7 Examples of Irresistible Home Page Copy

Have you ever visited someone’s website after seeing one of their posts from from social media eager to learn more about them?

Then you arrive at their home page to try to get a feel for what they do but clicked away almost immediately because you were left hella confused?

I know that I have!

In my quest to creating a better experience for my website visitors over the last couple of months or so I have immersed myself into understanding how to write more conversational + emotionally charged website copy.

And let me tell you…it aint easy at all peeps!


Using the right words to connect to and appeal to your IDEAL audience is an important part of website marketing and increasing conversions on your website.

Because here’s the thing:

It doesn’t matter how cute your website is and how many opt-in forms you add…if your copy is weak, you will still have a hard time converting visitors to customers.

Even worse ambiguous + robotically written copy can kill potential sales and conversions from your website. 

In my humble opinion, irresistible home page copy is copy that encourages you to take action almost immediately.

It’s kinda like ad copy that you see on Facebook, YouTube or elsewhere that stops you completely in your tracks to want to click on it.


The same goes for irresistible home page Copy!

Great Home Page Copywriting + Messaging is a Core Component for Successful Website Marketing

A while ago I was skimming through YouTube and ran across this video by Donald Miller of Storybrand called 5 Things Your Website Needs.

One of the things that Donald mentions in this video is that if you find yourself spending a lot of money on marketing (particularly your website)  but you’re still not getting any results, then you may need to reassess your “messaging” and “home page copy”.

Let me tell you peeps…

Donald is right on the money with this assessment.

Before I took a deeper dive into my brands messaging and home page copy, my site was sat a little.

I was barely getting email subbies and I believe it was due to ambiguous and uninspiring website messaging and copy.

So I decided to make some much needed changes to the website copy and let me tell you….

I am super glad that I did. After I made a few tweaks to my website’s copy I noticed a huge improvement in conversions, leads and sales from my site.

So…What Does Great Home Page Copywriting Look Like?  

These are 7 websites that I’ve come across where the home page copy immediately drew me in and I walked away with a super clear understanding of what these folks offer and who they offer it to.

Irresistible Home Page  #1: 2CreateaWebsite.com

Owner: Lisa Irby
What I Love About Lisa’s Home Page Copy:  

Right off the bat, Lisa’s home page copy makes it super clear who she serves and what she helps peeps with.  

I love that she calls out almost immediately “Why spend thousands of dollars on a web developer when you can learn how to create and customize a website yourself?

Lisa Irby – 2CreateaWebsite

Think about it…

If you are a DIY’er like me or you don’t have a large marketing budget this is the kind of website that is going to be helpful to you.

I also love the way that she uses her home page as a guide that tells people what they need to do next.

Sooo kudo’s to Lisa for putting this home page together.


Irresistible Home Page  #2: Self-PublishingSchool.com

Owner: Chandler Bolt
What I love about Self-Publishing School’s Home Page Copy

I’m currently helping someone in my fam with an eBook that they are writing and started doing some searches for “self publishing tips”.  

Self-publishing school is one of the websites that I stumbled across — and I’m glad that I did.

Self-Publishing School – Chandler Bolt Home Page

The home page copy is very clear and targeted as the headline on the home page states that you can “Write and Publish a Best-Selling Book in as Little as 90 Days”.

What aspiring author wouldn’t want that?

Secondly, I also love the segmentation on the home page.  There’s a section for people that are just getting started with self publishing, one for peeps that need help with marketing their books and a third section for folks that need assistance with launching their books.



Irresistible Home Page #3: The Write Associate

Owner: Tammi Metzler

What I Love About The Write Associate’s Home Page Copy

Tammi’s site has easily become one of my favorite points of reference for all things copywriting.  

This chica is a wealth of knowledge about copywriting and her writing style is persuasive with a ton of emotional appeal that hits home with me every time I read it.

The Write Associate Home Page – Tammi Metzler

Tammi informed me a while ago that she used to specialize in writing web copy for clients but has recently switched gears to focus on helping entrepreneurs write eBooks and use them in their marketing strategies (which is hella brilliant).


Her home page immediately spoke to me as she is offering a killer lead magnet which is a free webinar that teaches you “How You Too Can Turn Your Expertise into a Bestselling Book That Earns Residual Income AND Wins You Clients!”

So let me ask you this….

If you are writing your first book or want to use a book to book more clients, leads and get more referrals for your business, wouldn’t this copy speak to you?

I’m thinking that it would!  

Tammi has clearly done her research and in my opinion has done an excellent job of putting together home page copy that speaks to a desire that most folks publishing books want.


Irresistible Home Page #4: DigitalMarketer.com

Owner: Ryan Deiss
What I Love About Digital Marketer’s Home Page Copy
Clearly the folks over at Digital Marketer are at the top of their marketing game.  If there is one company that I am always raving about, this is one of them.

I love the fact that on their home page, they put it out there front and center that their website is “The #1 Source for Up-to-Date Digital Marketing Tactics and Strategies (That Actually Work).

DigitalMarketer Home Page Copy – Ryan Deiss

Why do I love this?

Well because they are not some fly by night business out here claiming that you can start a website and make millions in 30 days (especially if you’re running a biz with a small budget).

They actually take you behind the scenes of their business to show you what’s working for them in digital marketing and profile businesses that are using their marketing strategies grow and scale their businesses.


Irresistible Home Page #5: StoryBrand.com

Owner: Donald Miller
What I Love About Story Brand’s Home Page Copy
I’ve already mentioned Donald Miller’s company Storybrand previously in this post…but I had to add his website here as an example.

StoryBrand Home Page – Donald Miller

When I first visited the StoryBrand home page, the copy immediately spoke to me as they help you “Clarify Your Message so that People Will Listen”.

Wait what?????

So you mean after working with your business I can walk away with messaging that’s clear and helps me get more sales.

I’ll take YES for $5,000 Alex (hahahah!).

No but seriously. There is no guessing, no confusion, no crazy robotic jargon on this home page.  Just straight talk about what they do and who they do it for.


Irresistible Home Page#6: Freshbooks.com

Owner and Founder: Mike McDerment
What I Love About FreshBooks Home Page Copy
I haven’t used Freshbooks in a while but the copy on this home page is great!  

I mean I know that Freshbooks is a multi-million dollar company and they could have gotten away with putting any old copy here on their home page (like most big time companies do) but they didn’t.

Freshbooks Home Page Copywriting

As soon as you land on the page, the headline tells you that they offer “Small Business Accounting Software That Makes Billing Painless


If I am a small business owner, a solopreneur or a freelancer that is struggling to keep track of my invoicing, billing and sales, then this home page speaks directly to that need.

Again, here with their home page copy, there is no guessing, no mystery, no one clicking away saying “Ummm so what is Freshbooks”?.

The messaging and copy on the home page answers those questions in 5 seconds!


Irresistible Home Page#7: Basecamp.com

Owner and Founder: Jason Fried
What I Love About Basecamp’s Home Page Copy

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management apps out there in the marketplace today and wow do they have their fingers on the pulse of their customers.

I remember a while back searching for project management tools to get a better handle on managing client projects — Basecamp was one of the companies that I came across.

Basecamp Home Page Copy


First off, based on the picture on the home page of the lady with her hair on fire I can tell that the team at Basecamp have a great sense of humor.  

The home page’s cartoon character does an excellent job of depicting what it’s like for MOST business owners that don’t have a handle on their business.

You’re frazzled, running around like a headless chicken, trying to keep things together and you need a tool  or system in place to help you do it.

This is where Basecamp steps in. They state immediately that when you use their tool:

Everything will be in the right place, you’ll have everything you need and you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

I love love loveeeeee this home page!

Need Help Writing Irresistible Home Page Copy that Sizzles?

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Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Are there any home pages that you’ve come across that you connected with almost immediately?  Or what do you think are the most important elements of an “Irresistible home page” for a website.

Please drop me a line below…. 

Thanks for reading!