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Hey There, I’m Kim George but you can refer to me as YourChicGeek! I’m here to help you create and sell EPIC passive income products. To get started, I recommend downloading my FREE Swipe File that features 101 Money Making Digital Products You Can Create and Sell Online for passive income.

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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to check out the website.  I'm here to help you get on the fast track to creating and selling EPIC digital products for passive profits.

Kim is walking the walk, which is why her training and products are a tremendous asset to someone who is looking to grow their presence online. Every new blogger should be required to have this training before they launch. It's not enough to just create a blog or a website. If your site never gets found in this massive online atmosphere, then you won't have a business. 

Lisa Irby

Working with Kim is low stress and pleasant. She has wealth of knowledge about designing landing pages, automation, and integrating sales, automation with Active Campaign to sell my digital products. She works fast and efficient. She created landing pages, digital sales products, and automated emails which helped me focus on creating my my content. I made sales in just a few days after working with her.

Afsi Felsher

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