200+ Low Content Book Ideas for 2023 [With Examples]

Welcome to this epic roundup edition where I'm featuring more than 200 low content book ideas that you can publish and sell on Amazon for passive income. 

If you have ever dreamed of creating books to sell on Amazon KDP but immediately felt overwhelmed with the process – I totally get it.

Fortunately for you, there is an easier way…and that's with Low Content Books

Before we get off into the mega list of niches and low content book ideas that you can publish, I wanna talk a little bit about my backstory and how I stumbled upon the world of low content book publishing, how its changed my life from a passive income perspective, benefits to low content book publishing and why I heart it so much!

How I Discovered Low Content Book Publishing 

I’ve had an Amazon KDP Account (that’s Kindle Direct Publishing) for quite some time now.  I actually got started with trying to self publish books way back in 2015.  

In case you're not familiar with Kindle Direct Publishing – it's basically an online platform for self publishers where you can self-publish and sell your books to customers on Amazon.

I had read all of the stories where people were claiming to make a serious “bank” by selling short books (around maybe 100 or so pages in length) on Amazon in different niches.  

I’m sure that you’ve probably seen the different ads that they ran where they “claimed” all you had to do was choose a topic, hire someone to ghost write the book for you, then the cash would come rolling in. 

I am here to tell you that this is NOT the case at all.

In fact, I ended up in the red and wasted a lotta money trying to follow this process.  I just wasn’t able to get things going at all and so I stopped publishing books on Amazon.

During this time, I was also doing a lot of one-on-one projects and I was ummm burned out to say the least. 

Here’s Where Thing’s Changed…

After getting burned out with wasting money to have books written and also – doing one on one project work, I decided it was time to make a change.

I was trying to make some extra cash and decided to visit YouTube university plus the webs to see what else I could do that had low startup costs, fun to do and allowed me to create a product that would “sell itself”.

This is how I landed upon the world of low content book publishing!

Since finding low content publishing low content books, it’s really changed the game for me from a passive income perspective where I’ve been blessed to bring in over 1K per month consistently.  In fact, in one of my BEST months I made over $11K!

Heck I love it so much that I created a course and dedicated resources like this swipe file and free masterclass to show folks like yourself how to get started with this income stream.

What Are Low Content Books?

Low content books are basically types of books that have little to no content written in them. These include things like journals, notebooks, planners, logbooks, coloring books and puzzle books.

I can tell you for a fact that low content books are super popular with self-publishers because they can be pretty quick and cost-effective to create. 

Here’s another great thing:

They provide authors and aspiring self-publishers with an opportunity to tap into niche markets and cater to specific interests or hobbies. 

And…most readers appreciate how these types of books are great tools that can be used for a wide assortment of things.

From areas like planning, goal setting and tracking – to coloring and relaxation – low content books can serve as valuable resources for a wide range of tasks.

The Benefits of Publishing Low Content Books

Aside from the earning potential, there are a ton of benefits to publishing low content books and selling them online.

The main benefits of publishing low content books are that they:

  • Don’t require a lot of writing: with low content books, you don’t have to write a lot of content. This makes them faster and easier to create compared to traditional books.

  • Are quick and easy to create: Unlike traditional books, with low content books you can use programs like Canva, Kittl, or even Powerpoint to design them – in as little as a day!

  • Are inexpensive to publish:  Creating low content books often involves lower production costs compared to traditional books. As a result, self-published authors can experiment with new ideas and concepts without spending a lot of money to do so.

  • Can be used as complementary products: Low content books can be used as complementary products to enhance an author's brand. For instance, if you are a coach that has created a mindfulness journal, you could also offer guided meditation sessions or workshops as well.

  • Can be niched down and are versatile: N: The versatility of low content books allows authors to cater to niche markets and address specific interests or hobbies. This can lead to dedicated and loyal fan bases with repeat customers!

  • Can be sold on multiple platforms: You can package your low content book covers and interiors and sell them in multiple ways. This includes online on websites like Etsy, Creative Market and Creative Fabrica to print them out and sell them at live tradeshows. The possibilities are endless!

Low Content Book Ideas Worth Trying!

Okay peeps! 

We’ve come to the fun part. In this section of the post I am going to share over 200 ideas for low content books worth exploring for publishing on Amazon KDP.

To make the post easier for you to navigate, I have broken everything down using a nifty table of contents above this post so that you can easily scan through to find ideas that you are interested in.

Types of Journals to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

Journals are easily one of my favorite types of low content books to publish. There are soooo many types of journals that you can create and add your own unique flair to.

Journals have evolved beyond simple notebooks; they have become powerful tools for self-expression, mindfulness, and recording life's precious moments. 

And here’s the best part:

With Amazon KDP's platform and print-on-demand service, you can effortlessly bring your journaling ideas to life and make them available to a global audience.

types of gratitude journals to sell on amazon kdp

Best Selling Gratitude Journal Examples on Amazon

Some of the best selling journals on Amazon KDP right now are things like gratitude journals and prayer journals.

Here is a running list of 10 types of journals to publish and sell on Amazon KDP:

  1. Gratitude journals

  2. Fitness journals

  3. Travel journals

  4. Daily planners

  5. Doodle journals

  6. Self-care journals

  7. Dream journals

  8. Pregnancy journals

  9. Goal-setting journals

  10. Art journals

Types of Planners to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

If you are into creating things that help people get more organized and on track in their life, then creating planners to publish and sell on Amazon KDP might be right up your alley.

Planners have definitely evolved from mere tools for scheduling into powerful resources that help peeps navigate their busy lives with ease.

types of planners to sell on amazon kdp

Examples of Best Selling Planners on Amazon

With Amazon KDP's user-friendly platform and print-on-demand service, you can turn your passion for planning into a fulfilling business venture. The market for unique, specialized planners is booming, and readers are hungry for planners tailored to their needs and interests.

So with that said, here is a list of types of planners that you can publish and sell on Amazon for passive income: 

  1. Daily planners

  2. Weekly planners

  3. Monthly planners

  4. Academic planners

  5. Financial planners

  6. Fitness planners

  7. Travel planners

  8. Wedding planners

  9. Business planners

  10. Goal-setting planners

  11. Self-care planners

Types of Logbooks to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

Logbooks have become essential tools for tracking progress, maintaining records, and achieving personal and professional goals. 

Whether it's fitness, finance, travel, or hobbies, you can create log books that easily cater to various interests and create a loyal customer base. 

And here’s the best part:

With Amazon KDP, you can turn your logbook designs into a source of passive income that continues to generate revenue long after they are published.

types of logbooks to publish and sell on amazon kdp

Logbook designs from Amazon KDP

From workout and meal planners that aid in fitness journeys to budget and expense trackers that empower financial control, each logbook type serves a specific purpose, making them sought-after products. 

Speaking of logbooks, 10 types that you can create and sell on Amazon are:

  1. Workout logbooks

  2. Running logbooks

  3. Diet logbooks

  4. Travel logbooks

  5. Fishing logbooks

  6. Wine logbooks

  7. Gardening logbooks

  8. Car maintenance logbooks

  9. Hiking logbooks

  10. Birdwatching logbooks

Types of Notebooks to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

Who doesn't love a good notebook? Am I right?

In the world of low content book publishing, one of the easiest types of low content books to create are notebooks.  

Notebooks are versatile tools for journaling, planning, sketching, and more. 

Here again, with Amazon KDP's user-friendly platform and print-on-demand service, you can turn your notebook designs into a lucrative source of passive income that continues to generate revenue long after publication.

types of composition notebooks to publish on amazon kdp

Best selling composition notebook designs

I will say this…to do well with notebook sales on Amazon KDP, you will need to niche down and find a specific target market to create notebooks for and design an epic cover for your notebooks to make them stand out in the crowded online marketplace.

Some examples of notebooks to publish and sell on Amazon KDP:

  1. Blank notebooks

  2. Wide-ruled notebooks

  3. College-ruled notebooks

  4. Graph paper notebooks

  5. Lined notebooks

  6. Dot grid notebooks

  7. Primary composition

  8. Travel notebooks

  9. Handwriting practice

  10. Sketchbooks

Types of Diaries to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

I remember how I used to loveeee keeping diaries when I was younger for two reasons:

  1. For discovering things about myself

  2. Jotting down and recording some of my most fondest memories and moments that meant a lot to me

These days, diaries have evolved from simple records of daily events to powerful tools for self-reflection, goal-setting, and personal growth. 

If you love diaries as much as I do, with Amazon KDP's user-friendly platform and print-on-demand service, you can transform your diary designs into a source of passive income that continues to generate revenue long after they are published.

Examples of Diaries Selling on Amazon

From guided diaries that encourage gratitude and mindfulness to themed diaries that resonate with niche audiences, with KDP you can create diaries that serve a unique purpose and capture the hearts of different readers.

With that said, here is a list with examples of types of diaries to publish and sell on Amazon KDP:

  1. Personal diaries

  2. Travel diaries

  3. Gratitude diaries

  4. Pregnancy diaries

  5. Child Develop diaries

  6. Memory diaries

  7. Recipe diaries

  8. Fitness diaries

  9. Gardening diaries

  10. Pet diaries

Types of Activity Books to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

I can tell you from personal experience that Activity books are some of the BEST selling books that you can create and sell on Amazon.

These types of books are very popular and sought after because they offer a variety of entertainment, education and relaxation for people of all walks of life.

From relaxing coloring books to fun and exciting puzzle books that challenge and delight young minds, activity books cater to diverse interests and age groups.


Because the activity book market is very popular, if you decide to create and sell books in this niche, you will need to have a super strong cover design and also a great interior to compete.

Speaking of this niche, here is a running list of types of activity books to publish and sell on Amazon: 

  1. Coloring books

  2. Puzzle Books

  3. Sudoku Books

  4. Maze Books

  5. Word search

  6. Dot-to-dot marker books

  7. Cut and Paste books

  8. Word Search books

  9. Spot the Difference

  10. Color by Number

Types of Guest Books to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

As a self-publisher, you can create beautifully designed guest books for weddings, parties, plus guest books for capturing cherished memories and messages that last a lifetime and special events. 


With guest books, you can create a range of themes and styles to cater to diverse tastes and occasions.

Here is a list of different types of guest books to publish and sell on Amazon KDP:

  1. Wedding guest books

  2. Baby shower guest books

  3. Funeral guest books

  4. Retirement guest books

  5. Birthday guest books

  6. Anniversary guest books

  7. Vacation rental guest books

  8. Bed + breakfast guest books

  9. Event guest books

  10. Restaurant guest books

Types of Children’s Books to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

Do you love writing things like short stories and books for children? 

If so, then publishing and selling children's books on Amazon might be right up your alley.


Using Amazon’s user-friendly self-publishing platform your stories can reach homes around the world, making a positive impact on young minds. 

To get your creative juices flowing, here is a running list of different types of children's books to publish and sell on Amazon KDP:

  1. Picture books

  2. Early reader books

  3. Chapter books

  4. Educational books

  5. Activity books

  6. Short stories

  7. Short story collection books

  8. Bedtime storybooks

  9. Picture storybooks

  10. Holiday-themed books

Types of Coloring Books to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

I’ll be the first to admit that coloring books are my bread and butter on Amazon KDP. It's through publishing coloring books that I’ve had my highest earnings – all from one BRAND and line of books that I’ve published on KDP that gets me repeat customers and sales  -- all of which I teach over in From Publish to Profit.


With coloring books, whether you're an artist, illustrator, or simply passionate about art, creating coloring books can be very fulfilling and profitable. 

And here’s the best part:

You can offer a variety of themes with your coloring books on KDP, from intricate mandalas to whimsical landscapes, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Plus, with the convenience of print-on-demand, you don't need to worry about inventory or shipping out your products to customers.

Some of the best types of coloring books to publish and sell on Amazon KDP include things like:

  1. Adult coloring books

  2. Mandala coloring books

  3. Animal coloring books

  4. Floral coloring books

  5. Inspirational coloring books

  6. Geometric coloring books

  7. Fantasy coloring books

  8. Nature coloring books

  9. Holiday-themed coloring books

  10. Historical coloring books

Types of Memory Books to Publish and Sell on Amazon KDP

Interested in creating different types of keepsake books that help people capture life's most precious memories?  

If you are then creating memory books might be a good fit for you creatively.  These types of books sell very well on Amazon and can be very profitable.


Whether you're commemorating a wedding, a baby's first year, or a journey of personal growth, memory books provide a heartfelt way to relive and share life's defining moments. 

They will also give you a chance to offer a space for people to preserve their stories, celebrate special occasions, and honor loved ones.

Here is a running list of different types of memory books to publish and sell on Amazon KDP:

  1. Baby memory books

  2. Wedding memory books

  3. Travel memory books

  4. School memory books

  5. Pet memory books

  6. Grandparent memory books

  7. Anniversary memory books

  8. Retirement memory books

  9. Family reunion memory books

  10. Life milestone memory books

A Few Tips for Publishing Low Content Books

Publishing low content books can definitely be a lucrative side hustle.  If you are new to the world of low content books – or have been publishing low content books with little to no results, here are a few tips that I will leave you with: 

  1. Niche Down: Select a specific niche or theme for your low content books. Whether it's coloring books, journals, planners, or activity books, focusing on a particular niche will help you target a specific audience and stand out in a crowded market.

  1. Quality Matters (a lot) : Even though low content books don't require a lot of writing,  the quality of your designs and book interiors are important. You’ll want to invest time in creating visually appealing and unique interiors that serve a specific purpose to the person that you are creating the book for.

  1. Be Creative: Differentiate your books by offering unique and creative content. Think outside the box when designing layouts, prompts, or activities. The more original and engaging your content, the more likely it is to attract buyers.

  1. Cover Design Matters (a LOT): You only get a split second to make a great first impression on KDP with low content books. This is why having a compelling cover can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers. Design eye-catching and relevant covers that give a glimpse of what your book offers.

  1. Optimize Your Book Keywords and Descriptions: Just like any other product on Amazon, using relevant keywords and creating informative and well-written product descriptions are essential. This will help your low content books appear in relevant searches and provide potential buyers with a clear understanding of what they can expect.

The Complete List of 200 Types of Low Content Books

To view the full list of 200 types of low content books to publish and sell on Amazon KDP for passive income, I’ve created an infographic that you can download plus a FREE swipe file as well.

Here is the complete list:

Wrapping Things Up

I know…I know…this is definitely a huge list of over 200 low content book ideas to consider. 

I can tell you from experience that I absolutely love the world of low content book publishing and it's been a complete game changer for me on the passive income front.

Thanks for reading yall!

Thanks for Reading! Just so you know...

Low content book publishing has changed the game for me from a passive income perspective. If you're looking for a list of 200+ low content book ideas (things like journals, notebooks, planners and coloring books) on Amazon, you can grab this FREE swipe file. Also, here's a FREE Masterclass that discusses the framework I use to make 1k per month on Amazon. In case you're ready to start building a low content book empire, you can check out From Publish to Profit.