The Ultimate Website Audit Checklist: 25 Essential Checks to Perform

My blog isn’t converting….
Why aren’t my visitors opting into my email list?
My site’s bounce rates are extremely high…

Any of these statements apply to you?

If they do…then it may be time for you to audit your website and use this website audit checklist to do it….

Whether you have already launched a blog or have been running your blog for a while, it’s a good idea to audit that bad boy….

If you’ve never performed an audit on your site, it’s basically a checkup or assessment of your site to determine if your site is performing the way that it should.

Now I want to make certain that I state that audits are not necessarily “techie”.  They can also be content, blogging and design related.

As a blogger and  web designer, one of the first things that I do before starting a new web design project is perform an online presence audit for my clients.

Why does this matter?

Three reasons:

  • Performing an audit helps me assess what kind of online presence my clients have
  • Audits help me uncover what items need improvement on my client’s websites
  • I get an overall picture of what my clients lack and need to improve their online presence

What’s the Purpose of Doing an Audit on your Site?

Pretty much:  to make an assessment of your site to make sure that it is performing the way that it is supposed to.  In Digital Domination this is one of the areas that I go in depth on because it is critical to your website’s success.

It’s like getting the oil in your car changed right?

To keep your car in tip top shape, there are certain maintenance checks that you need to do.

Some of the most common ones are: getting your fluids checked, brakes, and the tire pressure too.

One of the most essential car maintenance tasks that you should be doing is keeping your oil changed.

Why do you need to do this?

Well to make sure that your motor keeps on ticking and doesn’t drop out of the bottom of your car right?

The same principle applies to your website (or blog).  I understand. You’re busy, and I imagine as a business owner that you have a lot on your plate.  However, at some point you will have to take off of the cape, sit down and review your site to make sure things are up to par.

And because I am your biz “tech” bestie…I have created a mega list of tasks that you can use to audit your site like a BOSS!

25+ Essential Website Checks and Audits You Should Perform

Sooo…my biz bestie, here’s a list and rundown of some essential tasks and audits that you should perform on a monthly or quarterly basis of your website:


  1.  Is your website’s navigational menu easy to use?
  1.  Have you defined (or are you using) a color scheme on your website for brand consistency?
  1. Is your site’s typography and fonts easy to read?
  1.  Are you using high quality graphics and images on your website?
  1. Is the overall design of your website cohesive and consistent with your company’s branding?
  1. Is your website mobile friendly + (responsive)?

Content and Pages

  1. Have you clearly defined the goal for all of the pages that you have added to your website?
  1.  Do you have effective CTA’s (Calls to Action) on all of your pages that lead your visitors to a desired action?
  1. Do you have a landing page connected to your website that you can use to collect email addresses and follow up with your email subbies later?
  1. Does your about page describe the problems that you solve in simple and easy to understand to your readers?
  1.  Is your web copy clear and easy to understand ….and make your target audience feel they are in the right place? (Avoid brochure speak and jargon) at all costs…#ClearBEATSClever

Purpose and Intent

  1.  Have you defined who your website will serve?
  1.  Have you defined “how” your website will serve your audience?
  1.  Do you have a compelling marketing message on your site tailored to the audience that you want to serve?
  1.  Is your opt-in offer prominently displayed on your website?
  1.  Does your opt-in offer clearly solve ONE problem for one type of person you want to attract to your site?

Marketing Goals and Objectives

  1.  Have you created multiple funnel paths to turn your visitors into email subscribers?
  1.  Do you have a plan in place to drive traffic and visitors to your website?
  1.  Do you have a system in place to track visitor behavior and interactions on your site?
  1.  Have you clearly defined the results that you want your website to produce?
  1. Is your lead generation/capture system connected to your website to site to collect email addresses?

Security + Backups

  1.   Do you have a security plugin or system in place to protect your site from hackers?
  1.   Have you removed any default users (admin, etc) to your site?
  1.   Are you using strong usernames + passwords to secure your site?
  1.   Do you have a backup system in place in case your website is hacked or crashes?
  1.   Do you have an anti-spam system in place for spam prevention and resolution?

So you’ve learned some critical keys to designing your blogt Now it’s time to apply it to YOUR blog. Check out the Digital Domination Guides or read more about Fire Up Your Framework to unlock all of the tips I’ve used to stage my website for more leads, sales and conversions

Your Next Ninja Steps…

Are you up to the challenge of performing an audit on your blog or website?  If you are, then start by using some of these checks that I’ve outlined in this blog post….

Also, I’d love to hear your feedback on your experiences with auditing your website or blog. How often do you perform audits? Monthly? Quarterly?

Either way…I’d love to know! Let us know in the comments….