5 Incredibly Useful Tools for Building Profitable Sales Funnels in WordPress

Running your WordPress site can be stressful. Especially when you’ve spent money on expensive plugins that add little value to your site.

Luckily for you…

WordPress has a variety of useful (and inexpensive) tools that can enhance your marketing efforts. These tools will also help you create profitable sales funnels.

In this article, I’,m going to discuss some of these useful tools…

Tool #1: Thrive Architect (Landing page design tool)

One of the most important tools for creating sales funnels in WordPress is a landing page design tool. 

If you’re running your biz on a shoestring and don’t want to spend money every month for access to landing page tools, then I would highly suggest investing in Thrive Architect.

Thrive architect is a WordPress visual editor plugin that allows you to customize your websites using a variety of easy-to-use features.

For instance:

It has enhanced content elements that make it super easy to create landing pages.  You can also add different visual elements to your pages.

In addition, Thrive Architect prides itself in being the “fastest, most conversion-focused visual editor and page builder for WordPress”.

Sales page Demo with Thrive Architect


And here’s the best part part:

You don’t need any special tech skills to use Thrive Architect.

But what makes Thrive Architect so unique for creating sales funnels in WordPress?

Here are a few things to consider:

Numerous Landing Page Templates

Thrive Architect has over  274 pre-designed landing page templates. These templates vary from email opt-in pages to professional sales pages that are entirely conversion-focused.

Thrive Architect Landing Page Templates

What does this mean for you?

Well my friend, it means that you don’t need any special design or tech skills to crank out gorgeous landing pages.

Thrive Architect landing pages can be created in minutes and are completely customizable. This means that that you can edit and delete different elements within the template.

Plus, you will also get access to:

Drag and Drop Editing

Thrive Architect offers users a simple technique to customize templates according to their preferences.

It’s referred to as click-to-edit. This feature is amazing and the headaches out of adding and removing different elements from your sales funnel pages.

Pre-Built Conversion Elements

This is key peeps! 

Thrive Architect allows you to create low-cost sales pages, thanks to its conversion-focused elements that help replace lots of expensive plugins.

Some of the impressive elements integrated into Thrive Architect include lead generation forms, testimonials and customizable buttons that will help you step up your lead generation game.


You can create dozens of optimized landing pages using Thrive Architect  to grow your email list like wildfire!

Thrive Architect Conversion Focused Elements


Tool #2:  Thrivecart (shopping cart tool)

Guys, if there is one tool that has completely transformed my business and helped me go from a stagnant website with no sales to making sales “while I sleep” via sales funnels…that tool is none other than Thrivecart.

ThriveCart Shopping Cart Tool

Thrivecart is a powerful shopping cart tool that you can use in your sales funnels to sell products from your website. It has a variety of effective marketing features that include an embeddable cart, webhooks, two-step cart and detailed stats and even an affiliate program!

With Thrivecart, you get to choose from wide variety of cart templates that are optimized to increase conversions and boost revenue.

Cart tools are generally designed to entice your site visitors to buy your products, and Thrivecart doesn’t disappoint. Its high-converting features and designs offer great customization, allowing you to tweak the cart templates as desired.

But what sets Thrivecart apart? Let’s take a look:

Easy integration with payment systems

A good shopping cart should not only encourage more visitors to purchase your products. It should also integrate seamlessly with other platforms.

Thrivecart payment integrations

Thankfully Thrivecart can operate with a plethora of payment processors such as PayPal, Google Pay ApplePay and Stripe.

This cart tool also integrates easily with a wide variety of email systems such as Infusionsoft and Campaign.

Increasing Your Average Order Value

One of the most POWERFUL features that Thrivecart offers is the ability to increase your average order value.

With Thrivecart, you will get access to extra features that help you make more money from one product that include:

  • Purchased Upsell
  • Main Product Purchase
  • Refunded Bump Offer
  • Subscription Payment Failed
  • Specific Coupon Code Used

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Let’s say that you are selling a $25 product from your website.  With a regular shopping cart, when someone visits your website and buys the product you will only get a $25 sale.

However, with Thrivecart, you can increase your order value by offering upsells, downsells,  and even bump offers to your products.

So as an example:

With Thrivecart that same product that you are selling for $25, you can do the following:

  • Add a bump offer to it $15
  • Creat an upsell offer for $97 or…
  • Add a downsell for $49

If this same customer decides to buy your $25 product with Thrivecart, and adds your $15 bump offer + your $97 upsell offer to their order, you will make $137 off that one product.

This my friends is how Thrivecart can make your sales funnels more profitable.

Integration with email autoresponders

This peeps is another feature that sets Thrivecart apart from regular degular shopping carts, is the fact that you can connect it to your email autoresponders.

What does this do for you?

Well, you can basically set things up in Thrivecart to trigger automations to kick off when someone buys a product from your website.

Tool #3:  Thrive Ultimatum (a scarcity tool)

Scarcity is a powerful marketing technique that’s used to improve conversions and increase overall sales.

Scarcity marketing basically works by creating a deep sense of urgency on your website or landing pages, prompting your visitors to take action faster.

The Ultimate Scarcity Marketing Plugin

Let me tell you…

Thrive Ultimatum is the leading scarcity plugin for WordPress. This tool helps you create an effective scarcity campaign that can improve conversions and increase your revenues.

Thrive Ultimatum has a wide variety of professional templates that are equipped with essential widgets, countdown timers and floating banners. 

These templates can help boost your scarcity campaigns and “encourage people to take action now”.

Here are some Thrive Ultimatum features that really stand out:

The Ultimate Evergreen System

This unique feature runs a time-limited offer for every person that enters it.

Simply put, each new propspect is offered a special offer that comes with its personalized countdown and time limit.

Evergreen Scarcity with Thrive Ultimatum

This Thrive Ultimatum feature creates 100% authentic Evergreen Scarcity. In addition, the countdown remains true for every individual even when they switch between different devices or browsers.

Bulletproof Tracking and Expiring Links

Thrive Ultimatum also has a Lockdown feature that allows site owners to get complete control over the pages that can be accessed by different prospects.

Only those prospects with verified access to your offer as well as individuals with an unexpired countdown can access your special offer page once you activate the lockdown feature.

Everybody else will be redirected to an “expired” page, allowing your campaign to feel and look authentic.

Tool #4: Active Campaign (a marketing automation tool)

These days in order to build a scalable, predictable sales funnel that runs around the clock, you need more than just an email marketing tool.

The must have tool that you need to add to your marketing arsenal is an email automation tool. This is my friends is what marketing automation tools like Active Campaign offer.

Getting peeps into your email list is an essential part of building profitable sales funnels. What’s even more important is following up — aka keeping in touch with your subscribers.

For this, marketing automation tools like Active Campaign is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use marketing automation tools in existence.

It operates like your very own personal assistant, helping to get peeps into your sales funnels plus streamline your email marketing efforts.

Here’s how Active Campaign can help your business:

Providing Effective Marketing Automation

Every biz owner running a website needs an efficient email marketing system that successfully puts leads into evergreen email automations (that run around the clock). 

This is what Active Campaign will do for you.

So for example:

With most traditional email marketing services, to send out marketing campaigns, you have to manually schedule them.

However, with Active Campaign, you can setup automations that you can set and forget – that will consistently put new leads into your sales funnels — to help you generate revenue on autopilot.

Advanced Automation Features 

What I love about Active Campaign is that you get access to advanced automation features.

For instance:

You can trigger your marketing campaigns based on actions that someone takes to include things like clicking on an email link or visiting a sales page.

Secondly, you will get access to “tagging” features in Active Campaign. 

Tags help you do three things:

  • Organize your contacts based on how they entered your email lists
  • Trigger specific automated marketing campaigns (based on how someone enters your automations )
  • Send/follow up with specific folks on your email list (based on how they are tagged)

In addition, Active Campaign has great CRM systems that lets you conveniently organize and store your customer data. 

Tool #5:  SendOwl

SendOwl offers an inexpensive platform to sell your digital products. This incredible tool offers a cost-effective shopping cart solution that you can implement to sell a variety of products.

SendOwl – Sell Digital Products, Subscriptions, Memberships & more

SendOwl cares deeply about ease of use and conversion rates. It allows users to sell products directly to customers and get paid immediately the purchase is made.

So how does SendOwl operate as an ecommerce platform?

Integration with a variety of payment gateways

Once you’ve created your product and uploaded it online, the SendOwl software conveniently integrates with your preferred payment gateways that include PayPal, Drip, Apple Pay and Stripe.

By offering a wide array of payment gateways and integrations, SendOwl ensures that customers can pay for products using their most convenient processor.

Creating Conversion-Optimized Checkout

Sometimes, it takes that extra push to convince a potential customer to buy your product. SendOwl offers that extra oomph needed to encourage visitors to purchase your items online.

As I’ve mentioned previously using a conversion optimized checkout feature in the buying process is essential to making your sales funnels more profitable.

Ensuring automated digital delivery

Whenever a client buys a certain product online, they expect you to deliver their products super fast. 

Well, the good news is this:

SendOwl automatically generates and delivers e-reciepts as soon as your customers make a purchase.

In addition, you’re guaranteed of immediate payment after the transaction process is complete. As with Thrivecart, you can also add upsells to your products to increase your average order value.

Wrapping Things Up

The five tools discussed above are extremely useful when it comes to creating lucrative sales funnels in WordPress. I encourage you guys to take a deeper look into these tools and consider integrating them into your website.

You won’t be disappointed.

Cheers guys!