About Me

Is this you?

  • You’re a solopreneur or run a small business with 10 or less employees that finds technology frustrating and difficult to use…
  • You’re longing for visual design and branding that position you as a credible and polished professional online that attracts your IDEAL clients..but struggle with pulling things together…
  • You want a brand and online presence that connects you with thousands of potential new customers using the web…but you’re having a hard time getting traction…

You need someone to help you understand how to use the RIGHT tools to get your brand the attention it DESERVES online (in an easy to follow way)

I understand and I am here to help you overcome these challenges! 

Who is Your Chic Geek?

Kims Pic for YourChicGeek

Heyyyyy there…..

I’m Kim George aka YourChicGeek + techie fanatic. I am passionate about empowering solopreneurs like you to use tech and digital marketing platforms like champs through DIY materials, workshops and online courses for growth and visibility.

Since 2009, I’ve been building blogs + websites and learning all about how to use the web for brand building.

Prior to building websites and blogs and all that goodness, I worked as a computer consultant helping small businesses with their technical challenges.

And before that…I graduated from Southern University A& M College with a Master’s Degree in Comp Sci.

Here’s the deal:

Tech and digital marketing can be challenging! It takes time + most importantly….patience to get the hang of things.

But that is what I am here to help you DO.

If you are a solopreneur or run a small business with 10 or less employees and want to learn how to “stand out” in the crowded web, you’ve come to the right place.

Work With Me

In my mini university, online store and Blazing Branding Academy  I’m offering workshops, online courses, + other DIY materials to help you stand out, get noticed and use the web to grow your biz like a #BOSS!  You can click here to take the Blazing Branding Academy for a spin for 14 days.

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