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Shades of Magenta Blog Branding Kit


If you: 

  • Are embarrased with your blog or website’s design
  • Tired of spending days, hours or…even weeks online looking at blog posts and Youtube that “promise” to help you brand your blog…but leave you more confused and frustrated
  • Cringe at the thought of sending people to your blog or website because the design is lackluster and …quite frankly you don’t feel comfortable with telling people to visit it…then…

This branding kit will help! 

I can tell you from experience that one of the most powerful ways to engage your site visitors and encourage people to interact with your brand is with attractive design.

I created these DIY kits to help you tackle the “branding and design” aspect of your blog or website like a CHAMP (even if you don’t have) design experience…

The kit contains over 20 templates that you can download, edit and customize with Canva (the free or paid version) to brand your site cohesively and professionally on your own.

Shades of Magenta eBook Template

The kit includes:

  • (1) Downloadable PDF blog Style Guide that has pre-selected color schemes, font suggestions, social media icon colors, and designs that take the “guesswork” out of font pairing and choosing colors that pair well together
  • (1) Customizable Logo  (plus a video tutorial to show you step by step how to edit your logo) 
  • (2) Pinterest image templates
  • (2) Blog post title image templates
  • (1) 5 page eBook template (Cover page, Disclaimer, Table of Contents, Introduction, Chapter Templates)
  • (1) 5 page workbook template  (Cover Page, Disclaimer, Table of Contents, Introduction Page, Chapter Templates)
  • (2) Lead Magnet templates to grow your email list with
  • (3) Sidebar graphics to spruce up your blog’s sidebar
  • (4) Blog label templates 
  • (3) Plus you will get 8 separate video tutorials and walk throughs that show you how to edit your templates, change colors, and create mockups of your lead magnets!


Click here to Download the Kit and Bonuses



Why Use this Kit?

This blog branding kit is taking away all of the obstacles and struggles that stand between you and attractive branding for your blog or website.
Plus, I’ve done the research and I know that custom design for workbooks, eBook covers, images, and specialty graphics can easily scale into the thousands…

Crazy right!

As an alternative to hiring expensive designers I created these kits to help you design a blog that looks professional and visually appealing on a DIY budget.

Plus you will get access to these Bonuses:

  • 8 Video tutorials (that show you step by step how to edit and customize your templates)
  • The Invisible to Influential Bootcamp and Live Training ($97 Value)
  • The Invisible to Influential Workbook and Guide ($29 Value)
  • The Invisible to Influential eBook ($19 Value)


Click here to Download the Kit and Bonuses

If you’re ready to add some “pizzazz” and give it a more professional and polished look (without the expensive price tag) Download the kit to transform the look of your blog and turn it into a visual masterpiece that you can be proud to show off.

Shades of Magenta Blog Branding Kit