5 Key Resources and Tech Tools You Need to Bootstrap a Webinar

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the first time that I ran a live webinar….

I was was a nervous wreck but decided it was time to step from behind my computer to put my brand out there to the world.  

I wasn’t sure if things were going to go off with a bang, or if tech issues would ruin the webinar since I was using a new system that I wasn’t really all that familiar with.

Thankfully, the webinar went on as planned.  

No tech issues cropped up, nothing.  Everything was cool.

It’s the  “tech stuff” that caused a client to reach out to me a few weeks ago.  She that wants to run a webinar to promote her business and generate some sales.  

To be honest, this request couldn’t have come at a more perfect time since I’ve just wrapped up putting the finishing touches on Webinar Champ, a program in the Blazing Branding Academy that teaches you how to plan, create and setup a webinar in 48 hours.

As we continued chatting my client, explained that she is not “techsavvy and doesn’t know what tools to use to set up her webinars.

If you are in the same boat… continue reading because I’m breaking down the top 5 tools you need to set up a webinar (and how to use them).

Webinars Are Awesome for Building Your Business and Here’s Why…

Well for starters, webinars give you the chance to step from behind your computer screen a bit and allow your audience to get to know you better.

I won’t lie

I stayed behind my computer for a little too long until one of my business besties called me out for it.

We were chatting one day and I mentioned to her that I wanted to ramp things up with my brand since I had mostly just relied on email marketing.

She told me… “Kim, it’s time to mix it up. You can’t keep doing the same ole marketing stuff expecting different results.

She was right! It was this conversation that led me to getting my arse in gear to put in a webinar.  I learned a lot in the process like:

  • Webinars can help you position yourself as a trusted “friend” and brand that people will refer to. You wouldn’t believe the feedback that I received from the webinar that I put on.  It was phenomenal. My audience really learned a lot and were fired up about branding and DIY design.
  • Webinars help you step outside of your comfort zone.  Yep they sure do!  I am an introvert to a certain degree and I don’t personally like all of the attention on me. However, as a brand owner in this noisy blogosphere I realized that I’m going to have to step it up and do things to get myself out there a lot more.
  • Webinars are powerful “marketing and branding” vehicles and convert very high from a sales perspective. You know it’s funny, I heard all of these stories where bloggers claimed that they had their HIGHEST conversion rates on webinars with selling products. I honestly thought this was a bunch of BS!  So I decided to test this theory by hosting a webinar where I would present information then pitch Lights Canva Action at the end. And you know what:  I WAS shocked with the outcome.  The conversion rate was through the roof.  More than 60% of the folks that attended decided to invest in Canva Superstar.


5 of the Best Tools for Webinars to Help You Bootstrap Your Setup 

I go into greater detail on how to plan, create and setup a webinar in 48 hours in the Blazing Branding Academy….  

What I will share with ya are the 5 key resources and tech systems you need to setup a webinar on a budget:

Tool #1: Thrive Content Builder

Why you need this resource:  You will need a landing page builder to create all of your webinar landing pages.  

I use Thrive Content Builder to create all of the landing pages for my webinars.  It’s easy to use, easy to customize and will only run you a one-time payment of $97 bucks.    I just can’t rave enough about it.

Webinar Registration Page Built with Thrive Content Builder

Webinar Registration Page Built with Thrive Content Builder


Tool # 2:  Free Conference Call 

Why you need this resource:  You will need some sort of tech system to stream your webinar live to your audience.  

Free Conference call is an amazingggg resource that you can use to get the job done.  Initially, I was using YouTube Live…but I stopped because stuff became a little too cumbersome. 

I wanted to use a resource that was an all-in-one solution for streaming webinars, holding a chat session and etc with the folks that attended my webinars.

That my friend is where Free Conference Call saved the day…

Free Conference Call Tool

Free Conference Call gives you the option to do:

  • Free conference calls from anywhere in the world
  • Host free Online Meetings
  • Call recording features
  • And more….

Again, the biggest benefit to using this service as opposed to YouTube live is that everything that you need to run your webinars is in one place.

Tool #3: Google Slides

Why you need this resource:  You’re going to need to put together a slide deck to present information to your audience.  

My go to resource that makes it super easy to present your webinar in an easy way is none other than Google Slides.  

I love using Google slides because first off it’s free to use, and secondly, I can access my slides from any type of device as long as it’s connected to the internet.

Slide Deck Created with Google Slides for Webinar

Slide Deck Created with Google Slides for Webinar


Tool # 4:  The Logitech c920 Webcam

Why you need this resource:  When you are presenting a live webinar, people typically want to get to know the person running it a little better.  

So, letting people see you live on camera really adds a more personable touch to your presentation.  I use the Logitech c920 webcam because it’s affordable, takes high quality videos and it’s pretty easy to use.

Tool #5:  Email Marketing Service with Autoresponder

Why you need this resource:  As folks start to opt-in to your webinar registration page, you will need some sort of message that goes out automatically to get sent to them.  This is called an autoresponder email.

I use Active Campaign because of the advanced email marketing features it offers.  But, you can use a service like Mailchimp or AWeber.

Both of these email marketing services have automation features, but you will have to pay to use them.

Autoresponder Email Campaign Example

Autoresponder Email Campaign Example

As your webinar presentation date gets closer, you will also need to set up email sequences to give your subbies more information on what they can expect to learn from the webinar and where to tune in live.

If you are ready to start running webinars for your business, but have been struggling to put all of the tech pieces together then check out the Webinar Champ trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy that walk you through all of the tech setup, email automations and more that you need to put your webinars together.

So this pretty much wraps up a list of some of the basic tools that you can use to Bootstrap your webinars.  

What Has Your Experience Been with Running Webinars?

I’d love to know… what has your experience been like with running webinars?  What tools are you using and why? Have you hosted them, or found them kinda tough to do.   

Please drop a line below.  

I hope that this post was helpful and would love to know what your experiences have been with hosting webinars….

Cheers and best of luck with using these tools!