5 Important Emails to Add to Your Autoresponder Sequence

You’ve started your email list!  

Yayyyy for you my friend…

Now before you get too excited, your work is not done.  

The biggest mistake that most people make (myself included) when starting an email list is that they don’t take the time to do this:

Engage new email subscribers….  

That my friend is where your Email Autoresponder Sequence comes into play and here’s why:  

  • Sending your new email subbies a link to a free download that they have requested from your site is not a good way to build relationships with them.
  • To build relationships with your new email subbies you need to have some sort of ongoing communication with them.

This is what we will be talking about in this blog post…

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But…(Wait) What is an Autoresponder Sequence?

Have you ever opted into [Insert your favorite blogger’s] email list and wondered….

“How in the heck are they able to send me email updates on a regular basis like this”.  

Chances are…they have created an autoresponder sequence also called a drip email campaign to send out their new email subscribers on certain days.

Sonia Simone of Copyblogger calls the autoresponder the Lazy Marketers Friend and I couldn’t agree more.

Your autoresponder will work when you aren’t working, sell your products on autopilot for you and provide value to your subbies consistently.

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I Underestimated the Power of Autoresponder Sequence Emails

I’ll admit it.

When I first started out with email marketing. I was lazy!

I just figured… as long as I am sending what peeps asked for they should be good to go.  (Boooo to that)!

Then one day, as I was surfing the web for some information, I read a blog post that Pat Flynn had written.

In this post, Pat mentioned that the autoresponder sequence you should avoid sending is one that just has a Welcome email that has a download that some requested.

As I read this, I was thinking to myself “Ohh okay Pat! Thanks for calling me out as the lazy bum that I was for not taking the time to add more emails to my autoresponder sequence”.


Pat was right.

When I finally decided to write an automated email sequence, here’s what happened:

    • Peeps started sending me personal responses back
    • I would get messages back from my new email subbies saying things like “Ohhh I love to go fishing too” or something personal about themselves
  • I noticed that my autoresponder sequences were establishing deeper connections with my audience

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What Emails Should You Add To Your Autoresponder?

Now that we’ve covered what an autoresponder is and can do for your business, let’s talk about what content you can add to it.  

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Sooo my friend, I’ve put together a list of five potential emails that you can add to your autoresponder sequences:

  #1: An email (with the download or giveaway) you promised to deliver.  

When someone signs up for your email list to download a freebie that you offer from your blog, you want to send them what they asked for.  

I can tell you from previous experience, peeps will get superrrr upset and call you out if you don’t deliver what they requested.

So do your best to make sure that your email marketing or (automation system) is working correctly.

#2: A welcome email.  

Your welcome email gives you the opportunity to thank your email subbies for subscribing and welcome them to your email newsletter.  You can also use this opportunity to give some more information about yourself.

Case in point:

With YourChicGeek, I use my “Welcome” as an opportunity to let my new email subbies know who I am, why I started my blog, what they will gain from subscribing to my email list and more.  

I also ask them to move emails they receive from me to their “inbox” so the messages don’t end up in their spam folder (if they are using Gmail).

#3:  The “Get to Know Me Better Email”….

Whether it’s on social media, or through email,  People connect with people.  The “Get to Know Me Better” email is where you can tell your email subscribers why you started your blog and dig a little deeper with you who are.

For example:

In my “Get to know me better” email, I send my email subbies a personalized message detailing my inspiration for starting the YourChicGeek.com blog, some of the things that I love to do in my spare time, a picture of me “clowning around with my family” and again reiterating that I am grateful to have peeps subscribe to my email newsletter.

I also use this opportunity to let folks know something about me I normally don’t tell anyone.

#4: An email asking subbies “What are you struggling with”?

In the marketing world, this is one of the most POWERFUL open ended questions that you can ask your email subscribers and here’s why:

    • You will get more insights into what they are struggling with in their business. The responses that you get back will prolly shock you.  As marketers, we make the huge mistake of “Assuming” that we know what our peeps are struggling with. This is a mistake.  That’s why you should ASK them.
    • The responses that you get back is marketing GOLD! The replies that you get back can help you better serve your audience — as in create content, and products that help them overcome challenges.
  • Use their responses and add it to your marketing copy.  Soooo this alone was a game changer for me.  I was surprised to hear that the way that I explained things is NOT the way my community explains them.  For example, I may use the words “email messages” to describe an autoresponder sequence.  But I noticed after doing some research, that my audience uses “Autoresponder Sequence” to describe it. See the difference?  Little things like this make a big difference in how effective your marketing is.

 #5:  Add an email that directs your subbies to the products or services that you offer.

Selling is scary…but you can do it in a personable and human way that may not cause your email subbies to give you the “side eye” when they see it.


I want to state that when you start mentioning some of your products in your emails, some people will unsubscribe.

I don’t care how great the email is…they just will! It took me a while to wrap my head around this…but it is what it is.

But remember… the ones who do unsubscribe are doing you a favor…so don’t sweat your unsubscribes. You have some people that are only there for free stuff and some folks that want to more of what you have to offer.

You want to keep an email list of peeps that appreciate what you do…and don’t mind getting offers from you.  As long as you are providing immense value to your folks, you should be ok.

Just remember though:  You want to balance selling with value.  Try not to sell with EVERY email that you send.  This my friend is annoying and may rub peeps the wrong way.  

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Wrapping Things Up!

Writing an autoresponder sequence can be a little time consuming at first…but it’s an amazing way to foster relationships with your new email subscribers, generate passive income for the products and services you sell and offer value over and over again.

If you have an email list (or are starting your email list) and need help with writing your autoresponder sequence, check out these fill-in-the-blank autoresponder templates in the digital domination packages presented here.

Thanks for reading and here’s to you cranking out awesome autoresponders for your email list!

Peasss and LOVE yall….