How to Design Stationery with Canva (Video Included)

Does your current business stationery look like something straight out of the 80’s?

Are you looking for an easy way to create beautiful stationery for your business?

Can’t afford to shell out hundreds of dollars to pay a designer to design your business stationary?

If you answered YES, to these questions you are in luck.  Keep reading to learn how to use Canva to design your own stationary for your business.

Even though much of the information that I publish here on the blog is centered around digital marketing tips and tricks, I know that there are folks out there that do traditional marketing too…

And so…

I decided to create a post for ya that covers how to design stationery with Canva to market and grow your biz.

Designing Effective Stationery for your Business

We’ve all been there…

Trying to figure out what colors to add, what information to include, fonts to use and etc to our stationery

But here’s the real deal:

The design aspect of your stationery is important but there’s one thing that even more important:

The effectiveness of your design!

What does this mean?

It means that you are designing your stationery as a marketing and growth tool for your business.

So instead of just focusing on making “your stationery pretty”, you want to think about things like:

  • Using your stationery for lead generation and marketing
  • Adding social media links to encourage people to connect with your business
  • How to design your stationery so that its cohesive and memorable to the folks that you share it with


3 Examples of Well-Designed Stationery Design

To understand what well-designed stationery design looks like, let’s review some examples that I’ve found from around the web:
#1: Simple Stationery Design for Mary Watkins (using Canva by yours truly)

I whipped together this stationery design a while back using Canva guys.  As you can see, the design is cohesive with the same color scheme used on the business cards, letterhead, envelope, cd cover and slide-deck displayed in the iPAD.

Mockup Stationery Design with Canva

Mockup Stationery Design with Canva

#2: Stationery Design by Mark Gerlach via

I am seriously loving this stationery design from Mark. This design is super simple, classy and elegant – but yet it really stands out.  

Orange and White Stationery


The orange pops against the white, all of the fonts that he used are consistent across the board.  

As you can see from Mark’s stationery design, great design doesn’t have to be complicated.  In my experience, the simpler the better.

#3:  IMM Brand Stationery from Andrew Littmann via

This stationery set has a little bit more of an intricate design but WOW does it pack a great first impression. Loving the shades of blues and the pop of orange that he used to put this stationery set together.

IMM Brand Stationery from Andrew Littmann via

This design has a ton of white space which is super important to use in your stationery design, is super sleek and very appealing to the eye!

What Information Should You Add to Your Stationery?

If you are confused about what information you should add to your stationery, here’s a running list of information:

  1. Your contact information.  This should include things like:
  • Your name and position in the company
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Fax (if applicable)


  1.  Your logo

Your logo is the “brand stamp” for your business.  It’s the design that you can use for brand identification on all of your stationery — so you want to make sure you add it to your set.


  1.  A Tagline

Your tagline is a little slogan that you can add to your stationary too. Your tagline is basically a mini catchphrase that (much like your logo) can be used for brand recognition.

Oh and in case you need help with creating a tagline for your business, check out this free slogan generator by the good ole folks at Shopify.


  1.   Links to Your Social Media Accounts

Peeps…we are living in the digital age.  

Remember this:

It doesn’t matter if you are marketing online or offline, you need to make sure that you incorporate social media into every aspect of your marketing.


  1.  (BONUS) Links to your freebies or main opt-in


From a marketing perspective, alwaysssss use every opportunity that you can to fill your marketing funnels with prospects guys.

For realz….and if you are doing any kind of digital marketing, then you already know that growing your email list is critical.

So, here’s a little tip for ya:  

You can use the white space on the back of your business card to add a link to a freebie that you are giving away to collect contact information from folks that you meet.  

This way your business card is doing double duty.  Providing contact information but it is also acting as a lead generator for your business. Check out this post to get ideas on how to use the back of your business card for marketing. 

Types of Stationery that You Can Design with Canva

If you are running a lean-business, using canva for graphic design will without a doubt save you a lot of money and time.

First of all…

Instead of struggling for hours trying to design stationery from scratch, you can simply:

  • Browse the design collections in Canva
  • Click on a design that you like
  • Customize the design to align with your branding, then download it and voila you are good to go.

A few examples of pre-made stationery templates that you can add to your stationery set in Canva include:


  • Logos


Yay for this right!  Let me tell you this….there is NO shortage of logo designs in Canva.  

Canva Logo Collection Examples

Canva Logo Collection Examples

Here again, instead of starting from scratch, you can just find a logo template that you like, select it then edit it until you are satisfied with the design.


  1.  Letterhead

Need to whip together a professional and branded letterhead for your business?  Great! Canva’s got you covered!

Letterhead Templates in Canva

Canva has a massive collection of plug and play letterhead templates that simplify the design process. No need to start from scratch at all folks.  Just click, customize and let your design juices flow!


  1. Business Card Templates

Can I get a hell yeaaa!

Canva has more than 900+ business card templates for you to use to choose from.  So even if you’ve never designed a business card in your life, you can rest assure that there is a template in Canva that you will fall in love with and use.

Business Card Templates in Canva

Business Card Templates in Canva


With designing your business cards, you want to be careful to not make these rookie mistakes:

  • Using fonts that are too small
  • Printing your cards on good paper
  • Not adding a call-to-action to your cards for lead generation and biz growth

A 5-Step Guide to Designing Stationery with Canva

Alrighty…so far we’ve covered quite a bit already in this post as it relates to using Canva to design stationery for your business.  

Here’s a 5 step process that you can follow to design stationery with Canva:

Step 1:  Sign up for an account with Canva

To get started with Canva, head over to Next, choose from one of the sign up options (your email address, Facebook Account or Google).  Lastly, fill out the sign up form and click submit.

Canva Sign up Form

Afterwards you will receive an email confirmation asking you to confirm your subscription to Canva.

Step 2:  Create a style guide for your stationery

This is something that I preach about a lot ….as style guides are essential resources that will help you streamline all of your visual design projects.  

In case you’re not sure what to add to your style guide, here’s a quick rundown of things to add:

  • Logo design
  • Color schemes
  • Primary font
  • Secondary font
  • Third font (if applicable)
  • Paragraph font
  • Tagline

Step 3:  Choose 3-5 templates from Canva that you want to add to your stationery set

I would recommend keeping things simple as possible here.  Three templates that you should add to your stationery set right away include:

  1. A logo
  2. Letterhead
  3. Business Card

Step 4:  Brand your designs

This is the fun part guys!  Here is where you can apply all of the design information that you added to your style guide to your stationery set.

One of the keys to great visual branding is consistency.

Meaning this:

The fonts, colors, logo, taglines, and etc that you use needs to be consistent across all of your stationery.

Like don’t use one set of fonts for your business card design, then another for your letterhead.  

Keep it consistent peeps!

Step 5:  Add accurate contact information, CTA’s and social media information to your stationery

I get it…

Things change.  But remember, this is your chance to make a great first impression and soooo you want to make sure that your contact information, social media links and CTA (call to action) links work correctly.

Oh and in case you want to brand links to your freebies, I would recommend using  

Here’s a link to a tutorial that shows you how to create branded links with!

Watch Me Design this Letterhead in Canva

To illustrate how powerful Canva is for visual branding, check out this quick video tutorial where I am showing you how to brand a letterhead template using one of Canva’s pre-designed templates.

Designing Stationery and Beyond!

Need a step-by-step guide to designing beautiful stationery for your business with Canva? Check out the Sizzling Stationery workshop in the Blazing Branding Academy!

In the Blazing Branding Academy, you will get access to more than 30+ self-guided tutorials and more that will help you create stunning graphics, eBooks, slide decks and more for your business.  

Over to You

I’d love to know what you guys are using right now to design stationery for your business? Did you hire out or are you planning to take the leap and DIY design your own?

Please comment below….