How to Design a Beautiful Logo in 5 Minutes or Less! (LogoJoy Review)

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Want to design a stylish logo in minutes for your business? Then keep reading…

I am super pumped to bring you this post in partnership with the folks over at LogoJoy.  

(Pssssssstt: Here’s a video tutorial of me taking LogoJoy for a spin)

I can honestly say that I have never been more excited to bring you a post about something that is near and dear to my heart yall… and that is:

Kick-Arse Logo Design — for the DIYers!

My motto for logo design (and visual design in general)  has always been to keep things SIMPLE.

This is a review post of sorts…but I am keeping it 100% real and giving you all my honest thoughts on this platform.

You guys already know that I am huge fan of using font packs from Creative Market or for logo design. So much so…that I even created a mini workshop that teaches you how to DIY design your own “stunning” logo.


If there is a tool out there that simplifies logo design a bit more…I am all for it.  

Let’s Talk About How to Design a Logo with LogoJoy for a Bit…

If you’ve never heard of Logojoy, it’s an online platform that you can use to design a gorgeous logo for your business — in as little as 30 seconds!  —> Ya. You REALLY can…

The platform uses special technology to generate logo designs based on the design requirements that you submit for your logo.

When I took the design interface for a spin..right away I was BLOWN away by the simplicity of the logo design process, plus the fact that it

Here’s what I mean:

To get started with designing your logo, all you have to do is:

1:  Add your brands name in the box that says “Enter Company Name

2:  Click “Get Started

3:  Choose 5 logo designs that you like (for inspiration for your own logo)

4:  Choose a color scheme that you like

5:  Add a symbol or icon to your logo (optional)

6:  Then sit back and watch LogoJoy work some magic!

LogoJoy will start loading images of logo designs based on your color choices plus 5 logo designs that you selected “as inspiration” for your own design.

Here’s a quick screenshot of some of the logo designs that the tool came up with for the YourChicGeek brand: 

Logo Designs from LogoJoy for the YourChicGeek Brand

Why LogoJoy is an AMAZING Logo Design Platform

There are a few reasons that I believe LogoJoy is an amazing logo design tool for DIYers and they include:

It’s EASY to use

The design interface for LogoJoy is very easy to use and walks you through each step of the design process as you are creating your logo.

Take it from me guys (and gals) …

I’ve tried using logo design makers in the past and to be honest with you, the experience was frustrating.  Most of the interfaces were clunky and difficult to use.  


The designs looked a bit amateurish — almost like something out of the early 80’s.  So I’ve never been able to find an online logo design resource that makes professional looking designs outside of LogoJoy.  

One of the best features of using LogoJoy is the editing feature.  So for example, when you choose a logo that you want to use but maybe the color is off, or you want to increase the font size of your tagline, you can easily do this using the design interface in LogoJoy.

Logo Design Platform (Choosing 5 Logos You Like for Inspiration)



LogoJoy is pretty affordable.  You can view their complete pricing list here, but in a nutshell they have 3 different packages: at the lower end a basic package that’s $20 to a premium package for $195 that gives you access to a design consultant that can help make custom changes to your logo’s design.


This one is a biggie guys! The folks over at LogoJoy have phone support that is available  M-F from 9AM-5PM EST in case you have questions or concerns about your designs.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like dealing with companies that you can’t get in touch with if you run into problems.  So kudos to the LogoJoy team for this….

Unlimited Revisions and Changes to Designs

I love the fact that LogoJoy offer unlimited revisions to your logo designs with their premium and enterprise packages.

This is a huge plus because in my experience…most pre-made logo design services are a one and done type of setup. This means that after you have created your logo and received your files you don’t get any extra support. 

A Huge Design Gallery for Inspiration

In case you need inspiration for your Logo’s design, LogoJoy has an enormous gallery of logo designs that you can check out (1200+ to be exact).

The gallery has logo designs from popular brands in industries ranging from Agriculture, Apparel and Fashion… to Weddings and Events.

LogoJoy Design Gallery and Inspiration

LogoJoy Design Gallery and Inspiration


Who is LogoJoy Ideal For?

From what I’ve seen, LogoJoy is ideal for any small business owner, solopreneur, blogger or creative that wants a one stop shop for logo design.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, LogoJoy’s design interface is easy to use and makes designing a logo fun and exciting!  

I will state that if you get to a point where you want a design that is a bit more custom, you may want to outsource your logo design or hire an experienced designer to create it for you. 

Where Can You Get Access to LogoJoy?

If you’re ready to give LogoJoy a spin, you can head over to the site via to get started.  

As soon as you land on website, you will see a prompt asking you to enter your companies name to get started, then it’s off to the races from there.  

Final Thoughts

In my humble opinion, the guys over at LogoJoy have done an amazing job with creating a platform that takes a lot of headache and frustration out of the logo design process.  

In a matter of minutes, you can design a beautiful logo for your business, get access to support and make revisions to your designs when you need to.

As with any tools, I highly recommend reading reviews and doing your due diligence before purchasing.  

With LogoJoy, I was delighted to see more than 1400+ HAPPY customers that have nothing but GREAT things to say about this service.  And…I can see why…

I hope that you enjoyed this post and would encourage you to head on over to LogoJoy and take it for a spin. Also, can you help me out by sharing this with a Tweet or on Facebook?  

Thanks a milli for that!
Cheers and here’s to you making some Beautiful logos with LogoJoy!