Journal Camp!

Your Guide to Crafting, Marketing, and Launching Journals on Amazon!

Your Host:

Kim George

Founder, YourChicGeek

Webinar Date:



12:00 PM


Soooo I get a lot of questions from peeps wanting to break into the world of KDP and low content books --specifically with journals. 

Since there have been a ton of questions around this topic, I've decided to create a one-day workshop and training where you can get all of your questions answered LIVE, plus spend some time with me learning the in's and outs of creating journals to sell on Amazon (or other platforms) for passive income.

What you’ll discover on this live workshop and training:

  • Identifying Your Niche and why choosing a niche is important, brainstorming potential journal niches and finding the right ones to target. 
  • Designing Your Journals and the Importance of appealing designs, using design tools or templates, plus tips for creating visually engaging journal layouts, plus getting your measurements right for Amazon.
  • Creating Compelling Content plus types of content for journals: prompts, trackers, reflections, etc to include tips for writing effective prompts, content for your journals plus how to balance creativity and utility in journal content.
  • Setting up for Sales we will talk about basic pricing strategies and how to set your journal up to bring in the most sales and revenue.
  • Marketing Basics and how to start promoting your journals with Amazon (on the cheap), marketing on social media (plus tips on what are the BEST platforms to market etc).
  • Q&A and Wrap-Up where you will have an opportunity to answer questions live, plus get resources for further learning

Time left until registration closes:


Places on the live workshop are limited! Reserve your seat now and join me live to learn how to get your journals designed, published and marketed on Amazon KDP!

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