The Non Techies SECRET Weapon for Designing Beautiful Landing Pages

Hola my friends and welcome to a spanking new blog post where I am getting a chance to geek out a bit…

If you:

  • Run a WordPress website

  • Struggle with technology...and

  • Are looking for an easier way to design beautiful landing pages for your business

Then I am glad that you landed on this post.

Over the past few years of running this blog, I’ve invested in a “gazillion” different tools that I thought would make my life easier on the tech front.

However, a lot of the tools that I tried left me more frustrated and disappointed more than anything. 

And so, after using countless tools, I finally settled on a resource that helped me create stunning landing pages and sales pages for my website (without too much hassle)

Wanna know what it is?  

Friends, that tool is none other than Thrive Architect - one of the most POWERFUL weapons for designing beautiful landing pages.

Thrive Architect Landing Page Designs

But...What Is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is one of the secret weapons that I’ve been using for years to design beautiful landing pages, sales pages, tripwire sales pages and more for my website.

This tool is a WordPress plugin that will help you create visually stunning landing pages for everything from Webinars that you have coming up to free content upgrades that you want to give away to grow your email list.

Landing Page Templates via Thrive Architect 

In fact, a little while ago I was telling the ladies of a mastermind group that I am a part of with one of my favorite bloggers Lisa Irby (what’s up Lisa) of 2CreateaWebsite that Thrive Architect is one of THE most powerful plugins that I have used in a while. 

I mean....it is seriously one of the secret weapons that I use in my arsenal to create lead capture pages in minutes!   

The best part about using this tool is that is that you do NOT have to have any kind of design experience -- or pay thousands to hire someone to create your landing pages for you.

What Can You Use Thrive Architect For?

Gosh y'all, where do I even start. I honestly can't think of any landing pages that you can't build with this plugin.

For instance, you can use Thrive Architect to create:

  • Lead Magnet Opt-in Pages
  • Landing pages for your content upgrades
  • Conversion based home pages for your website or blog
  • eBook landing pages
  • Upcoming Webinar landing pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Video Landing Pages
  • Free Video Series Landing Pages (for your sales funnel)
  • Landing Pages for your membership site

And sooooo much more stuff!

Here's a landing page that I designed a while back using Thrive Architect for a free workshop that teaches peeps how to Canva for Visual Design:

Landing Page Designed with Thrive Architect for Free Design Workshop

Wanna know the best part?  

To date, this single landing page has helped me:

  • More than double the size of my email list
  • Get peeps into an email nurturing sequence where they can learn more about designing graphics with Canva through an advanced design course

What are the Benefits of Using Thrive Architect for Landing Page Design?

Before I started using Thrive Architect, I was using LeadPages.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that Lead Pages is a great software plugin to use for creating landing pages if you don’t have a WordPress site. 

However, some of the benefits of using Thrive Architect for landing page design is that:

#1:   The price!  The basic plan for Leadpages costs $25 dollars a month ($300 year) whereas Thrive Architect is requires a one-time investment of $97.  

Andddd…. the best part about it is that you can use this version of the plugin on up to 5 different WordPress websites.

Thrive Architect Price

#2:   Ease of customization.  Whenever I tried customizing one of the landing pages with LeadPages, it was seriously difficult to do.  

There was not much wiggle room to customize their landing pages. With Thrive Architect you can completely customize all of their landing pages and brand them to your liking (this is another feature that I absolutely love).

#3:   No design experience required.  I am not a designer...like at all. This is what I love the most about using this tool.

In a matter of minutes, you can have a beautiful landing page setup to start collecting new sales leads from your site.  

#4:   There are over 139 different pre-made templates to choose from.  Instead of scratching your head trying to figure out how to design a landing page from scratch, with Thrive Architect you are a "template away" from a beautiful landing page.

Thrive Architect Landing Page Designs

So for example, if you wanted to design a "Video Landing Page" for your WordPress website, you can just head over to the search feature in Thrive, type in "Video" and you will start seeing video landing page templates pop up.

A Few Examples of Beautiful Landing Pages I've Designed with Thrive Architect

Here are a few examples of some landing pages that I've used Thrive Architect to design to grow my biz:

#1:  Free Swipe File that Features 101 Ways to Use Canva

Landing Page design for free content upgrade

This landing page is designed for a swipe file that that features 101 ways to use Canva for Visual Design. This one page has grown my email list exponentially and continues to do so every.single.day.

#2:  Free Branding Kit for Solopreneurs

Landing Page for a Free Branding Kit to grow email list

One of the things that I help people with is with visual branding.  Well peeps, I used Thrive Architect to design this landing page to offer peeps a free kit jam packed with tools and resources for building an irresistible brand.

#3:  YCG Media Kit Landing Page 

A media kit is one of the best things that you can create for your brand.  Well....a little while back I decided to create a landing page for companies interested in partnering with me on different promotions and etc.  

Creating a Landing Page with Thrive Architect

I hope that you all have enjoyed this blog post and that it gets your "Gears" turning on ways that you can use Thrive Architect for landing page design. 

For you Visual Learners, I created a video tutorial to show you how to create your first landing page with Thrive Architect.  

Thanks for reading!