200+ Low Content Book Ideas for 2023 [With Examples]

Welcome to this epic roundup edition where I’m featuring more than 200 low content book ideas that you can publish and sell on Amazon for passive income. If you have ever dreamed of creating books to sell on Amazon KDP but immediately felt overwhelmed with the process – I totally get it.Fortunately for you, there is […]

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How to Use Canva (2022): 101 Passive Income Products + Designs You Can Create You Probably Didnt Know You Could (Includes PDF)

Disclaimer:PLEASE NOTE: The designs featured and mentioned in this blog post are for inspirational purposes ONLY and serves as a resource guide to help you understand how to use Canva in ways you NEVER imagined you could!  Now on to the post! I did something crazy last weekend….   I challenged myself to come up with an […]

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How to Create and Sell Canva Templates Online [VIDEO]

Quick question for you: Did you know that you can create and sell Canva templates online for passive income? Yeppers thats right! I’ve been selling all kinds of templates passively for a little while now. In fact, I have an online shop where I sell all sort of passive products like journal templates, workbook templates, eBook templates […]

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