engage with your peeps!

It’s as simple as that…

This is a major shift among other things that I cover in Social in 30 that I made in my business that really started to turn things around for my brand.

As a result of using social media to genuinely connect with folks, a few things have happened:

Opportunity #1:  I was invited to a podcast interview with the #Berealshow with Travis Huff (shout out to Travis). You can listen to the podcast interview here:

Building an Online Presence with Travis Huff

Opportunity #2: An invite from a friend and fellow Twitter peep Bailey Richert to speak at her upcoming #InfopreneurSummit where I will be serving up the deets on social media automation. You can register find out more about the Infopreneur Summit here.

Infopreneur Summit

I am not a boastful person by any means.  I am only sharing this information to show you know what is possible with using social media and how you can use the networks to grow like never before!

Five Ways to Grow Your Online Presence with Social Media (And Attract Clients to You)

Social media marketing combined with content marketing has been the MAIN marketing activities that I have to create multiple opportunities for my brand to get discovered on the internet. 

If you are using social media networks but are struggling to grow your online presence with them and attract clients to you, here are 5 tips and takeaways for you:

Tip # 1: Build a recognizable BRAND

There are millions of people crying out for attention on social media networks. Branding is something I cover in greater length here.  If you want to stand out, you need to build a brand that people recognize and are drawn to.

Tip #2:  Engage with your followers

Social media is not a “one-way communication channel”.  Don’t make your social media marketing all about YOU. Yes, you should absolutely market your products, services and content to attract new clients to your brand.

But you want to also use social media networks as an opportunity to connect with your people. I cover engagement more in depth in Social In 30.

Tip #3:  Position yourself as a trusted “Advisor”

I’m sure that you have heard this numerous times, but it’s the truth.  The better you can position yourself as a trusted advisor and influencer, the more opportunities will start coming your way that will help you increase your online presence even more!  

Tip #4: Remember the law of reciprocity!

Don’t make social media all about you! If someone “Retweets” your content, “Shares” your content with their followers or follows you, take the time to thank them personally and by “Name”.

Seriously, people want to be acknowledged and so anytime someone shares content on your behalf — reach out to them personally to thank them.

Tip #5: Choose platforms that are flattering for your brand and content

Ever hear of the statement “the jack of all trades and master of none”?

This certainly applies to social media networks.  If you really want to grow your presence with social media, choose and use your platforms wisely.

I would recommend for newbies to start with one, learn the ins and outs of the network then move on to another platform.  As far as content goes, obviously you want to share the heck out of your content to get more exposure.  Something to remember is to share your content more than once for better visibility. 

Your Next Steps…

Are you using social media in a way that is attracting the right people to your brand?  Are you getting the right kind of exposure for your business and brand on social media?

If you are overwhelmed with social media + you ready to put a solid plan and strategy in place to attract clients to your business, build your influence online and fuel sales, these are all of the strategies that I cover in Social in 30.

This is a comprehensive boot camp style program that walks you through the exact strategies I have used to grow my brand with social media. You can learn more about Social in 30 here.

In the meantime, click here to download this free PDF and list of 10 ways to grow your online presence with social media!

CLICK HERE to download your PDF download + list of 10 ways to grow your online presence with social media (+ attract clients to you)

Grow your online presence with Social Media 

Now peeps, Over to you!

Are you successfully using social media to grow your online presence? What has your experience been like so far?  

Drop me a line below in the comments section or let me know via Twitter.  


Kim, YourChicGeek is a tech savvy diva + founder of YourChicGeek.com. She is passionate about teaching small biz’s how to go from unnoticed to unstoppable online using tech and digital marketing. Kim has created several online courses and DIY trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy that help small businesses flourish online. You can contact Kim to hop on a quick 15 minute call to chat about your digital marketing goals.

  • Hey Kim,

    Why aren’t you a sweetheart for mentioning the advice I shared with you here. Funny how this all works when you just think about it. I mean we do this offline but most of us want instant gratification and expect to get it by just sharing our stuff and nothing else. I’m SO glad that you took my advice and it paid off for you. Now you’re helping others also understand the importance of just helping others, responding to them, sharing their stuff, answering their questions, etc. It will all come full circle.

    Love that you’re speaking at the upcoming Infopreneur Summit. See what happens when you just help others and actually engage with people? It’s a beautiful thing.

    Thank you again my dear for the mention and I’m so happy for you. You are rockin it girl and I wish you the very best moving forward.


    • Heyyyy there Adrienne! It is SOOOO great to see you hear my friend. Yes, you were absolutely right about the importance of getting out there and truly networking and serving your audience. I am definitely have a lot of fun chatting it up with people and just getting to know folks and am super excited about the Infopreneur Summit. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

      Me you and Lisa need to seriously get together and hang out 🙂 #TexasGirlsUnite! I hope you are well. Let’s for sure chat soon via Skype. Cheers chica…

  • Lisa Irby

    Kim!! This is so exciting!!! Congrats at your new speaking gig. You are just knocking it out the park these days!! So incredibly proud of you. Keep up the great work.

    • Awww heyyy Lisa! Thank YOU soo much ladybug. I saw your Youtube videos with the WordPress tutorials and I cant wait for you to launch your Camtasia course. You are rocking it out for sure with that software. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. It really means a lot 🙂

  • I love it! We Biz Women Rock! Really appreciate your article. I have also found that engaging with my friends on Twitter, has increased my exposure as well, as was mentioned in your article. Thank you for sharing. Nicky