10 Digital Products You Can Create with Canva (In a Weekend)

Hello there peeps and welcome to a brand spankin new blog post that is HAWT off the press.  As you may or may not know, Canva is my favorite DIY design tool… like EVER!

So much so that I’ve created an EPIC post featuring a list of 101 ways to use the program for visual design, launched a DIY course on it, and have set up a shop full of done-for you templates that any solopreneur can benefit from using.

I’ll be the first to say, that there is nothing more exciting than waking up to new sales from a digital product (while you were sleeping).

Or… stepping away from the office for a day or 2, but still getting notifications via email that “you’ve made a new sale”.

It is an AMAZING feeling! 

So my friends, if you’re using Canva and want a running list of 10 digital products that you can whip up in Canva and sell (in a weekend), then this blog post has you covered.

More specifically, this blog post will cover:

  1. Why it’s Okay to Sell Designs You Make on Canva
  2. Types of Digital Products You can Make with Canva (In a Weekend)
  3. Where to Sell the Designs you Make on Canva
  4. How to Protect the Digital Products You Make with Canva from Theft (trust me you’ll want to make note of this)

Alrighty, Let’s dive off into the post...

Can You Sell Designs You Make on Canva?

One of the questions that I’ve had peeps asking me is “Can you sell designs that you Make on Canva”?

The quick answer is: YES!

In fact, here is a post from Canva's own website stating that you can absolutely sell designs that YOU create from scratch using their platform: 

Case in point, check out these designs below:

Creative Market Canva Various Templates

This is a screenshot of workbook templates from Creative Market  (one of my favorite sites) that some folks have put together.

Can you guess what design tool they used to create them?  

If you answered “Canva” then you get a gold star my friend.  Here’s another example of digital products that folks have created for Canva users: 

Creative Market Canva Templates 

And here’s some additional encouraging news for you:

Digital products created in Canva are by far some of the most popular products online these days.

I think this is due to the following reasons:

  • Canva is easy to use. You don’t have to spend all friggin day tinkering around with layers, thousands of different radio buttons and so forth. Whereas programs like Photoshop have a bit of a learning curve to them.
  • Canva doesn't require any specialized design knowledge to use. Here again, you are a “template away” from creating beautiful graphics and other visual designs that you can use to grow your brand.
  • Canva is FREE to use. To get a feel for the program, you can easily sign up for a free account and start designing products. If you want more access to more advanced features and functionality, I would definitely recommend using Canva Pro. Canva Pro is the premium version of the program that runs 12.95 per month. With Canva Pro you will get access to things like the auto-resizer tool, a tool that allows you to animate your graphics and so on. It's pretty cool and well worth the price.

Why It’s Okay to Sell Designs and Digital Products You Create with Canva

As previously posted, Canva has posted an update and information on their website that provides more details on how to sell Canva templates.

Please Note: The main thing to remember is this: You CANNOT use custom designs made in Canva, change a few colors and etc then try to pass them off as your own. 

Please read this post on Canva's website for more information

You HAVE to create your own designs from scratch before selling them.

Regarding Canva designs, the great news is this:

People are online searching for designs and templates made in Canva

As a matter of fact, after running a quick “Google Search” and typing in “workbook templates”, the first thing that starts to come up in Google autosuggest is “Workbook Templates Canva”.

Here’s a screenshot to prove it:

What does this mean?  

It means that people are actively searching for products made in Canva

And in this current climate that we’re in (with COVID-19) running rampant, more folks at home are using the internet to look for products and services.  

And...with the economy in a bit of a tailspin, this is an opportune time to start finding ways to generate additional income.  I can tell you from experience that one of the easiest ways to do that is through creating and selling digital products.

In addition to this, the folks over at Canva seem to be proponents of supporting creators selling templates and etc that rely on their software.  I have yet to hear any complaints or run into issues with selling mine.

Types of Digital Products that you Can Make (and Sell) with Canva

To get you started down the path of generating passive income and creating digital products in Canva, I’ve put together a quick list of products that you can create in a weekend:

#1:  Workbooks

Workbooks are all the rage these days and they are super easy to design in Canva.  Workbooks offer the perfect opportunity for folks to brainstorm and take certain actions with instructions to accomplish a specific task.  

Plus, they are fun to use too!

Canva Workbook Templates Bundle

Blazing eBook Bundle - eBook Templates Designed with Canva 

Say for example you run a website that teaches people “how to create a beautiful wardrobe with the clothes they already have”.  

Well, you can easily design a Workbook in Canva that walks your audience through how to achieve this goal by listing out different actions that they need to take and sell it online. 

#2: eBooks

Who doesn’t love reading a good eBook right? Well my friend, designing eBooks in Canva has never been easier.  

Canva has a ton of (done for you) eBook templates that you can create in minutes.  You just simply need to add some great fonts, beautiful colors, a few pictures, and that's pretty much it.  

After you’ve designed your eBook in Canva, you can just download the PDF from Canva and package it for sale online.

#3:  Printables

Who doesn't love a good printable? Am I right. Well with Canva, creating printables has NEVER been easier. 

Printables are essentially things like lists, checklists and calendars that peeps can “print” out and use to help them accomplish a specific task.  

Printable Examples from Creative Market

As an example, if you run a holistic dieting blog, you could potentially create a package of meal prep printables for your audience and sell them online.

#4:  Social Media Marketing Graphics

Listen, everybody and their aunties, mothers and brothers too are using social media these days.

For you my creative friend, this creates an EPIC opportunity for you to head over to Canva to start designing and selling social media marketing graphics.  

As an example, here is a Megapack of 60+ social media marketing graphics that I created a while back for folks using Canva:

These graphics put folks on the fast track to cranking out marketing graphics for their brands and take the guesswork out of the process.  

#5:   Stationery Sets

Have a client that needs to get their visual branding in order but you want to step away from one on-one work?  No problemo.

Creating done-for you stationery templates with Canva may be right up your alley. 

Stationary Sets

Canva has a ton of premade logo templates, business cards, Letterhead templates and more that you can jazz up, package and sell to customers that want a ready-made set that they can use to promote their brand with.

#6:  Worksheets

Much like workbooks, worksheets are another popular product that you can easily design with Canva.  

Worksheets are essentially just single sheets that you can design to help your audience accomplish a “specific” task or action.

#7:  Lead Magnet Templates

If you’ve been marketing your business online for any length of time then you are probably familiar with what a  “lead magnet” is and why it's important to have one.

Lead Magnet Templates

Well the good news for you is that there are a lot of folks that NEED lead magnets, but don't necessarily know how to design them.  This is where you come in.

With Canva, you can create and sell all sorts of lead magnet templates that help your audience grow their email list.

#8:  Content Upgrade Graphics

I'll be the first to admit it:

When I first started seeing these types of graphics show up online for Canva users, I thought “Wow, what a clever Idea”. 

Content upgrade graphics

Here again, folks running online businesses are always looking for ways to convert more of their website visitors into email subscribers.  This is where content upgrade graphics come into play.  

If you have a creative “design” eye, you can easily use Canva to whip up some content upgrade templates for folks to help them grow their email lists.

#9:  Journals


Please believe me when I tell you this:  the journaling community is HUGE!!!!!  If you’re a well organized person that can help others organize their thoughts and etc, then NOW is a great opportunity for you to start cranking out some journals with Canva.

Canva Journal Templates

Oh and if you’re not familiar with Amazon KDP, it's a platform for self publishers where you can upload and sell your journals for FREE. 

I talk about this a ton more on the blog in this tutorial where I show you how to create a journal to sell on Amazon. There's two parts to this series, so be sure to watch both. You can also check out the done for you Canva journal templates that I have available in my shop to whip up some -- fast to publish and sell on Amazon.

#10:  Media Kits

Media Kits are essentially little one-page sheets that contain information about your brand. 

This can include information like how many followers you have, what your brand is about, demographic info and etc. 

Media Kit with Cnava

Well here's where you come in: 

Most folks can benefit from having a media kit but don't know how to design them.  This gives you an opportunity as a creative to head over to Canva and start designing some EPIC media kits for your audience. 

The Top 3 Places to Sell Designs and Products You Make with Canva

I can bet you are prolly saying “Okay Kim, I get it. Creating digital products in Canva seems to be a great idea.  But, where the heck do you sell these products after you create them”?   

Glad you asked.  

I’ve put together a running list of 5 places that you can sell designs and digital products made in Canva. 

I am also providing you guys with links to recommended blog posts and other content that will help you get started with setting up shops to sell your designs from.

#1:  Creative Market


Creative Market is #BAE!!! For realz and is home to thousands of ready-made templates, designs, fonts and WordPress themes that people are searching for every day.

Creative Market

Wanna know the best part about using Creative Market?  Is that it’s FREE to sign up for an account and start an online store to sell your digital products from.

Recommended Resource and Video

#2:  Etsy

An additional and huge marketplace for selling ready-made goodies is Etsy. Like Creative Market, Etsy is home to all sorts of handmade items, digital products, templates and art.

Like Creative Market, it doesn't cost you anything to open an Etsy shop, start uploading your designs and selling them online. 

Recommended Resource:

#3:  Your OWN eCommerce Store or Shop

If you have a website or blog the BEST thing to do right away is invest some time into adding ecommerce functionality into it. 

Now, depending on which platform you use, the tools that you use to accomplish this may vary. 

I use Payhip to sell all of the journal templates that I have available.  In my Passive Profits with Payhip course, I go through setup and branding tips more in detail, but this platform makes it easy to get your online shop setup in as little as a day to sell digital products.

And here’s the best part:

Even if you are using a platform like Wix, or Squarespace, you can still use an ecommerce platform like Payhip to run your online digital shop. Be sure to check out my full review of Payhip right here.

Recommended Resource:

How to Protect your Digital Designs and Products from Theft

As a creative, there is nothing worse than having someone copy your work and try to pass it off as their own.  I say this because it happened to me.

Here’s what went down:

I was surfing around on a popular outsourcing website “which I will not name” looking to outsource some design work for a close friend.  

Upon my search I stumbled across a design from my online store that someone was passing off as their own. I.WAS.Livid!

I immediately reached out to the seller and asked them to politely take down my designs or else I would sue for copyright infringement.

I don’t want this for you my friends and so I want to present to you a few things that you can do try to prevent this from happening:

  1. Watermark your designs.  Adding a watermark to your designs will add a little layer of protection on them to protect your designs from theft.  A few watermarking apps that you can try for free are PhotoMarks and VisualWaterMark. I’m actually in the process of working on this right now.

  1. Use Copyright disclaimers. If you are planning to sell things like Workbooks, eBooks and etc online then you want to make sure that you add a copyright disclaimer to them.  This is the legal stuff that tells people “hey don’t try to copy my sh*t” because if you do, I will SUE you for copyright infringement. Now I will say that this won’t 100% stop folks from copying your work but it will let them know that they run the risk of getting sued for copyright infringement.

  2. 3. Disable "right click" on your images. One of the easiest ways to save someone's work online is to simply “Right Click” and save as to your computer.  Well, to prevent this from happening (especially if you're running an online shop from your website), you can disable the “right-click” feature.  I added this functionality to my website a while back via the All In one Security Firewall plugin.  If you don’t have a WordPress website, you can easily hire a coder or someone to help you with this.

Wrapping up the Post

I truly hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that it gets your creative juices going with a list of digital products that you can create with Canva (in as little as a weekend).  

If this post has been helpful to ya, please feel free to share it with your peeps on social media and other channels. As they say, sharing is caring!


Thanks for Reading! Just so you know...

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