How to Design an EPIC Homepage in WordPress with Thrive Architect (Video Included)

Your homepage.  

Let’s talk about it for a hot second.  It’s one of the most important pages on your website.  


Based on a lot of the websites that I’ve seen online (myself included at one point) it appears that this is one of the pages that most brand owners pay the least attention to.  

In theory, it sounds simple …

Slap up some copy, add a picture here and there and voila… the floodgates of clients will come a pouring in.

This is couldn’t be farther from the truth.    

In fact, these are some of the common mistakes that make the difference between a homepage that drives results for a business versus one that doesn’t do jack squat.

Watch Me Design an EPIC Homepage in WordPress using Thrive Architect

If you:

  • Have a website homepage that you’re too embarrassed to send potential clients or visitors to
  • Feel like your current homepage is not pulling its weight for your business
  • Want to DIY design a beautiful homepage for your website that you can be proud to show off to potential clients and folks that visit your site, then this post is for you my friend!

In it, I will show you how to whip up a gorgeous homepage for your WordPress website using one of the most powerful DIY design and tech tools that every brand owner should have in their arsenal — Thrive Architect.  You can read more about Thrive Architect here.

Why Does Homepage Design Matter (So Much)?

Well if you take a look at your websites analytics data, i’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to find that your homepage is  probably one of the pages on your website that gets the MOST traffic.

This my friend is one of the many reasons why you want to make sure that you put a lot of effort into designing it.

And think about this way…

If your homepage design is confusing, jumbled and all of whack…what do you think your website visitors will do?

I’ll take “Leave or click away for $500 Alex!”.  

But yea folks, your homepage is and should be an essential website marketing arsenal and should be designed to show your visitors the value that your business offers and how you can best serve them.

Things to Consider When DIY Designing  your WordPress Homepage

I’ve revamped a lot of homepages in my time.  Here is a running list of things to consider when designing a homepage for your WordPress website.

  1. Branding
  2. What actions do you want people to take on your homepage
  3. Navigation
  4. Compelling copy
  5. An Irresistible lead magnet and freebie
  6. Calls to actions
  7. Email Opt-in paths

Okay…so let’s break these things down individually shall we?

#1:  Branding

Here’s the thing:

There are way too many websites online that you are competing against – so your branding has to be on point (and cohesive too).


Well to make it easier for folks to recognize your business online.  A few things to consider with branding your homepage include:

  • Your logo:  You don’t need to get all fancy smancy with it either.  A simple text logo with something like a font pack from Creative Market will do.  Here’s a video tutorial that you can check out.


  • A cohesive color scheme:  The colors that you use on your homepages design need to work well together.  Neon green, neon yellow plus 10 other colors put together is really not the best way to go (Just Sayin).  If you have issues with pairing colors together, this tool will help.


  • Great Looking Images and Photos: Peeps, please stay away from using old photos or pixelated images too.  Also, if you’re planning to use Hero images, make sure that they are big enough to fit on your website.  Pixabay and Pexels have tons of images to choose from.


  • Icons:  Icons are fun to use (in my opinion) in DIY design.  They also make for great visual aides in your homepages design too.  


#2:  What actions do you want visitors to take when they get to your homepage?

Yeah so, think of your homepage as a guide.  When you design it you need to clearly think through all of the actions that you want them to take when they land on the page:

  • Do you want them to download a free guide?
  • Do you want visitors to view your services or products page?
  • Do you want peeps to view your portfolio?

Whatever desired action(s) you want people to take, you need to map this out on your homepage.

#3:  Navigation

I’ve talked about this in greater length in this post right here.  But i’ll say this:

Please don’t jam your menu with a crap ton of tabs.  

You only need a few key items on your homepage menu that will help your visitors browse around your website with ease and find what they are looking for.

#4:  Compelling Web Copy

I used to think that web copy didn’t matter much.  I figured that oh yea, just slap up some words about what I do, talk about myself and what my website does.  

Do you notice an issue here?

My homepage copy was too “me focused” instead of “peeps I want to help”.

The “me” focused content caused my conversion rates to suffer, leading to a loss of potential sales and clients too.

After looking at my Analytics account and seeing that my website visitors were not spending hardly any time on my homepage — I knew my copy was most likely the culprit.

After I went back and worked with someone to create better copy for my homepage, I noticed an immediate uptick in my conversions and email opt-ins.

Here’s the deal:

Your homepage copy needs to compel people to take action.  You can’t just throw anything on your homepage and then expect to get clients or sales from it.

#5:  An Irresistible lead magnet and freebie

Wanna know what REALLY makes the difference between a homepage that converts versus one that stays stagnant?

A lead magnet that gets your visitors super excited to opt in to your list and download your freebie.  To do this, your freebie HAS to be good.

It HAS to show transformation for the people that download it.

For example, take a look at these two examples of lead magnet titles:

  1. How to Design a Lead Magnet
  2. How to Design an Irresistible Lead Magnet that Grows your Email List like Wildfire!

Which one are you most likely to download? The second one right?  

The reasonf or this is because it’s more specific and tells people what they can expect as a result of designing their lead magnet.  

#6: Calls to Action


You HAVE to add some strong calls to action on your homepage peeps. Boring and vague calls to action like “Click here” or “Subscribe” will not do your homepage any justice.

Believe me!

The calls to actions (CTA’s) that you add to your page are an important part of your homepages marketing as they call your visitors to take a specific type of action.

Whether you want them to:

  • Download your Free Guide
  • Subscribe to get weekly DIY design tips
  • Call for a Free Website Tuneup and Audit

Your calls to actions on your homepage need to be prominently displayed and compelling.

#7:  Multiple Email Opt-In Forms

I’ve mentioned this before peeps.  If you want your homepage to serve as a powerful marketing + growth tool for your business, then giving visitors multiple opportunities to opt-in to your email list is essential

Here’s why:

A single opt-in form is better than nothing, but adding multiple forms and (paths) on your homepage can truly take your homepage from a simple “help me find this or that” page to a lean mean “funnel machine”.

I first heard of this concept from Bryan Harris of Video Fruit.  He refers to this as the upside down homepage design.  

With this type of design, instead of just adding basic CTA’s that lead to pages like your services or products, you add links that funnel visitors to free offers and freebies that grow your email list..

I must admit, that this was honestly one of the smartest homepage redesign decisions that I’ve ever made.

Homepage Design with WordPress: How to Create an EPIC Homepage with Thrive Architect (Video Tutorial)

I get it…

You’re not a designer (at all).

Heck, you’re not even a tech person…

Believe me I’m with you.  This stuff can be overwhelming and tough — but luckily there is a resource that I honestly believe everyone running a WordPress website should have and it’s Thrive Architect.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to create an EPIC homepage for your WordPress website with Thrive Architect:

Step 1:  Grab a copy of the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress.  Next, install and activate the plugin.

Step 2:  Create a new page and title it “Homepage” in Your WordPress website.

Step 3:  Choose a Homepage template from Thrive Architect and apply it to your homepage.

Thrive Architect Homepage Templates

Step 4: Brand + customize your homepage like a CHAMP! Add your brands color schemes, a hero image and logo!

Step 5: Publish your new homepage to your WordPress website.

You can seriously go DIY design crazy with this plugin as it is Power Packed!!!

I get more into some of the awesome things that you can do with Thrive Architect in the Blazing Branding Academy so check it out when you get a chance.

Designing Homepages, Sales Pages and Beyond

If you’re running a lean business and don’t have an in-house tech person or designer, then I would highly recommend investing in the Thrive Architect plugin and even checking out some of the self-guided DIY trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy.

Just so you know….

If you’re looking for a step by step video guide to designing your website’s homepage, check out the Blazing Homepage Design Workshop.

What’s your Biggest Frustration with Designing Your Website’s Homepage?

I’d love to hear from you all.  What is your BIGGEST hang-up and frustration with designing your website’s homepage?  

Are you excited to give Thrive Architect a try?  Tell me..pls… As they say sharing is caring.  

Please add your comments below!  

Thanks peeps!