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Hey There, I’m Kim George but you can refer to me as YourChicGeek! I’m here to help you ​​conquer DIY digital branding and tech like a CHAMP! To get started, I recommend downloading my FREE 10 Minute"Irresistible" Branding Blueprint + Kit that will teach you the 5 things you need in place to stand out, get noticed and get your brand the attention it deserves online.

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Resources To Help You Improve Your Digital Branding

Free Download + Style Guide


Struggling with designers block? This FREE downloadable PDF is filled with 101 Ways to Use Canva for your Visual Design Projects (You Probably Didn't Know You Could)

Free DIY Web Design Kit


Does your blog or websites design make you cringe? If so, this FREE Web Design Kit has you covered. In it you will get access to DIY design tools and resources to brand your site with.

Free Training!


In this FREE training you will learn the 5 key systems you need in place to build a website that earns you fresh business leads (on autopilot) and wins you new customers!

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About the Author

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2009, when I worked as a consultant helping small businesses with their technical challenges. As a woman in tech I went from feeling like a fish in a small pond to "empowered" with what I learned. Now...I'm here to help you do the same thing using the web!

Kim is walking the walk, which is why her training and products are a tremendous asset to someone who is looking to grow their presence online. Every new blogger should be required to have this training before they launch. It's not enough to just create a blog or a website. If your site never gets found in this massive online atmosphere, then you won't have a business. 

Lisa Irby, 2CreateAWebsite
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Kim's delivery style is unmatched and down to Earth.  She delivers information in a way thats quick and easy to remember.

Kenneth Carpenter
John Doe UI/UX Designer
Digital Branding Kit

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