How to Create a Kick-A$$ Sales Page in WordPress (That Converts Like Crazy!)


That’s what the going rate is to have a custom sales page designed these days. Too much right.


I don’t know about you but I some of you ballers and shot callas but I do not have $5,000 just sitting around to pay someone to design a sales page for me.

Then there’s the issue of trying to design one from scratch…

My word…it’s the worst right?

Trying to figure out HTML code, how to add it to your sales page, what copy to write and more…

It is just too much peeps!

In this post, I’m going to break down 5 things you should have in place to create a sales page in WordPress that CONVERTS!

These include:

  1. A Landing page creator
  2. Sales copy
  3. Branding your sales page
  4. Great Testimonials
  5. Trust seals

Creating a Sales Page in WordPress: 5 Things to Consider

A Landing Page Creator

Since tech tools have evolved, you don’t have to worry about creating landing pages from scratch in WordPress.

There is one tool (in my humble opinion) that is one of the most powerful landing page creators for WordPress websites.

That tool is none other than Thrive Architect.

Sales Page Templates in Thrive Architect

Sales Page Templates in Thrive Architect


In fact, after I started using Thrive Architect, it inspired me to create the Sales Pages that Sizzle workshop in the Blazing Branding Academy to show digital marketers like yourself how to create sales pages, accept payments through your sales pages and more.

Thrive Architect has a ton of landing pages to choose from that will help you create great sales pages in minutes.


If you don’t have a WordPress website, then tools like LeadPages, Instapage and even Landing Page templates from Creative Market will get the job done.

Creative Market Landing Page Templates

Creative Market Landing Page Templates

So, if you’re not technical and want a faster and easier way to create landing pages, I would highly recommend in investing in a landing page creator or software.

2. Compelling sales copy

So the thing is:

Your sales copy is like a headline to your blog posts or emails. Depending on how good it is will determine whether your sales page gets read or skipped.

So when I started to create sales pages on this website for different information products that I sell, I started to really try to ramp things up on the copy side of things.

Some of the things that you want to consider as you creating copy for your sales page are:

Creating a Strong + Compelling Headline

Should be benefits driven and have some kind of emotional pull in it and shows people the transformation they will have.

A Great Subheadline

That ties in with the main headline of your sales copy.

A Powerful Introduction

Great introductions reel your readers in and get them engaged with your copy. One of the best kept secrets that I’ve discovered with writing “hooks” and introductions that real people into your content is called bucket brigades.

Believe me when I tell you, this technique works! So definitely use these in your sales copy.

Using Bullets in your Copy

If you scan through sales copy, they all definitely have one thing in common:

They have bullets in them…

Bullets break up your sales copy and help your readers scan through the copy easier. Plus you can use bullets in your sales copy to highlight benefits of the product/service that you’re selling.

Strong Calls to Action

Calls to action — basically call your readers to action and tell them what you want them to do on your sales page.

Here’s an example of great sales copy from the Good ole folks at Digital Marketer:

Sample Sales Copy from Digital Marketer


3. Brand your Sales Page Like a CHAMP

I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than going to a sales page that looks like something “straight outta the 80’s”.

Because here’s the dealio:

People are visual!

So when you are designing and branding your sales pages, from a branding perspective, you want to..

#1: Use a professional looking sales page template for WordPress

Here again, instead of trying to start from scratch, investing in a great landing page tool or sales page template is the way to go.

Again, Thrive Architect is my go to resource.

#2: Create mockups of the product that you are selling

So as an example, if you are planning to sell a course, design a course mockup that gets people excited to learn more about the course.

Blazing Branding Academy

Blazing Branding Academy Mockup Example on my Sales Page

Selling an eBook? Then create a mockup of your eBook and add it to your sales page to give peeps excited to learn more about your eBook.

#3: Use a consistent color scheme + fonts in your sales page design

When you are designing your sales page to keep your branding on point, use consistent color schemes, fonts and tie them into your graphics as well.

It is better to keep it simple peeps. There is no need to go crazypants on your sales page design. In fact, some of the best looking sales pages have very simple designs to them.

Take this sales page design for example for the Blazing Branding Academy:

Blazing Branding Academy Sales Page Design

I created it a while back with Thrive Architect. As you can see, It’s simple, clean and appealing to the eyes.

#4. Add credibility boosting testimonials


This is crucial. There is nothing more POWERFUL than having someone that has used your products or services brag on you.

In the marketing world, this is referred to as social proof. Now, one thing that you don’t want to do is put fake testimonials on your page. I’ve seen people do this and err ummm it is not cool.

A few types of testimonials that you can add to your sales page includes: video testimonials, quote testimonials, social testimonials, and image based testimonials.

Here’s an example of an awesome plug and play testimonial box from Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect Testimonial Templates

HOT TIP: One quick and easy way to get testimonials from your customers (on autopilot) is to add an “Ask” campaign to your email sequences to request feedback from your peeps. Trust me yall, this WERKS like a champ.

#4. Use trust seals on your page

Think about it:

When people buy products from your sales page they want to be assured that their information is safe and won’t be shared.

One of the best ways to boost conversions to your sales page and make folks feel safe when purchasing is to use trust seals to your pages.

For example, check out these trust seals:

Trust Seal Examples

I am sure that you’ve come across these logos on sales pages – or even on checkout pages.

These are basically logos of “trusted” brands that people are familiar with and know, like and trust them. They also make peeps feel “comfortable” with proceeding with the checkout process and purchases.

How to Design a Sales Page in WordPress in (10 Minutes or Less)

If you’ve been struggling to design a sales page and get frustrated easily with technology, in this video tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a sales page using a template from Thrive Architect in minutes.


Learn How to Create Sales Pages, Brand them Like a CHAMP and More!

Designing sales pages can be frustrating. If you’re looking for step by step training on how to design sales pages, brand them, create gorgeous graphics to add to your sales pages and more, Sales Pages that Sizzles via the Blazing Branding Academy has you covered. Click here to learn more.

What Tools are You Using to Design Sales Pages for your Business?

I would love to know what tools you guys are using to design sales pages for your business?

Please drop me a line below to lemme know. Thanks y’all!