9 Reasons Why Hootsuite Pro is a Social Media Marketers Best Friend!

There has to be an easier way to manage social media”…..  

Have you thought this to yourself recently?

Just last week, I had an interesting conversation with one of my Lights Canva Action students about social media marketing.

In our conversation, she mentioned that she was only using Facebook to market her business and but wanted to create new accounts on different networks to get more exposure for her business.  

Midway through the conversation, I asked her “Soooo…what are you using right now to manage your Facebook accounts”? Her reply: she wasn’t using anything!

I was pretty shocked and surprised that she wasn’t aware of the social media management tools available for business owners today.  

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Why Social Media Marketing Is Frustrating for Most Business Owners

Last weeks conversation prompted me to write this post today.

It seems like the more conversations that I have with business owners I am noticing a common trend where managing multiple social media accounts is hard for them.

And the statistics about businesses and social media marketing prove it, where one stat in particular says that 25% of businesses spend 6-10 hours on social media.

I’m beginning to see that it’s not necessarily the marketing piece that’s hard (even though it can be)


Rather that business owners are not aware that there are tools available that make it easy to manage multiple social media accounts.

Manually Posting to Social Media Accounts is Not a Good Use of Your Time

I’ve gotta be transparent with you. Many moons ago, when I launched a blog in a different business niche I knew that I wanted to use multiple social media networks to market it.

I believe at the time I was using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to market this brand.

And…like many business owners marketing on social media for the first time, I made the huge mistake of trying to manually post to all of the social media networks that I was using.

I mean…

I would login to each account every day, post something to one and then move on to the other.

Talk about a HUGE WASTE of Time! I learned realll quick that I needed to be using a resource that would make managing multiple social media accounts easy for me. 

Today, when I talk to business owners that want to market their companies on social media, I always make sure to tell them about the benefits of investing in a social media management tool.

The tool that I recommend with every consultation that I have is none other than Hootsuite Pro!

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What is Hootsuite Pro and Why I Recommend and Use it for Social Media Marketing


My Hootsuite Dashboard

My Hootsuite Dashboard

Well for starters, Hootsuite Pro has been one of the BEST tech investments that I have made in my business (other than Thrive Content Builder) that has given me the greatest return on my investment in terms of:

  • Marketing reach – I have the ability to market to larger audiences from one place  (we’re talking about communities that reach more than 100,000 peeps) 🙂
  • Social media account management – This is without a doubt the MAIN benefit to using Hootsuite Pro is being able to manage all of my accounts from one place! 

9 Awesome and Kick A$$ Features of Hootsuite Pro Your Business Will Love and Benefit From

Hootsuite Pro has easily become one of my best tools in my social media marketing arsenal.  Here are 9 reasons why I love this tech tool and I believe you will too :

#1:  You can manage all of your social media accounts from one place.

Forget about hopping around from one social media account to another.  With Hootsuite Pro you can manage all of your active social media accounts in one dashboard.

If you have a Facebook page, you can connect it to Hootsuite.  If you are using Facebook groups you can connect them to Hootsuite and manage them.  

If you have multiple accounts on Instagram, you can manage them ALL with Hootsuite. It really is that easy yall!

Hootsuite Account Management

Hootsuite Account Management

#2:  You can schedule out posts in advance or LIVE to all of your social media accounts

The social media automation part of Hootsuite Pro is the bomb dot com! (For realz).  Let’s say for instance that you are planning to step away from your biz for a week….but you want to make sure that you are still sending updates to your peeps on social media.

Well, Hootsuite Pro lets you pre-schedule content to your accounts, then publish that content on the date/time that you want it to go live.  

Or even better, you have a new blog that you are launching and you want to set up some pre-scheduled posts about your new launch…you can use Hootsuite Pro to get the job done! 



#3:  You can publish content from other blogs or websites that you LOVE to your own social media accounts

Okay, so you’ve started your blog, but you don’t have any content published on it yet.  You love content from Entrepreneur.com and want to share posts from the website with your social media communities.  

Well, with Hootsuite, you can take what’s called an RSS feed from Entrepreneur.com, add it to Hootsuite, then set the publishing frequency that you want and that’s it!

So what will happen is that whenever there is new content published from Entrepreneur’s website) that content will automatically get shared on your social media accounts! (Dope right)?

Add Your RSS Feeds Here from Other Websites

Add Your RSS Feeds Here from Other Websites

#4:  You can schedule your social media posts in Bulk

So my good friend Hootsuite Pro, lets you schedule up to 350 messages to all of your social media networks!

To schedule content in bulk to your social media accounts: 

  1. You need to download the .Csv file from the hootsuite dashboard
  2. Add the content that you want to post in bulk
  3. Select the social media networks you want to post your content to
  4. Upload the updated .Csv file to hootsuite 
Hootsuite Bulk File Upload

Hootsuite Bulk File Upload

#5:  You can automatically publish content from your blog to your social media accounts.  

Again, using the power of the RSS feed, as soon as you publish new content on your blog, Hootsuite has a feature that lets you automatically share it out on your social media networks.

#6:  You can track and measure how your social media campaigns are performing

So you’re posting content like crazy to social media, but you’re not sure how your campaigns are performing?  So, this is where analytics comes into play!

If you are marketing on social media, then you need to know what is working and what’s not…anddddd you need a way to track all of this.

Hootsuite Pro gives you a pretty good overview and some insights into how your posts are doing so that you can do more of what is working and less of what’s not working.


Hootsuite's Analytics

Hootsuite’s Analytics

#7: You can connect up to 50 social media networks to your dashboard!

If you have a lot of social media networks that you are active on, then you can connect them all to your Hootsuite account and manage them like a CHAMP!

#8:  Hootsuite finds fresh content that you can share on your social media networks! (No…i’m not kidding)

Now this is an amazing feature for realz.  Instead of spending hours online trying to find content to share on your social media networks, Hootsuite finds the content for you, then let’s you easily share it live with your community or schedule the post for a later time.

It’s a feature called “Suggested Content” and its under the publisher tab in Hootsuite Pro. Here is what it looks like:

Hootsuite Suggested Content

Hootsuite Suggested Content

#9: You can market to LARGE targeted groups of peeps (Hundred’s of thousands of people at ONE time!)

Soooo because Hootsuite Pro let’s you connect your social media accounts to groups and pages, you can post content to groups with large numbers of your target customers in them.  

This is by far one of the BEST da$# features that I have come to love about this tool.  So for instance, let’s say that you have found a targeted LinkedIn group of 20,000 of peeps that you want to get your business in front of.  Then you find another one with 75,000 peeps.

With Hootsuite Pro, you can easily add these groups to your dashboard, then share your content with them.  As an example, there is a group in LinkedIn that I market to on a regular basis that has more than 241,000 entrepreneurs in it.

Since I have this group added to my Hootsuite dashboard, with a single click, I can get my content in front of them.

Startup Group on LinkedIn

My post shared from Hootsuite to this Startup Group on LinkedIn group with 241,000 members

One word of caution is to make sure that you excercise caution and read every group policy before sharing.

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There is a Lot To Love About Hootsuite Pro

I have seriously just scratched the surface of what you can do with this tool. I have been using it religiously for my biz because it is just soo damn awesome!

If you are seriously looking for a good friend that can manage your social media like a champ, then I would recommend starting the free 30-day trial of Hootsuite Pro to see how it can work for your biz.

You can thank me lata! 🙂


So, have you learned anything new about Hootsuite from reading this post?  Or, are you already using a social media marketing dashboard in your biz? If you are, I’d love to know what you are using and why.



Kim, YourChicGeek is a tech savvy diva + founder of YourChicGeek.com. She is passionate about teaching small biz’s how to go from unnoticed to unstoppable online using tech and digital marketing. Kim has created several online courses and DIY trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy that help small businesses flourish online. You can contact Kim to hop on a quick 15 minute call to chat about your digital marketing goals.

  • Hi Kim,

    Super points! Former Hootsuite Pro user, only because I am so focused on Twitter these days, so I use Tweet Deck and Hootsuite…Lite…LOL. Must have tool though for posting to multiple groups. I recall losing my fingertip skin, also from posting to like 235 Facebook Groups manually hahaha. Spent hours sharing, copying, pasting, and twas a royal waste of my mine. Grab HSP. Save your time. Save your fingers 😉 Thanks for sharing!


    • YAYYYY for Hootsuite Pro! Man… dude, I cant even tell you how many clients I work with that are manually posting to social media accounts. Im like yall, its time to upgrade your relationship with social media marketing and use this tool because you will save sooo much time in the process.

      Thanks for dropping by to comment my friend. You are AWESOME!

  • Whaddup Kimbo,

    You know I’ve been a HootSuite Lite user since 2011. Love every single feature in the lite version, and in all honesty when I think of HootSuite, I only associate it with Twitter, that’s because I’ve only been using the tool for primarily for Twitter. Scheduling tweets and timely messages days in advance. I forget that you can connect other social media accounts and manage everything in one place.

    You’ve certainly highlighted some of the benefits I’ve completely overlooked with HootSuite Pro, and in 2017 I will be sitting down looking at new ways to manage my time better, and what tools I can make better use of. You probably know that from the recent conversations we’ve been having on Skype.

    HootSuite Pro is on my list, especially since it will make it easier if I have to outsource a VA to manage my social media marketing.

    Great post Kim, have a super weekend.
    – Fabrizio

    • Hey there Fabz! Wooo hoooo for Hootsuite Pro! It is one of the best tech investments that is helping me save a hell of a lot of time with managing social media. I mean seriously, if you think about it, as Ryan stated, bopping around from one social media network to the next to manually share content is just a big TIME SUCK!

      I love the fact that I can share my content to 100,000’s of people (everyday) If I chose to using this tool.

      Thanks so much for dropping by Fabz! I enjoyed talking to you the other day my friend. Big things lie ahead for you and im excited about where you are going. 🙂

  • Lameka Weeks

    Kim, I was just about to cancel my Hootsuite Pro account until I came across your email! I’ve had it for years but I’ve never used it fully. I’m going to implement #8 and #9. Thanks!!!

    • Woooo hoooo! Yayy for you Lameka! Girl im telling you Hootsuite is amaaaazing! Glad that you are going to give it a second chance:-) Lemme know if you have questions..

  • Megan (23Pixels)

    I use Hootsuite and I absolutely love it! This is a great post!

    • Heyyyy there Megan! Thanks so much for dropping by to comment. Glad you love hootsuite as much as I as…it is a powerrrful social media marketing tool. Oh and Im glad that you like the post 🙂

  • Nice info. Learn something new. Thanks for sharing.