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Want to earn some extra cash?  AWESOMEEEE! Join the YourChicGeek partner program and recieve a 40% commission off of each product that someone purchases from your affiliate link!   This is a perfect opportunity for you to earn some cash on the side and scale your passive income too! (Wahooooo for this)

How to Become an Affiliate

  1. Click this link to sign up for the YCG affilate partner program
  2. Promote Away!!! Graphics, swipe files and more are included to aid in your marketing endeavors!

Here is a list of products available for affiliate promotions:

#1: The Passive Profits with Payhip Course

Passive Profits with Payhip is a self-guided video course that teaches you how to start your own Payhip shop and sell digital products in as little as a DAY! 

The course includes:

  • Self paced video lessons that cover how to Brand your Payhip shop so that it looks professional and polished to your customers
  • Tips on How to Price your Products for maximum PROFIT
  • Advanced Pricing strategies to help you earn MORE from the products that you sell in your shop (without having to create new ones)
  • How to Launch your shop with a BANG!
  • How to Market and Promote your Shop without breaking the bank

Plus, these EPIC bonuses: 

  • BONUS #1: Copy and Paste Email Autoresponder Templates ($49 Value) – Copy and paste email autoresponder templates that will put you on the fast track to selling your digital products on autopilot. This way you dont have to worry about struggling to write sales emails from scratch!
  • BONUS #2: Product Promo Graphics ($20 Value) – These templates include a set of done for you graphics that you can use to market and promote your passive income products beautifully on social media.

  • BONUS #3: 101 Money Making Passive Income Products Swipe File ($10 Value) This swipe file includes a mega list of 101 Money Making Digital Products that you can create with Canva! Instead of trying to figure out what kind of digital product to sell, I’ve done the work for you and put together a handy swipe file of potential products that you can sell in your Payhip shop.

Passive Profits with Payhip Course

Click here to sign up as an affiliate for Passive Profits with Payhip

#2:  The YCG KDP Starter Bundle

Get on the Fast Track to Creating and Selling Low Content Books on Amazon KDP!

If you are:

  • A solopreneur that wants to create passive income products
  • A service provider that wants free up time from doing one-on-one work and add an additional revenue stream to your business
  • A retiree that wants to bring in some extra income on the side…

Then the KDP Starter Bundle might be the solution for you!

canva kdp interiors and covers for publishing low content books

What is the KDP Starter Bundle?

The KDP Starter bundle includes a set of KDP interiors and cover templates that will help you EASILY create, publish and sell notebooks, journals and planners on Amazon KDP for passive profits ((Retail Value: $99.00 NOW Just $34.99)

The KDP Starter Bundle includes over 30+ KDP covers and interiors that will put you on the fast track to creating and selling journals, notebooks and more on Amazon KDP.

The bundle features:

  • (10) 8.5 X 11 Composition Notebook Covers
  • (10) 6X9 KDP Journal Cover Templates
  • (10) 6X9 KDP Notebook Cover Templates
  • (2) 6X9 and 8.5 X 11 Notebook Interiors – 120 pages
  • (2) 6X9 and 8.5 X 11 Composition Notebook Interior – 100 pages
  • (2) 6X9 and 8.5 X 11 Journal Interior – 120 pages
  • (1) 6X9 Notebook Interior – 120 pages

So…if you are ready to get on the fast-track to designing EPIC “journals and notebooks” to publish on Amazon KDP, grab the KDP Starter Bundle today!

Click here to sign up as an affiliate

#3: The Blazing Workbook Bundle

The Blazing Workbook Bundle includes 3 sets of (25+) page Canva Workbook templates that you can customize and edit with Canva like a CHAMP!

Canva Workbook Templates for canva users

Each workbook in the bundle includes:

  • (3) Fully customizable 25 page workbooks that you can edit, customize and change in Canva (the free or paid version)
  • (3) Sets of Title pages that can be used for (Courses, Workshops and Lead Magnets)
  • A done-for you Disclaimer page (just fill in the blanks and add your information)
  • A table of contents page
  • A dedicated “About the Author” page
  • Course overview page where you can list out all of the modules/lessons that your training will cover
  • A (30) day calendar of activities and tasks that your students/email subbies,workshop attendees can use to track their progress throughout your programs
  • Pages for Question and Answer prompts
  • (3) sections for content that your course/workshop/lead magnet will cover
  • A separate notes section for jotting down and recording information as your students progress through your workbook
  • A dedicated resources and tools page (where you can list out all of the tools and resources that you recommend for your trainings)
  • A product/services promo page (to promote other trainings and services that you offer)
  • A flagship course/product/services upsell page (to promote a flagship product/service that you offer)

Plus these EPIC Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: A comprehensive video tutorial that shows you how to edit your workbook templates in Canva
  • BONUS #2:  Video tutorial on how to make your workbooks fillable
  • BONUS #3:  Each workbook includes free gorgeous stock photos to spice up your design (plus a list of recommended websites that you can get stunning graphics from)

Click Here to sign up as an affiliate

Ideas & Tips for Affiliate Promotions

I’ve created a marketing and promo kit with swipe files and marketing graphics that you can download right here to promote YCG products. 

Here are some additional ideas and tips for affiliate marketing and promotions:

  1. Write a blog post with honest feedback and a review of the product that you are promoting.
  2. Send an email newsletter to your subbies and mention the product in it with information on how it can benefit your subbies and their businesses.
  3. Promote a Pin Graphic on Pinterest (with your affiliate link). As a partner you will get access to an affiliate promo graphics pack to encourage with sales.
  4. Mention the products in your blog posts.

Payout Information

  1. How long does it take to receive affiliate commissions and when are they paid out? Affiliate commissions are paid out immediately after a purchase has been made through your affiliate link.
  2. How will I know if I have made an affiliate sale?  You will get an email notification with the details of your sale (i.e, Product sold, Amount of sale, commission amount).  You can also log into your partner dashboard to track your commissions as well.

Please Note:  You cannot earn a commission by purchasing a product through your own affiliate link.  Misuse of affiliate links will result in termination of your affiliate partnership.