7 Tools You Can Use Every Week to Grow Your Online Presence

Fair warning, I am seriously going to geek out a bit in this blog post.  

Well, sorta.  

I am techie and I am super proud of it too.  

It’s not just because of the tech itself, its primary based on what technology can do from a branding, entrepreneurship and online presence building standpoint.

I remember when I first started building small business blogs and websites for entrepreneurs.

It was tough…for realz…  

These days….

I sit back and think about how much easier it is these days to setup a fully functional website with platforms like WordPress within a matter of minutes vs trying to figure out how to more difficult platforms to build one.

In a nutshell, technology and internet based tech tools have made it so much easier to: 

#1:  Get your brand and business in front of people who will benefit the most from what you have to offer — and without spending a fortune to do it.

Remember the good ole days of using traditional advertisements for marketing?

Even though traditional marketing is very much effective…traditional marketing is very expensive!  

For example:

Did you know that it costs 10’s of thousands to run radio, magazine and other print ads? #Ouch right…

Now we are in a new era of marketing that is known as Digital Marketing where the cost of customer acquisition has decreased tremendously.  

With digital marketing, you can market your brand using various tech tools and resources — on the cheap.  

Even better:

You can get extremely targeted with your marketing using things like demographic data, interests and even behaviors  to deliver relevant messages to specific groups of people. 

#2:  Brand your business inexpensively and look good on a modest budget.

When I first started creating a brand and look for YourChicGeek, I was amazed at how many inexpensive branding tools there are available that can be used to present your business like a PRO — without shelling out tons of money.  

As you know, visual content is HOT these days.  Fortunately, there are tons of online based tools to create branded images and other branding materials for your business, especially if you are starting up online for the first time.

#3:  Grow your business. Ever hear of this thing called social media? Yea…soooo social media is seriously a game changer on the small business growth front.  

I was reading an article recently from one of my favorite bloggers and mentor Don Purdum where he mentioned that in the olden days of marketing, it used to take sometimes between one to 12 months before seeing any results from running various marketing campaigns.

Now with various social media platforms available, you can simply point, click and send MASS marketing messages to your followers, fans and peeps in your community.

Growing Your Online Presence: What It Really Takes to Be Successful

Growing your online presence is not going to happen overnight.  I am sorry to break this news to you but it’s not.

I think that one of the main reasons that a lot of folks give up on using digital marketing tools and using the internet for business growth is because they don’t understand how to use them properly and they don’t see immediate results. 

CLICK HERE to download this list of tools in PDF format

To effectively grow your online presence, you will need to:

  • Get extremely targeted + focus on getting your message in front of the right people.  
  • Leverage technology!  Yes, tech stuff can be scary, but…when used correctly, it can work wonders for your brand.
  • Market your brand consistently  True growth comes from staying the course and continuing to do things consistently to grow your business.  

7 Resources + Tools I Use Every Week To Grow My Online Presence

When it comes to growing my brand, I wanted to share the top 7 tools that I use every week to do so.  

Without further ado, here they are:

Tool #1:  Smart phone…mainly for social media

Guys, I mean seriously if you are not on the social media train and using it to grow your online presence you are seriously missing out on a ton of opportunities.

Kim Twitter

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not just a place where the “cool kids” hang out to chat.  It is really a great communication tool and platform where you can engage with your followers, market your content, and grow like crazy… if you use it right.

I mean seriously…if you would have told me just 3 months after launching this brand that I would be:

  • Collaborating with a fellow entrepreneur (that I met on Twitter) to run a 31 Day Startup Challenge
  • Invited to write for a blog that gets more than 2 million visits per month — all from using social media, I would have said no FREAKIN way!

But it’s true and its possible. Even better, you don’t have to spend all day on social media to get results.  You just have to know what tools to use. 

Tool #2:  Hootsuite PRO Version

Hootsuite PRO is seriously one of the resources that I cannot do without.  This tool is seriously powerful y’all.  

Hootsuite Dashboard

I use Hootsuite to manage all of my social media profiles in one place.  This is a topic that I cover in great detail in the Social in 30 workshop

Tool #3:  Canva   

Guys, if you are not using Canva to create visual graphics for your brand, you should head over and sign up for an account..like right now.   I mean it’s FREE…so why wouldn’t you use it.

I use Canva to design ALL of the branded blog graphics, workbooks, eBook covers and promo materials that I share on social media.  

How to Design Graphics With Canva

Examples of Graphics Designed using Canva

Sharing these graphics on social media usually leads to re-shares, retweets, new followers and new fans as well. These are items that you can learn how to create with no design experience required at all in Canva Superstar.  

CLICK HERE to download this list of tools in PDF format

Tool #4: Sumo.Me:  

You see that little nice social media sharing tool on the sidebar of my blog?

Sumo Me Social Sharere

Yeaaaa so that is the Sumo.Me social sharing app that I use to encourage visitors to share my content across social media (and you should too).   The Sumo.Me app is free to download so make sure that you check it out and use it on your blog.

Tool #5:  Coschedule’s ClicktoTweet plugin

The ClicktoTweet plugin makes creates tweetable, trackable links and encourages visitors to share your blog posts to Twitter.  

Click to Tweet Example
It is a simple way of growing your online presence is by making your Twitter posts easier to share and grow your presence effortlessly.  

Tool # 6: A weekly promo checklist of things to do  

To stay on course, it is essential to have a checklist and list of things to do (promo list) for sharing your content, visual graphics and other activities that you do on a weekly basis in your business.

Tool #7:  Revive Old Post

If you have older blog posts that you want to put on autopilot and share on your social media accounts, then Revive Old Post is an excellent plugin to use. 


Like Hootsuite, Revive Old Post is a real time saver that really let’s you set it and forget it as far as automation is concerned.

The Wrap Up

So you’ve learned the top 7 tools that I use each week to grow my online presence.  Now it’s time apply them to your business.   

Download my Digital Domination workbook and guide to unlock all of the tips I’ve used to increase my social shares, readership and blog post popularity or check out my mini university to start building a 365 day marketing engine that grows your online presence and attracts clients to you.

Over to You Fine People

I would also love to hear from you all as to what tools you are using to grow your online presence? 

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