5 Of the BEST Themes for Thrive Architect to Build a Powerful Website With!

Hey hey hey peeps….

Next to choosing a web hosting plan for your website, choosing a WordPress theme can be tricky.

Especially if you’re planning to use Thrive Architect or even build your WordPress website from scratch.

The great new is this:

Thrive Architect works with most WordPress themes (Hooorayy for this).

In fact, prior to moving over to the Thrive Focus Blog theme, I was using the Digital Pro theme from StudioPress.

For a while, it worked like a champ.

However, as I’ve continued to grow my online business I decided to switch my focus from building a regular “smegular” website to one focused more on conversions.

Specifically, I used Thrive Architect to:

  • Build a dedicated homepage for my website
  • Add multiple landing pages to my site to encourage visitors to opt-in to my email list
  • Create sales funnels pages to sell products around the clock from my website

Choosing the BEST Theme for Thrive Architect: 10 Themes to Consider

In case you are planning to use Thrive Architect and are looking for some of the best themes that work well with this tool, here are 5 themes to consider:

#1:  The Daily Dish Theme

The Daily Dish Theme is a gorgeous theme made by the folks over at StudioPress.  For digital marketers and visual content creators looking to take their trade to the next level, the Daily Dish Pro Theme is a perfect place to start.

This WordPress theme is specially designed to present content in the most appealing way.

Daily Dish Pro Theme by StudioPress


It serves your content like it’s the main course, giving it all the attention it deserves. Daily Dish focuses attention on your images, words and videos, allowing visitors to concentrate on what’s really important.

The Daily Dish Pro Theme is powered by Genesis Framework and is an outstanding option for digital marketers.

Here are some of its outstanding features:

  • eCommerce ready. This particular theme offers eCommerce functionalities since it is pre-styled for WooCommerce. You can use it to add a store to your WordPress website
  • Interactive theme customizer. This feature permits you to change the colors, settings and graphic content of this particular theme. You’re able to view real-time previews of any changes you make.
  • A variety of theme options are also availed to users, allowing them to customize their site within a few minutes.
  • Delightfully, there are 3 unique homepage widget areas that users can choose from. You get to select the most suitable widget areas that flow well with your distinct brand.
  • The Daily Dish Pro Theme is also mobile responsive. The website you build using this theme will run perfectly on any device, browser or screen size, improving your brand outreach considerably.
  • This theme also supports color and header customization. You can also include footer widgets, design landing pages and create custom menus using the Daily Dish Pro Theme.

The main benefit of this particular theme is its remarkable presentation of content. It’s best suited for food bloggers, photographers, fashion designers and other creatives.

The Daily Dish Pro theme is extremely easy to brand – you can make some passive income with your website.


#2:  The Magazine Pro Theme

With such a vast assortment of themes to choose from, you could easily be spoilt for choice.

Choosing the best theme for thrive architect could take ages if you’re doing it alone. However, the Magazine Pro Theme is a unique theme that’s best suited for digital marketers.

It has a high-gloss look that is both modern and suave. Delightfully, the magazine theme features a polished, media-ready design as well as some versatile layouts that are bound to impress your visitors. It also has a stylish frame that reveals a great deal about the publisher.


Magazine Pro Theme by StudioPress


The Magazine Pro Theme is powered by the Genesis Framework – a robust platform that serves as a foundation for a myriad of WordPress themes.

Using the Magazine Pro Theme together with the Framework is really cost-effective in building a beautiful, well-designed WordPress website.

Furthermore, this particular theme is Gutenberg Optimized, allowing you to customize the color, font, layouts and styling of your distinct website using some pre-designed modules.

Here are some outstanding features of the Magazine Pro Theme:

  • It offers a variety of theme options that allow you to customize your brand new site easily.
  • It comes with a customizable header where you can conveniently upload your preferred logo. If you’re just getting started, you can easily upload a text-based logo with ease.
  • This flexible theme supports eCommerce. It’s actually pre-styled for WooCommerce, making it easy for digital entrepreneurs to set up their unique online stores
  • There’s also a lovely theme customizer that helps you tweak the color scheme, theme settings and a variety of elements.
  • The Magazine Pro Theme is mobile Responsive. Your site is optimized for viewing on every device, browser and screen size.

The main benefit of this theme is its unique customization features, responsiveness and eCommerce support. It’s arguably the best WordPress theme for online publishing.

#3:  The Enamored Theme

Enamored is a simple, minimalist WordPress theme that can be described using one word: feminine. It’s designed for every female blogger/creative designer who yearns to showcase her art and persona to the entire world.

The Enamored Theme

The Enamored Theme is actually quite affordable and won’t set you back much. It features an array of exquisite features that every lady will love. It’s certainly one of the best theme for Thrive Architect.

Here are some outstanding features of the Enamored Theme:

  • Theme customizer. Enamored can be easily tweaked according to the user’s preferences. You can easily upload your brand logo, change the theme colors and select a suitable font for your website.
  • WooCommerce ready. If you’re thinking of setting up your online store, this theme is perfect for you. It has pre-styled functions that support WooCommerce, allowing you to make some passive income using your website.
  • A variety of social media icon widgets. Today, most websites include social media widgets linking them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. Enamored comes with these pre-designed widgets.
  • Fully responsive. Enamored theme is optimized for viewing in any browser or mobile device.
  • Delightfully, there are 6 layout options to choose from. This allows you to customize your site using the layout that best suits your brand.
  • Footer and About widgets are included. You can include some eye-catching words within these widgets to make your website more attractive.
  • Theme update are available, meaning you can download the latest theme upgrades without incurring any hidden costs.
  • You get to choose between excerpt post and full post content.

The benefits of this theme are wide-reaching. It’s a feminine theme designed for female bloggers and creatives.

 #4: LaunchKit

LaunchKit is a conversion-oriented theme that’s perfect for product marketers looking to gain more customers and improve sales.

This theme is designed using balanced content blocks and versatile beauty that offers a conducive ground for lead conversions.

LaunchKit Theme for WordPress

Thanks to Launchkit’s visual composer, it’s easy to experiment with a variety of fonts, colors and header layouts. Every content block is methodically designed using a variety of configurations that offer crucial A/B testing opportunities.

Here are the most BEST features of LaunchKit Theme:

  • Full multilingual (WPML) support is enabled. An entire .po file is made available to users, enabling simple translations to be performed as well.
  • LaunchKit has 3 distinct header types and 7 footer types to choose from. This offers users a variety of layouts to experiment with.
  • With LaunchKit, you’re able to set your very own custom/retina logo. You can even place a unique logo at the WP Login screen. All changes you make can be viewed within the live preview theme in real time.
  • It has more than 30 pre-coded custom page builder elements, making it entirely customizable. Users can simply integrate the images, layouts and other elements that look great on their site.
  • Thanks to LaunchKit’s unlimited color schemes, users get unrestrained control over their preferred theme colors. You also get access to more than 600 Google Fonts. This allows you to select your theme font style of choice.
  • launchKit has included a unique child theme that users can install and modify as they please.
  • Other key features include parallax effect, Rich styling options, Twitter Bootstrap 3.2, cross browser compatibility and lightning fast speeds.

The LaunchKit Theme has a wide array of advantages for modern digital marketers. You can easily improve sales from your store using this theme. It’s also compatible with an assortment of browsers and devices.

#5:  Ella Sophia Theme

This is yet another exquisite WordPress theme that runs on the Genesis Framework. The Ella Sophia Theme is oriented towards the chicasssss – it sports a minimalist look that can only be described as modern and clean.

The Ella Sophia Theme


This unique theme costs $29 and can be customized to your specific requirements. It certainly earns its spot among the best theme for Thrive Architect.

Here are some impressive features of the Ella Sophia Theme:

  • A fully responsive layout. This theme is optimized for laptops, cellphones, PCs and tablets. This type of layout improves your site’s online availability.
  • It features a 3-column footer that can be customized as desired.
  • The Ella Sophia Theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Therefore, if you’re thinking of opening up an online store, this theme suits you perfectly.
  • It also features a plethora of Social Media Icons that allow your visitors to connect with your brand on various social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Another striking feature of this theme is its SEO Optimization. Clearly, your SEO-optimized site will rank higher on Google and other search engines, helping to improve your lead conversion significantly.
  • This theme has a brilliant customizer that allows you to tweak the theme colors, fonts and other features with ease.
  • It includes some free plugins within the Demo. These include Jetpack, GS Pinterest Portfolio and Instagram Feed.
  • It also features some lovely share icons and share buttons.

Ella Sophia Theme is remarkable inexpensive, making it perfect for beginners. It’s also a feminine WordPress theme that empowers ladies to share their creativity with the world at large.

Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, the best theme for Thrive Architect should be fully responsive, conveniently customizable and it should have features that help you GROW your business. I hope that you enjoyed this rundown and list of WordPress themes that I believe are some the BEST to use with Thrive Architect.  

Cheers yall!