How to Make Your Own Worksheets with Canva for Work

Do you want to make your own worksheets?

Have a workshop or course that you are planning?

Blog post that you need to create content upgrades for?

Lead magnets you want to design to grow your email list?

Well you are in luck my friend! Welcome to my favorite visual design resource out there in the market place today (in my humble opinion) Canva for Work!

I’ve mentioned in this post on Canva for Work for course creators and Canva for Work for bloggers, that Canva is a phenomenal visual design tool.

Anyone can use to design stunning graphics and more (with little to no design experience).

This is why I rave about this tool the free and the paid version. To be honest, the designs that you can create with the premium version of Canva, you can do almost the same stuff in the FREE version.

As of late though, I have been using the premium version of Canva to do the majority of my designs.

For only $12.95 a month, I get to access to premium features like:

  • The ability to resize any design that I create
  • I can upload different fonts and use them in my design projects
  • I can add my brand identity information to the platform and access it when I need to (think logo designs, brand color schemes and etc)
  • Canva for Work lets me use folders to organize my designs ..and so forth

I Used Canva for Work (now Canva Pro) to Design Worksheets for a Workshop that I Ran

A few weeks ago, I ran an hour long workshop on How to Blog Like a PRO for some fellow chicas here in the local Dallas Fort Worth Area.

A day before the workshop, I started to panic a little because I didn’t have ANY clue on what I was going to give the attendees as handouts.

I didn’t want to show up to the event empty handed because I really love interactive workshops and I want the attendees to get MORE than what they signed up for.

I wanted to make sure that I gave the attendees some sort of handout to take notes with. But, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on buying stuff.

So I started thinking… “What can I hand out to the workshop attendees that they can use to take a few notes with?”

All of a sudden it hit me “ Duh Kim! You can just use Canva to design a few worksheets”.


I fired up Canva for Work and in a matter of minutes, I had two gorgeous worksheets prepped and ready to go!

Here’s how they turned out:


Worksheet 1

Worksheet designed with Canva Pro (Formerly Canva for Work)


Worksheet Designed for Workshop

Worksheet Designed with Canva Pro (Formerly Canva for Work)

How to Make Your Own Worksheets: The Step By Step Process I Used to Design Worksheets in Canva for Work

Alrighty peeps, here’s what you need to do to make your own worksheets in Canva for Work:

Step 1: Sign up for a Canva for Work Account. I believe you can sign up for a free 30-day trial if you are not ready to commit to the $12.95 a month.

Canva for Work Sign Up Page

Canva for Work Sign Up Page

Step 2:  After you sign up for your Canva for Work account, login to your Canva dashboard

Step 3: Click on Create a Design

Click Create a Design

Click Create a Design

Step 4:  Under “Documents” click on the image that has A4 underneath it

Under Documents, Click on the A4 Image

Under Documents, Click on the A4 Image

Step 5: On the left hand side of the Menu, scroll down until you find a template that has Weekly Book Report English II on it

Select the Weekly Book Report Template and Click on It

Select the Weekly Book Report Template and Click on It

Step 6:  Now comes the fun part, we are going to resize this template and take it from an A4 image to an 8.5X11 document using the Canva for WorkMagical Resize Feature.  To resize your template, Go to File > Magic Resize. Next, uncheck all of the options under Social Media posts.

Step 7: Under Documents, Select the US Letter Option (8.5X11), then click on the button that says “Abracadabra – Resize!

Select US Letter 8.5 X 11in

Select US Letter 8.5 X 11in

Step 8:  Style your worksheet.  Start by playing around with Fonts, Colors, images and more to make it snazzier!

Step 9:  Review your worksheet and make sure that it is good to go before you download it for use.  Check for grammatical and spelling errors.

Step 10:  Download your worksheet!  This is one of the BIGGEST perks to using Canva for Work is that there are multiple ways to download your work.  But for this mini tutorial, we are going to download our worksheet as a PDF.  To do this, click on the “Download button and leave the “File Type” as a PDF.

Download as a PDF Document

Download as a PDF Document

And that’s it!

You’ve created a worksheet that you can use and style the way you want.  I would recommend changing some of the text and copy to reflect the purpose and use of the worksheet.

We’ve Barely Scratched the Surface with What You Can Do with Canva for Work

If you want to get on the fast track to using Canva like a champ, check out this free EPIC design workshop on designing stunning graphics with Canva!  

For you visual learners, here’s a video tutorial of the entire process in Action!


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