Canva Graphics Pack



If you are a solopreneur, digital marketer, blogger or small business owner that:

  • Wants to brand your social media posts, blog posts and visual content like a BOSS?
  • Is tired of  staring at a blank screen trying to create graphic designs from scratch?
  • Is looking for a faster and easier way to create beautiful graphics to promote your business with?

Then check the Canva Graphics Pack has you covered!  

Canva Graphics for Social Media and Blog Posts

Here’s the deal: 

In the online world you only have a split second to make a GREAT first impression.

One of the best ways to do this is with attractive branding+ professional looking graphics that present your brand in the BEST way possible to potential customers (and folks that engage with your brand).

So if you’re tired of struggling with graphic design and want to create beautiful graphics in MINUTES to brand your blog posts, social media posts like a CHAMP, then this Canva Graphics Pack will help…

The Canva Graphics Kit is:

  • Filled with pre-made graphics that you can use to promote, market and advertise your brand beautifully online…
  • These graphics do NOT require any special design knowledge or software. Just download them and customize them via Canva, and apply your own branding to them and thats it.
  • The kit includes 20 + customizable Canva templates that you can use to brand your blog posts, Pinterest boards, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, Instagram and create Quote templates that will help you crank out beautiful graphics in minutes! 
  • As a SPECIAL BONUS ($49 Value)  you will also get video tutorials that show you how to customize each of the templates in Canva! (Yayyyy for that right)
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