How to Build an Audience for Your Blog: 3 Tips for Delighting Your Readers

People buy from and do business with people...(it’s as simple as that).

This is especially true when it comes to building an audience for your blog and relationships with your readers.

I am not sure why it took me years to figure this out, but hey, I guess as the saying goes, it’s better late than never.

Sadly, I keep stumbling onto articles on the web that are telling people to run after all the wrong things like:

  • Getting 100,000 visitors to your blog should be your biggest priority
  • You need to use every social media network there is to be successful with online marketing
  • Or even worse…you have to pump out content like a mad person on EVERY social media network there is

Guys, I am here to tell you that This.Is.NOT what you should be working towards.

This is coming from someone that started a blog that attracted more than 150k visitors a month. But, struggled with conversions to the site.

If you want to use your blog to connect with your audience, you need to focus on putting their needs first.

This is why so many of the biggest companies like Sprout Social, Hubspot and Buffer have blogs.  

They get it.  

They understand the power of blogging and use their blogs to build long-lasting relationships with their peeps. 

There’s a Right and A Wrong Way to Build Connections with your Audience

A few days ago, I was chatting with a new prospect and fellow blogger Linda.  Linda reached out to me asking for help with getting more traffic to her blog.

She explained that “she had been blogging like crazy” but felt like she wasn’t getting enough traffic to her blog to sell any products.

Linda went on to say that she believed that if she could get more visitors to her blog that she would get more sales.

After our chat, I performed my infamous Detox and Audit on Linda’s blog and here’s what I discovered:

  1. Linda’s analytics revealed that the majority of the readers that visited her blog where REPEAT visitors
  2. Her analytics also revealed that 60% of the traffic generated to her blog was from Direct/Returning visitors…


The REAL Issue with Linda’s Blog

After some additional investigation of Linda’s blog, I knew right away what the real issue was.

Linda’s issue wasn’t traffic related at all……

Her problem was that she was focusing on chasing “vanity metrics” and traffic numbers versus connecting and building relationships with her loyal readers.

This is a common problem that I see all the time as I browse around the web.

It pains me to visit popular blogs and see all kinds of comments on them, and yet the person running the blog is absent.  

No responses to their readers, no replies to comments…nothing!

One of my friends in the blogosphere Adrienne Smith of AdrienneSmith.net reallyyyyy helped me understand this.  

You Have to Go Out of Your Way to Serve Your Audience 

Adrienne is the queen of blog engagement and rightfully so.  She makes it a point to go out of her way to respond to the comments that her readers leave (even if there were 180 of them)

This my friends is an awesome example of using your blog to build connections with your readers.

And to think that bloggers that have a large audience of raving fans that share their content and love what they do complain saying things like:

“I’m getting blog traffic but no sales

“I don’t understand why my blog traffic is increasing but my sales are stagnant”

“What’s wrong with my blog”?

As I’ve stated over and over again ya’ll more traffic does not equal more conversions.  

Relationships and nurturing the audience that you have usually does!

Unfortunately, in Linda’s case, this is what her blog lacked. In my follow up session with Linda, I mentioned to her that:

  • She needed to focus on building personal connections with the audience that she did have
  • She also needed to consider other ways of connecting with her community beyond her blog …such as using social media networks


3 Tips for Using Your Blog to Build an Audience Delighting Them

I can tell you first hand that building relationships with your audience is the KEY to connect with them and serve them.  Here are some additional tips for building an audience for your blog:  

 #1:  Put the needs of your audience first!  

The content that you share on your blog needs to be beneficial to your audience.  So many people get caught up in talking all about themselves and forget that blogging is not about that.

Blogging should be about educating your audience and also relationships.  I was guilty of doing this at one point until I went through “boot camp” as my friend Lisa Irby of 2Createawebsite says.  

Your audience needs to feel that you are connecting with them. Sharing content that is relevant to their needs and solves problems is an excellent way to do it.

 #2.  Have fun with your blog and engage with your community!

If you notice, when I write my blog posts, I write the way that I talk.  I have fun. I infuse personality into my blog posts.

This is what your audience connects to. Your unique perspective and view on things.

In fact, I sent out a survey to a while back my email list asking them what they liked most about my brand. ALL of them stated that they loved my personality and the way that I presented information.  

To add to this: engage, engage and engage some more.  Don’t make the same mistakes that Linda made by leaving her blog a ghost town (especially if your peeps are leaving comments).  You need to go out of your way try to respond to them.

#3.  Use your unique style and perspective in your writing.  

Have you ever visited a blog, started reading the content and thought “OMG this is a freakin encyclopedia”?

Ummm yea I have. Remember what I stated earlier, “people connect to and buy from people”?  So just be you!  Yes, you should aim on providing value, but value doesn’t have to be boring and “robotic” >>> “Me too Blog posts”. 

Again, make sure that you infuse your own personality into your blog posts. Your readers will appreciate it.

Are you falling into the trap that Linda is falling in?  

Are you struggling to build a blog that connects + builds relationships with your followers?

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I would also love to know what you are doing to build connections with your audience.  

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