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Courses for Small Businesses that Want to Build an Impactful Brand + Online Presence

Lights Canva Action!

A DIY Course for Designing EPIC Graphics, Course Collateral, Marketing Collateral and more with Canva!

Learn how to design your own stunning graphics, course collateral, visual designs and more with Canva.  If you are struggling with visual design, can't afford to shell out THOUSANDS for custom design work, or are looking for an EASIER way to create beautiful graphics, workbooks, printables and other visual designs for your business, then this course has you covered.  In this course you will learn how to use Canva to get your brand the attention it deserves with stand out graphics, marketing collateral and more!

The Blazing Branding Academy

A DIY Visual Design and Tech School for Solopreneurs

The Blazing Branding and Tech Academy is a A DIY School With 20+ Step-By-Step Video Trainings, Fill-In-The Blank Branding Templates & Action Plans To Help Solopreneurs Conquer Visual Design, Branding + Tech With Confidence! This popular academy gives you all the most essential information, resources and much more that you really need…and not the fluff and filler you don’t.

WordPress Website in a Weekend

How to Build an EPIC and Visually Stunning WordPress Website that Grows Your Online Presence + Attracts Clients to You!

You want to attract hundreds of thousands of readers, get your content shared across social media or maybe even receive an invitation to contribute to major blogs with millions of readers. Fantastic! Yep! It happens all of the time. People want to start WordPress websites but have no idea where to begin. In this course, you will learn how to create an EPIC WordPress website from scratch that grows your business + attracts your IDEAL customers to you!


Kim is walking the walk, which is why her training and products are a tremendous asset to someone who is looking to grow their presence online. Every new blogger should be required to have this training before they launch. It's not enough to just create a blog or a website. If your site never gets found in this massive online atmosphere, then you won't have a business. 

Lisa Irby


Using tips from your Canva Superstar course, I was able to successfully design my own branded presentation for a keynote speech.

Sardek Love

Speaker and Trainer

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