A 5 Step Guide Branding Your Social Media

Question for you…

Are your social media accounts full of dull visuals, inconsistent branding and content? Are you struggling to get engagement from your community?

If you answered YES to these questions, then it may be time to give your social media accounts a facelift.

I can tell you from experience that uninspiring branding will not get you very far in the world of social media.

To give your business the BEST chance at breaking through the noise on social media, you need a strong brand.

Because social media is so important these days, if you are using it, you want to make sure that you brand your profiles for maximum impact.

In this blog post, I am going to share some tips for branding your social media #LikeaBOSS.  Plus I am showing you examples of peeps that are doing it right.

The State of Social Media + Why Branding Is Critical

Some interesting and insightful stats about social media networks reveal that:


What do these stats mean?

Simply this:

The competition is stiff on social media.  And since social media is hella busy and constantly moving, its tougher to stand out.

But, here are two things that can help you stand out in a sea of other brands on social media:

#1:  Great visual branding (graphics, content and etc)

#2:  A strong willingness to serve your community (aka serving up as much goodness in the form of helpful content  as humanly possible to them)

These are simple things that will make your brand more memorable than others.  

Trust me on this…

3 Entrepreneurs that are Branding Their Social Media Like a #Boss

As I am surfing around on social media networks, I often stumble upon social media branding that rocks out online.  

Here are three peep’s that I’ve discovered online that are really doing an excellent job of branding their social media.

#1: Julie of Whiskey and Red

What I love about Julie’s branding on social media is that all of her images really draw you in.  Julie’s branding seriously rocks!  

Whiskey and Red Branding

Her designs are easy to spot because they are well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and are super duper attractive.  

#2:  Kim Jimenez of KimberlyAnnJimenez.com

I’ve featured Kim on the blog before because this chica just gets it.  I discovered Kim’s brand via Twitter when I set up shop there.  

Kim of KimberlyAnnJimenez.com

Like Julie’s branding, Kim’s social media posts + content really draw you in. Her color choices are all very consistent with her overall branding.  Plus, the content that she shares with her community is very helpful too.  

#3:  Maya Elious of MayaElious.com

I discovered Maya’s brand a while back I believe from Twitter.  As with the other ladies mentioned in this post, Maya has gorgeous social media branding that can be recognized from anywhere on the internet.

Maya Elious Branding

I love the color scheme that she is using, the content that she creates for her audience and again… all of her images look great. 

How to Brand Your Social Media 

If you want to make a greater impact on social media networks, here are a few suggestions that you can use to brand your social media like a rockstar: 

Step 1: Choose a distinct color palette to brand your social media accounts with

If you notice, the ladies that I featured in this post that are rocking it out on social media with their branding have one main thing in common: a recognizable color scheme + palette for their brands. 

Example of a Color Palette

Here is why this is important:

  • It helps people recognize your brand easier
  • It will help you create branding that’s memorable
  • Colors are the easiest things to recognize with someone’s brand

I know… a lot of people think that colors don’t have a huge impact on branding, but believe me they do.

Colors affect mood, influence purchasing decisions, and help determine the feeling and mood that your brand wants to give off. So choose them wisely yall! 

Colorpalettes.net is a 

Step 2:  Use professional looking profile covers for your accounts

This is one of the fundamentals of the great branding. It pains me to visit someone’s social media accounts and see one media profile looks one way and the other looks like a blast from the past. 

Examples of Pro Cover Photos (Magnet4Blogging.net, STI Solutions, Dedra Shores and Getting Found with Fueza)


Simply stated = make your profiles as professional and consistent as possible with your profiles.  It will read well to your visitors and make a great first impression.

I used Canva for Work (now Canva Pro) to create all of my social media profile covers.  Canva Pro has pre-made templates that you can simply download, edit and and customize to match your current branding.

Here’s an example of some social media marketing graphics available via the Blazing Graphics Bundle and Kit that I created in Canva Pro.

Done for you Social Media Marketing Templates Created via Canva for Work


Step 3:  Choose a memorable design for your social media graphics

Social media is like the nascar speedway y’all where information is constantly being shared and moved around.  Since it is so busy, you need branded posts that stand out.   

One of the best ways to stand out is by branding the content that you share.

For instance:  

Here are some examples of social media graphics that I’ve created in Canva that any marketer can use and brand as their own:

Blog and Social Media Graphics Kit

Blog and Social Media Graphics Kit

These graphic designs are succinct and would be hard to miss on social media.  

How do I know this works?

As an active social media marketer I get comments all the time from peeps in my community saying they saw my content on social media.

Every time that I hear this, I do cartwheels + backflips in my head…. because I know my branding #Werksss! 

Step 4:  Create strong and descriptive social media bio’s 

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know that I stress the importance of great social media bio’s.

Andrea Beltrami’s Twitter Bio

Mainly because….

Your bio is pretty much the first thing that people will see.   In my post on creating social media profiles that are impossible to ignore, your bio gives you a chance to make a great impression.

Make one that counts…

A few things that you want to make sure that you add to your social media bios include:

#1:  A great photo  of yourself

Here’s the thing:

People connect with people. When someone comes to your social media profile the LAST thing that they want to see is a missing photo or even worse a logo (unless you are a hugeee corporation).

Peeps want to see you!

Step 5: Create an editorial + branding calendar

You’ve gotten your branding together, now it’s time to put a plan in action.  This is where you need to create an content + editorial calendar. 

As you know, any kind of branding or marketing that you do on social media requires consistency. 

So my advice to you is to map out an editorial calendar. This way you can ensure that you are branding your social media accounts consistently.

Free 1 Month Social Media Editorial Calendar to Brand Your Social Media

Free 1 Month Social Media Editorial Calendar to Brand Your Social Media

Because I luv you guys, I am sharing a free 30-day branding + content calendar that will help ya out.

Your Action Items + Next Steps

So you’ve learned some critical keys to branding your social media. Now it’s time to apply it to YOUR social media accounts.

To get a jump start with visual branding, download a social media graphics kit or checkout these done-for you social media marketing templates to brand your profiles beautifully to increase your social shares, engagement and popularity. 

Thanks for reading yall!

Oh and Don’t forget to grab your FREE 30 Day Social Media Calendar filled with content that you can publish to your social media accounts. Best of luck peeps!