7 EPIC Canva Graphic Design Tips that [Drive Traffic]

In this post I’m gonna share six essential Canva graphic design tips for that drive traffic.

But first…I want to know

Have you ever experienced this?

You’ve spent HOURS creating beautiful graphics in Canva to promote your business…

Your colors look great, your branding is on point and you’ve shared your graphics with the world.

The problem:

You’re not seeing any results from your design efforts.

I know the feeling…believe me I do…

So…here’s the thing:

If your audience is discovering your graphics but they are not visiting your website, turning into email subscribers or recognizing your brand online then it may be time to reevaluate your graphic design strategy.

I know…

I place a lot of emphasis on great visual design and branding on this website.

But here’s the thing:

In the digital marketing world there are two things that should always remain top of mind when you are marketing from a visual design perspective and they are

  • Traffic and…
  • Conversions

Yep that’s right.

As the folks over at ConversionXL have stated...Design is not just something designers do.

Design is marketing.

I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with this statement peeps…

Incredibly, there are some Canva graphic design tips that you can use to increase traffic to your website and boost sales too.  

So buckle up my friends… as we dive off into the post to discuss these tips…

Canva Graphic Design Tips and Tricks for Boosting Traffic and Conversions

#1:  Create Stylish + Easily Recognizable Graphics by using similar fonts, colors, and images

One of the most important Canva graphic design tips involves using the same style throughout your designs.


Well it makes it easier for people to “recognize” your designs when they see them..therefore making it more likely to engage with them.

For instance:

You should limit your font selection to one or two – because anything more will cause your designs look a bit dare I say amateurish.

Also when you can, try to stick to creating canva graphic designs that have two or three contrasting colors – nothing more.

Here again, limiting your colors creates consistency within your designs, which is an important Canva graphic design tip to follow.

Here’s an example of what i’m referring to from a few Canva blog and social media graphics kits that I created a while back:

Canva Blog and Social Media Graphics Kit

To keep the design consistent, I used 2-3 main colors in all of the graphics.  This way when peeps see them online they will know that they are from my brand. 

#2:  Use big and bold headlines with Shareworthy titles to increase click through rates

Did you know that titles determine whether your content gets skipped or read?

Yep that’s right.

This rule applies to “visual content” like canva graphic designs too peeps!

It’s surprising how many people overlook the appeal of their titles.

Creating catchy titles that prompt visitors to click and read more is a unique skill that should be honed with time. Especially, if you want to improve your click-through rates.

What is a Click Through Rate (Exactly)?

Click-through rate simply refers to the number of times your web viewers successfully click onto your titles.

Unfortunately, merely optimizing your titles just won’t cut it. Most people stuff their titles with keywords, hoping to attract more clicks. However, creating attractive titles goes beyond the use of keywords.

So how do you create catchy titles that people will want to click?

It’s surprisingly simple: think of titles that resonate with people’s lives and tap into their emotions.

For example:

Take a look at some of the titles of these graphics that popped up on Pinterest.

Examples: Pinterest Graphics with Great Titles


Since they popped up immediately, it tells me that these are graphics that get a lot of engagement and clicks from users on Pinterest.

This is why you definitely want to focus on your titles peeps and add them to your graphics to get more engagement from your audience.


#3:  Add keywords to your graphics

By now, you’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimization, a term that’s frequently thrown around in the digital marketing niche.

The significance of good SEO practices simply can’t be swept under the rug.

Most people are familiar with optimizing web pages, but few folks know that you can actually optimize images and graphic designs as well.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Add your main keyword to the ALT title section of your graphic

As an example if you’re writing a blog post about “How to Fry Eggs in Minutes” and your keyword is “fry eggs in minutes” then add “fry eggs in minutes” to the ALT title section of your graphic.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Example: Keywords added to Graphics

Example: Keywords added to Graphics

This way when people search for “fry eggs in minutes” your Image will pop up in google.

  • Rename your graphic from “pic.png” to the “keyword”.png

Next you need to rename your graphic from “Pic.png” to your keyword. Using the previous example with the keyword of “fry eggs in minutes”, just simply rename you graphic with this keyword in it.

Although it sounds quite simple, this is among the best Canva graphic design tips you can implement for driving traffic to your website.

#4:  Add screenshots and images of free email optins to your graphics

If you really want to drive traffic to your website, it’s wise to add images and screenshots of free email opt-ins to your graphics.

Opt-ins are used to encourage site visitors to leave behind their email addresses so that you can follow up with them later.

Plus, people love seeing images of things that they are getting as they will get excited to click through to get the freebie that you are giving away.

For instance:

Take these two images from the Pinterest graphics sets:

Pinterest Graphic Kit

As you can see they both have spots available in them to add screenshots of freebies

Here’s an example of a graphic that I’ve created that has done pretty well in Pinterest that have images of freebies on them.

On the graphic below I am giving away a free kit for building a WordPress website from scratch in a weekend.  

Pinterest Blog Graphic with Free Offer Image


#5:  Add the URL of your Website to the bottom of all of your graphics

Most people don’t realize this, but including a page URL to your graphics is important for driving traffic and boosting conversions to your website.

In theory,

The URLs that you add to your graphics should essentially link back to your main website or a specific landing page that you’ve created.

Here are some examples:

Adding URL of website to bottom of images

As you can see, the graphic on the left has a regular URL that takes people back to a main website.  The second URL is a branded one that leads people to a landing page.

This is hands down one of the best Canva graphic design tips that you can implement to boost traffic and conversions to your website.

It’s a white-hat SEO technique that Google identifies and rewards. Essentially, you should use link building to boost your site’s Google ranking and funnel traffic to your website.

#6:  Use Canva’s Brand Kit (in Canva for Work) to quickly crank out on brand graphics

Canva’s Brand Kit is feature of the premium version of Canva.

With Canva for Work, you get exclusive access to more than 400,000 free templates, illustrations and images. You also receive numerous perks that lack in the basic FREE FOREVER plan.

And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.  

Canva for Work Brand Kit

The Brand Kit in Canva is jam-packed with several tools that will help you quickly create on-brand graphics that your audience can easily recognize online.

Canvas Brand Kit contains a variety of advanced graphic design elements like:

  • Image resize feature – that lets you resize ANY graphic that you  design for another platform. As an example, lets say you created a Pinterest graphic and you wanted to use that same design for Instagram. Well with the magic resize tool that you can easily resize your Pinterest graphic to an Instagram graphic without starting from scratch.
  • Color palette section – where you can add your brands color codes and apply them to your Canva graphics
  • Logo section  – where you can upload your logo designs and add them to your graphics

So my friend…

Using Canva’s brand kit will definitely give you a leg up on quickly cranking out beautiful on-brand graphics in no time.

#7:  Use Canva to Design Beautiful Lead Magnet Graphics for your Landing Pages

First of all…

One of the MOST powerful types of marketing pages that you can add to your website is a landing page.

In case you are not familiar with landing pages, they are pretty much “standalone” pages that serve ONE main purpose:

To get someone to take ONE specific action.


Making your landing page visually appealing is important, but there is one more step that you need to take to boost conversions. Want to know what it is?

Adding beautiful graphics to them.  

You see, peeps are visual.

Even if you are giving away something for FREE folks want to see what they are getting so that they can visualize themselves using it.

And this is where Canva comes in!

Delightfully, Canva makes it super easy to create beautiful lead magnet graphics in just a few clicks…

Before discovering Canva designing opt-in graphics was expensive and honestly kinda sucked.  because I was spending a lot of money on outsourcing my design work.

In an effort to save some moola I switched things up and started using Canva to design ALL of the freebies that I add to my landing pages.

Take this graphic for My 10 Minute Irresistible Branding Kit for example:

10 Minute Irresistible Branding Kit

I could have easily shelled out more dough to get someone to create this design for me but errr I think not!

Ya girl logged on into Canva and used one of the eBook templates that they have available to create this cover.

Oh and in case you are not aware:

This is my websites main opt-in offer that I created a separate landing page for (you can view it here) and am now using social media to drive traffic to it.

So basically the design sequence goes like this:

Opt-In Graphic  —— > Add to Landing Page ——> Drive Traffic to Landing Page from Social Media (and etc)

Here’s an additional example of a few worksheets that I created for the #31DayBlazingBranding eKit and guide.  

The 31 Day Blazing Branding eKit Workbook

Here again, I simply used one of the “Letterhead” templates in Canva to create these worksheets that accompany the #31DayBlazing Branding eKit (Workbook).  

I then created mockup images of these worksheets using the transparency feature in Canva fork work so that people can get a feel for what the pages in the Blazing Branding Workbook look like.

Here is what the mockup images of the Workbook looks like:

#31 Day Blazing Branding eKit Mockup Image

Wrapping Things Up

Canva is undoubtedly one the best graphic design tools in existence today. It’s impressive functionality, coupled by the fact that signing up is FREE, makes Canva a must-have tool for DIY designers.

As discussed above, you can easily use a variety of the canva graphic design tips mentioned in this post to grow your brand and increase traffic to your website.

I encourage all of you to put these 7 canva graphic design tips to work for your business.

Canva Graphic Design (Made Easy)

If you’re struggling to design graphics for your business and want an easier way to create eye-catching designs (in minutes) check out this set of pre-made Canva templates.

These templates are perfect for solopreneurs, bloggers and DIYers that want to create visually appealing and professional looking graphics (without spending a fortune).

I’d Love to Hear From You!

I’d love to know are there any design tricks are you using to convert more of your visitors to subscribers and also boost sales.

If you have some to share, please post them below! As they say sharing is caring.

Thanks for reading peeps!


Kim, YourChicGeek is a tech savvy diva + founder of YourChicGeek. She is passionate about teaching solopreneurs how to stand out and get noticed online through great visual branding and digital marketing. Kim has created several online courses and 20+ DIY trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy that help solopreneurs flourish online. You can click here to start your free 5-day trial of the Blazing Branding Academy .