Coffee and Keywords -  Low Content Edition

How To Identify Very Low Competition Subniches Where There Are Tons of Hungry Buyers!

Your Host:

Kim George

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If you struggle with finding niches to create and sell low content books in, optimizing your book listings for more sales and getting buyer traffic to your books -- then this workshop and training was created with you in mind!

What you’ll discover on this workshop:

  • How to find LOW COMPETITION subniches filled with hungry buyers! LESS Competition means MORE SALES and MORE PROFIT for YOU!
  • How to KNOW if there is DEMAND for your book(s) BEFORE you create them so you don't waste time on losers...
  • How to easily OPTIMIZE your book listings to stand out and get more eyeballs on your book listings!
  • WHERE to insert keywords for maximum sales! – this is one of the issues that a lot of low content book creators overlook -- it's EASY once you know my secrets!
  • 2 SECRET Title formulas that you can use to attract more buyers to your low content book listings... and much much more!

Plus when you sign up, you will get instant access to these EPIC bonuses:

Bonus #1: The Cheatsheet and Guide to Finding Profitable Niches (FAST) -  This is the information that I use to QUICKLY determine whether or not a niche has enough buyer traffic -- before creating books in them.

Bonus #2: Free Keyword and Niche Tracking Spreadsheet - to help you keep track of all of the niches and keywords that you want to target.

Bonus #3: Cheatsheet to Optimizing your Product Listings - This cheatsheet shows you exactly where you to insert keywords in your product listings for maximum sales, how to strategically place keywords in your product description (with examples).

Great job, really appreciate your workshop.

ozioma o. - self publisher

 I really enjoyed the replay and made notes, I am seriously looking forward to your other trainings. Great job, really appreciate your workshop

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