How to Create Fillable PDF Forms (with Video Tutorial)

I’ve been creating worksheets with Canva for a good while now…I mean these bad boys are very handy.

I’ve added worksheets to some of the courses that I offer in my mini unversity, used them for content upgrades that I add to my blog posts and live workshops that I’ve put on.

Even though I love journaling and writing things down via worksheets, I am also a huge advocate for paperless documents too and editable forms.  Mainly because my handwriting is awful.  

Chicken Scratch at best…ya know.

To the point where whenever I write stuff down, I have a hard time figuring out what I’ve written…

But that’s a story for another day (Sighs).  

This blog post is going to show you how to create fillable pdf forms with worksheets created in Canva that you can use in your business or for your brand.

I Needed an Easier Way to Manage Documents for My Clients

Sometime ago as I was creating a workbook for a brand detox and audit that I performed for my branding clients.  The document was around 5 pages long and had a series of questions that I went through for the audit.

I realized that I needed an easier way to record my responses to the audit, because again, I didn’t want to struggle with trying to read my handwriting.

So I started brainstorming to figure out “what is the easiest way to record responses to the brand detox questionnaire?”

That’s when it hit me…

“I needed to find a way to turn this document into a fillable PDF form”.  

So I did what anyone would do, I started hunting down resources on via Google University that I could use to convert a regular PDF document to an editable one.  

Then BAM — I settled on this bad boy: PDFScape.com…and WOW is this puppy a lifesaver!

Five Reasons Why Fillable PDF’s are Amazing

Reason #1: They help with organization

For starters, they help you organize your documents easier.  Before I started using Fillable PDF forms, organizing documents was a PITA (like for real).  

I’ve gotten a little better at organizing stuff thanks to programs like Evernote and Trello, but the struggle is still kinda REAL. So this is where paperless docs and forms have helped me a lot.

Reason #2: They help you scan through information easier

I guarantee you that I am not the only person that has a case of “bad handwriting”.  

When you create fillable PDF forms, you don’t have to worry about trying to read someone’s handwriting because they can just download your forms, add information to them, save the information, then send the form to you.  

It’s that easy.

Reason #3:  You can save money on printing costs

I understand that you may have to shell out a little bit of money to print out forms for certain events and etc.  

Here again, instead of shelling out money for printed forms, you can just convert your forms to an editable document instead and let respondents record their information then send you the document.

Reason #4: Electronic signatures pleaseeeeee

Sooo sending documents to your clients asking them to fill them out, sign them and fax them back to you can be a bit of a pain right?

This is where your fillable PDF forms will help out. As I previously stated, instead of fumbling around with paperwork and scanned faxes, you can just send them your editable forms to fill out sign via an e-signature

Reason #5:  You’re helping the environment

It’s true! Fillable PDF forms do help save the environment — by cutting back the amount of paper we use.  Don’t you want to take part in that?  :-)

Sooooo yes, your fillable pdf forms will come to the rescue for ya and eliminate the need for using paper.

The 10 Step Process I Use to Create Fillable PDF Forms

Three things you will need:

  1. A Canva.com account (Free or Canva for Work the paid version)
  2. PDFscape.com
  3. To watch the video tutorial at the end of this section


Directions for Creating Your Fillable PDF Forms

Step 1: Create your worksheet in Canva

I put together a blog post that shows you how to create worksheets in Canva if you never created them before.  When you have a chance, review the post and the video the learn how to get er done.  

Step 2:  Download the PDF version of your worksheet in Canva

Step 3: Save the Worksheet to your desktop

Step 4:  Head over the PDFScape.com. Under “PDFescape Online PDF Editor”, click on the button that says “Free Online”

Step 5: Click “Upload PDF to PDFScape

Step 6: Click Browse to upload your worksheets to the program, then upload them to the tool.

Step 7: From here, you can start scanning through your document to highlight boxes that need responses, checks, and etc added to them.  When you find an item that you want to make editable, click on “Form Field”.

Step 8: Select the appropriate type of “Form Field” you want to create. For instance, if you have a checkbox that you want respondents to edit. Next hover over the item that you want to edit and drag the “Checkbox” form field to the item you want to make editable.

Step 9:  After you make your edits, save the changes

Step 10: Download your editable file….and save it to your desktop

That’s it!

For you visual peeps, check out this video to view the step by step process that I use to create Fillable pdf forms using worksheets that I create in Canva.

Creating Fillable Products and Beyond 

When you’re ready to take things further and learn how to create digital downloads, worksheets, workbooks and other digital marketing resources, checkout Lights Canva Action a program that helps you create professional graphics (even if you don’t have design experience).

Cheers and thanks for checking out this post! Oh and I would loveeee for you to share this out with your peeps on Social Media…