10 of the Best KDP Niches in 2023 for Low Content Books

Looking for the best KDP niches in 2023 to earn passive income online with low content books? 

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In this post I will be breaking down a top 10 list of some of the most popular low content book niches plus show you examples of best sellers that are raking in the dough on Amazon KDP.

Now...before we dive into the post, for those of you interested, I’ve written a post that features over 200 low content book niches worth exploring that's worth a read.

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The #1 Tool I Use for Choosing the BEST KDP Niches in 2023

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The Rising Popularity of Earning Passive Income with Low Content Books

In recent years, low content books -- things like journals, planners, and coloring books, have become super popular online. 

Examples of Journal Templates and Designs for Amazon KDP via the Journal Creators Collective Vault

Example of Journal Cover Designs and Interiors available in The Journal Creators Collective 

As we look ahead to 2023, this comprehensive guide will explore the top 10 KDP book niches in 2023 that will help you get the most out of your publishing journey.

To help you easily navigate this post, I’ve added a nifty table of contents section.  

And off we go.

Niche 1: Journals and Planners

The journal and planner niche on Amazon KDP offers a huge world of creativity and organization. Even in this digital age people still value putting pen to paper with things like planning, organization and journaling. 

This is where KDP comes in. 

As a self-publisher, you can tap into this demand by creating a wide range of journals and planners for different types of customers. 

Whether it's fitness trackers, gratitude journals, or specialized planners for specific goals, the possibilities are endless.

What Makes the Journal and Planner Niche So Exciting?

Who doesn't love a good planner or journal to write in? 

Journals and planners have become a staple in the world of KDP low content books. From busy moms that are trying to stay organized to children that want to journal about their feelings, people are always looking for ways to organize their lives, set goals, and track their progress.

What makes this niche so exciting is that you have the opportunity to create journals and planners based on niches that you have experience in – or an interest in.

Best selling Gratitude journal examples

Examples of Journals for Sale on Amazon KDP

You can design stunning covers using a tool like Canva or Kittl, use pre-made templates like these from my shop or these from the Journal Creators collective, provide prompts and templates, and help individuals set and achieve their goals. 

And here’s the best part:

With the convenience of Amazon's global reach, you can share your books with a global audience.

The journal and planner niche on KDP is more than stationery; it offers self-publishers the opportunity to create products that inspire, motivate, and assist others in their daily lives.

Niche 2: Coloring Books

If you thought that coloring books were just for kids, you may be surprised to find that they are one of the BIGGEST sellers for adults.

Yep that's right! 

Coloring books have become a therapeutic pastime for adults seeking relaxation and stress relief. 

What Makes The Coloring Book Niche So Exciting?

The versatility of this niche is amazing.  In this niche self-publishers are creating coloring books with themes about intricate mandalas to charming animals, to fantasy worlds and inspiring quotes. 

Examples of Coloring Books for Adults

As a self-publisher, you have the freedom to let your creativity run wild and use tools like Canva or Affinity Publisher to create engaging and beautifully illustrated coloring books. If you’re not good with design, you can always hire a designer from Fiverr to help you out.

Here again, with Amazon's global reach, your coloring books can find their way into the hands of coloring enthusiasts around the world. 

The coloring book niche on KDP not only offers an opportunity to share your art but also to provide customers with a therapeutic and enjoyable hobby.

Niche 3: Sudoku and Puzzle Books

What's not to love about brain teasers and puzzle games? 

These types of books have always been popular and continue to sell very well on Amazon KDP.  

They are great for improving memory and cognitive abilities and make very entertaining gifts.

What Makes the Sudoku and Puzzle Books Niche So Exciting?

The demand for diverse brain teasers and challenges is high, making it a great type of low content book to create for passive income.

Whether you're creating Sudoku grids, word search books, or cryptic crosswords, your books can provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. By designing puzzle books with varying levels of difficulty and themes, you can cater to a wide range of puzzle solvers.

Puzzle Books for Adults Examples

Here again, publishing puzzle books on Amazon KDP’s large platform will give you the opportunity to get your books in front of puzzle book enthusiasts across the globe. 

So, if you're looking to stimulate minds and generate passive income, this niche is a perfect fit. Tools like Bookbolt make it super easy to create activity books.

Niche 4: Dot Grid Notebooks

If you are just starting your low content book publishing journey, notebooks like dot grid notebooks are the easiest to create and sell.

What Makes the Dot Grid Notebooks Niche So Exciting?

Dot grid notebooks are a versatile choice for those who love to sketch, doodle, or bullet journal.  

The dots on the pages provide a subtle guide without the constraints of lines. These notebooks are perfect for those who enjoy drawing, bullet journaling, or just jotting down notes.  

Examples of Dot Grid Notebooks on Amazon

This is also a fantastic niche for creative individuals and artists looking for a space to express themselves. or people looking for a space to express themselves.

With Amazon's extensive reach, your dot grid notebook designs can reach a global audience of artists, writers, and creators. 

If you're an aspiring self-publisher, the Dot Grid Notebooks niche on KDP is the perfect niche to tackle.

Niche 5: Sketchbooks and Drawing Prompts

In my opinion, one of the second easiest types of low content book niches to create books in is in the Sketchbooks and Drawing Prompts niche.

Sketchbook Examples on Amazon KDP

Sketchbooks are usually created with drawing prompts and provide a space for creatives to express themselves. 

What Makes the Dot Grid Notebook  Niche So Exciting?

As a self-publisher, you can create themed sketchbooks with blank pages and add sketches, doodles, and illustrations to make them more interactive. 

You can also pair them with thought-provoking drawing prompts and other fun activities to keep the creative juices flowing. Whether you're an illustrator yourself or have a penchant for guiding others on their artistic journey, this niche is a perfect fit. 

Niche 6: Logbooks and Trackers

Logbooks and trackers are one of my favorite types of low content books to make.

Logbooks for Truck Driver Examples

What Makes the Logbooks and Trackers Niche So Exciting?

Whether it's a reading log, habit tracker, or financial expense journal, these low content books are easy to make and are very popular on Amazon KDP for two main reasons:

  1. They  do a great job of helping folks stay organized and reach specific goals that they may have. 

  2. You can easily create niche and themed based logbooks and trackers – in as little as a day.

The possibilities are truly endless with this niche!

Niche 7: Activity Books

Activity books are one of the BIGGEST money makers on Amazon KDP. These books offer a mix of puzzles, coloring pages, various activities, brain games and more that help with relaxation and mental stimulation.

Examples of Activity Books for Kids on Amazon KDP

What Makes the Activity Books Niche So Exciting?

These books are very popular with adults looking for things to do in their leisure time.  If you want to do well with activity books, it's best to look for “Sub Niches” to create books around. 

Niche 8: Recipe Journals

If you are a food enthusiast, home cook, or foodie — then this is a niche worth exploring.

What Makes the Recipe Journals Niche So Exciting?

Food enthusiasts and home cooks will appreciate well-designed recipe journals to write down their favorite recipes or even document their culinary journeys.

Blank Recipe Journal Examples

With these types of low content books, you can add a space to record popular recipes, family traditions, and even kitchen experiments. Creating recipe journals for different types of foods, diets etc can be helpful to buyers as well. 

Niche 9: Travel and Adventure Logs 

Are you a travel enthusiast? If you are then this is the perfect niche for you to create low content books in.

Here’s something worth considering: 

Travelers and adventure seekers love to document their journeys. So if you’re into this niche, you can easily create a logbook or adventure book for this niche.

Examples of Camping and RV Logbooks

What Makes Travel and Adventure Niche So Exciting?

This niche is an exciting one – because – let’s face it…people love to travel and enjoy new experiences. 

Creating a logbook for this space will give folks the opportunity to capture all types of adventures. This could include everything from hiking, mountain climbing to visiting restaurants and checking off bucket lists.

Niche 10: Self-Care and Wellness Journals


Idk about you…but I absolutely loveeeee a good day at a spa that helps me make time for self-care and wellness. 

In fact, I can use one right now – but I digress (lol).

But these days, the self-care and wellness niche is huge on Amazon KDP. These types of books are especially popular with women.

Examples of Self-Care Journals for Women on KDP

Self-care and wellness journals give individuals an opportunity to set goals, track their self-care routines, and practice mindfulness. 

So if you’re interested in creating low content books in this space, just know that creating content that promotes well-being and personal growth will work wonders for your books.

Wrapping Things Up

I can tell you without a doubt that creating low content books is a great way to bring in passive income.  

Is it easy? Not by a long shot. 

Is it worth it? Heck yea!  

As I mentioned previously it's through publishing low content books (and God’s grace) that I’ve been able to make over 1K per month. 

The 10 niches discussed in this post really scratch the surface on what's possible from a low content book publishing perspective. 

Hopefully this list of some of the best KDP niches in 2023 (and beyond) to earn passive income online for low content books.

My Final Thoughts

If you decide to venture off into the world of KDP, there;s a few things that you want to remember:

  1. Get good at identifying niches. I share more tips and strategies for performing niche research over on my YouTube channel and in From Publish to Profit

  1. Learn how to design EPIC covers and interiors for your low content books. I use Canva Pro to create my book covers. But…if you are not good with cover design, you can check out the templates from my shop or consider taking a DIY design course.

  1. Find unique ways to make your books stand out.  The low content book scene is kinda crowded these days. So..to give your books the best chance at making sales, you will need to find ways to make your books different from the competition. 

Your journey to earning passive income online through low content books starts now. 

Happy publishing yall!

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