Fomo Social Proof Review: How I DOUBLED Product Sales with Social Proof

Affiliate disclaimer:  As a full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links in which I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Okay, now onto the post...

Hey there peeps!

If you’ve been looking for ways to get MORE sales from your website, there’s a new marketing tool that you should definitely consider looking into called FOMO.

To be honest with you, I had seen other folks like Digital Marketer and even Pat Flynn using tools like on their websites and thought:

“Wow, that looks like a nifty little marketing tool they are using to show people that folks are indeed making purchases from their website”.  Such a great way to show some social proof.

This is what led me to discovering FOMO (a social proof marketing tool)

What is FOMO?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “fear of missing out”? 

Well peeps this is what the FOMO marketing tool is designed to do. To date, FOMO runs on nearly 14,745 websites right now.

Basically what happens is this:

When folks arrive on your website, FOMO will show notifications of the last 5 or so purchases that people have made from your site.

Awesome right!

Take this screenshot for example:

FOMO Social Proof Tool in Action on YourChicGeek

As you can see someone purchased a pass to the Blazing Branding Academy (a DIY school that helps solopreneurs with tech and visual branding).  

This is super powerful for three reasons:

  1. It PROVES that people are making purchases from your website

  2. It gets people excited to take a closer look at your product or service offerings

  3. Social proof helps convert skeptics into buyers…

What Does the FOMO Social Proof Tool Help You Accomplish?

The FOMO social proof marketing tool is designed to help you convert more skeptics into believers and ultimately buyers of your products or services.

Think about it this way: 

When you visit someone’s website for the first time, you’re generally gonna be a tad skeptical right?  

Now, after you’ve become familiar with them and have visited their website a few more times, maybe there is a certain product or service that you're interested in learning more about.

As you’re browsing their site, you get a little notification that shows “proof” that someone has purchased “said” product.  You're probably going to be a little more excited about purchasing it.

This is what FOMO helps you doThe tool runs in the background of your website and pushes out real-time notifications of purchases that peeps have made from your website.

Fomo Notification Examples

Who Created FOMO’s Marketing Tool?

What I loveeee about FOMO is that the company is run by a small team of entrepreneurs.

The folks behind this awesome marketing tool are Lucian Kranz, Klemen Nagode, Matevž Golavšek, Ryan Kulp, and Hideko Tachibana.

They have a great twitter presence and I have to admit, even though they have a small team, their customer support and service is top notch.

How Do I Use the FOMO Social Proof Tool?

It’s super easy to get started with FOMO, here’s what you will need to do:  

#1:  To get started with FOMO, head over to the website to check out what packages they have to offer.  The great thing about FOMO is that you can actually take the tool for a test run by checking out their 14-day trial.

#2:  Click on “Pricing” to check out all of the packages they have to offer based on the amount of traffic that you get on your website.

#3:  After selecting the plan that you want, you will be taken to a screen that says “Start a 14-Day Free Trial” On this page, you will enter in your Full Name, Email Address, and Add a password.  Next, click “Continue”.

#4:  On the next screen, it will ask you a few more questions (as noted below) regarding How you found out about the tool, your website visitor count.  After you’ve answered these two questions, you will then “Choose a Plan”, then add in your payment information.

#5:  Finally, click the “Start My Free Trial” button to finish the sign up process.

#6:  Now it’s time to create your sales notifications. To do this login to your FOMO account. This is the screen that you should see.

#7:  Next, click on the “Site” button to add your website information. After you’ve finished that, click on “Theme”.  

In this section you will be able to select a pop up template that you want to use, plus add your brands colors, fonts and more to your notifications as well. 

#9:  Lastly, click on the “Integrations” button to select what tools you want to integrate FOMO with. Here’s a screenshot of a few tools that I am currently integrating my site with.

Here’s a bigger list of some of the additional integrations that you can use in the FOMO marketing tool. In fact, with FOMO there are 100’s of integrations that you can connect with.

How Much Does It Cost?

FOMO has four different packages to choose from.  The plans start at $19/mo for the Starter package and go up $199/mo for the Advanced package.

Who is this Tool Best For?

In my opinion, FOMO is great for:

  • Solopreneurs that run online businesses that rely “heavily” on their websites to do a lot of the selling for them and want to promote “real time customer purchases” of their products and services.

  • Ecommerce store owners that want to boost sales of products by showing proof sales.

  • Bloggers that have shops connected to their websites that want to convert more browsers to buyers.

  • Anyone that wants to add more social proof and credibility to their websites to generate more sales from products and services.

What are some of the Pros to Using the FOMO Social Proof Tool?

  • It's a powerful website marketing asset. Here again, showing visitors in “real time” that folks are actually purchasing products or services from your website is powerful.

  • FOMO has helped me earn more revenue and sales from my online shop. I use Thrivecart to accept payments from my website and it's fantastic.  But since installing FOMO I've definitely noticed that sales have doubled.

  • It integrates with 100’s of different tools.  I currently have FOMO connected to my Thrivecart shopping cart, my Teachable school and Google analytics. So that when someone purchases products from my shop or one of my courses, FOMO will display a notification of those purchases.

  • You can apply your brands color schemes, images of your products and more to your FOMO notifications.

  • Customer service is top notch! Like seriously.  Case in point, I ran into an issue with updating a template, sent an email to their support team and was walked through how to fix the issue the next day.  

  • There are tons of helpful case studies and reviews on their blog that show you how other peeps are successfully using this tool to generate sales.

  • Live chat and email support is available in case you need assistance with anything. 

  • If you are not happy with the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What are the Cons?

There aren’t really that many cons with the FOMO marketing tool. However, there are  few things worth noting are

  • Compatibility issues with branding your notifications.  After I signed up for FOMO I ran into a few issues with applying my branding (colors and etc) to the notifications.  However, I reached out to customer service and they resolved this for me with no issues.

  • You may encounter issues with notifications not sending people directly to product sales pages.  For example, I noticed that after enabling some notifications, that when I clicked on them to make sure that they were taking folks to the correspondingShopitem, it didn't work correctly.  Here again, the rockstar customer support team came to the rescue and walked me through how to get things up and running correctly.

How to Get Started or Learn More

If you want to get started with FOMO, I would recommend heading over to the website and taking it for a spin.

As I’ve stated, you will get a free 14-day trial so that you can take the tool for a test run on your website or ecommerce store.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about this tool, you can use either the Live Chat support feature on the website or call them to get assistance.


If you’re looking for ways to generate more revenue and show “real-time” proof of purchases on your website, then I would highly recommend using FOMO.  

I’ve definitely seen an increase in sales from this tool and highly recommend it for shop owners and practically anyone that sells digital products or services online. 

Do yourself a favor, head over to FOMO, start the free14-your day trial to start showing your website visitors real social “proof” and let your customers do the selling for you.

Cheers y'all!