How to Create a Journal to Sell with Canva [VIDEO]

Hey there good people!  I hope that you all have been doing well and are staying safe out there with all of this craziness with the (virus that we shall not name) going on.  

I know that it's been a while since I've published a blog post but I figured "hey better late than never".  

Over the last several months or so, I've taken a bit of a hiatus to figure out what direction I wanted to take this blog and here's why:

  • I started to feel like I was running around in a ton of different circles with no direction
  • I wanted to focus on one area of digital marketing instead of trying to do "all the things"
  • I wanted to simplify my life
  • I wanted to help folks in an area that encompasses what I love to teach combined with technology.

Soooo my friends, I decided that I am going to focus on helping you all create + sell passive income products.

YAYYYY for that!

Creating Journals with Canva: A Quick Tutorial and Step By Step Guide

If you've visited my blog for any length of time then you already know that one of my favorite DIY design tools is Canva Pro.  

I've written a ton of blog posts about Canva-- because to me hands down it is one of the most POWERFUL design programs out there today.

Some featuring tips on different types of digital products that you can create and also a post featuring a mega list of visual designs that you can use Canva for as well.

You can check those posts out when you get a chance....

Now for the Good Stuff...

To kick things off and help you get started with creating simple passive income products, I published a new video on a little while back that features tips on how to use Canva Pro to create journals.

You can view the video tutorial above this page to learn more about this process.  I hope that it gets your gears turning and guides you through creating your first journal with Canva.