3 Reasons Why Your Website is Your MOST Valuable Digital Marketing Asset

Okay guys….

We need to talk about something for a hot second and it’s regarding your website or (lack thereof)…

Please here me out before you start shaking your head at me (Cool)?

A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with a prospective customer who found my website via the search engines (Yayyy for this)..

He explained..that he wanted a website for his business because he had “heard” that he needed to start one.  

I asked him…”What made him reach out to me to get a website built for his biz”?  He told me that most of his business colleagues insisted that he needed a website because he was behind the times and needed to get out of the stone age.  They also stated that he should stop being a tight wad and invest in building a digital presence to support his business.

And you know what peeps?

I couldn’t agree more….

After Our Conversation I Couldn’t Help But Wonder…Why Some Peeps Don’t Have Websites

After we chatted, I couldn’t help but wonder why a lot of small businesses do not have websites. Then I stumbled across this article and was… well kinda shocked….but not really surprised.

The article states that nearly 31% of small businesses rely on social media profiles to build their businesses and 22% don’t have a website at all.

Reasons Why People Dont have a Website

I get it….

Some folk’s are not “Tech” savvy and others well they don’t need a website for their line of business….


What surprises me is the percentage of small biz’s that rely on their social media accounts to build their businesses off of…

This seems a little risky to me since you don’t “own” your social media platform.  One wrong move and your account can go bye bye….

The Rise of eCommerce Is Changing the Way People Interact with Brands and “Buy”

I read an interesting article last week that was posted on the MSN news website about Nike’s sales and the trouble that traditional store front retailers are facing.  

Well..in this article, it was stated that Adidas has outpaced Nike (the largest foot apparel) retailer in sales.  Talk about a shock!!

Wanna know how they did it?

Adidas has focused more on leveraging the internet to sell their products. This is because the way that people are searching for information, buying products and consuming information has shifted to the online world.


I shared this information with my prospective client and asked him to also consider this:  

When was the last time that you picked up a phone book to look for information?  No…really?

You don’t right?  

But what you would do is fire up your smartphone or your computer and head over to Google University to find what you are looking for.


The same thing goes for consumers aka “your prospective customers”.  When they are looking for specific solutions to their challenges, they use the “search engines” to find them.

Can you guess what pops up in the search engines?

  • Blog posts (linked to someone’s website)
  • YouTube videos (another form of content) that usually links back to someone’s website
  • Infographics (that link to someone’s website)
  • All kinds of information

Check out this chart from IAquire.com.

Notice anything that stands out?

I Do….

This chart shows how people are shopping and looking for information online.  61% are finding information via the search engines.  

I explained to my prospect that this is why investing in a website is important.  Because..everything that you do online can bring people “back to your site” where they can learn more about what it is you do.

3 Reasons to Have a Website + Why Your Website is a Vital Marketing Asset

As I was chatting with my prospect about the Rapid Website Creation packages that I offer, I explained to him that you are not investing in a website. But rather, you are getting:

#1:  A digital marketing asset that works for you around the clock!

(None of your employees and other folks on your team will do that yall).  This just means that every day all day, your website is there to educate people, inform peeps, entertain peeps and help them understand who you are. 

#2:  An easier and more effective platform to reach more peeps (inexpensively).

Once your website is up and going, you can then put a blogging plan into place and start getting your content out there. This is where the power of things like marketing automation and autopilot marketing tools come into play.  

With your website (specifically WordPress, you can connect all sorts of tools to your site that will work in the background to get the word out about your business — on autopilot.  

#3:  You are not just getting a website, you are getting more customers.  

Your website can help you achieve this. How? Well remember what I said about people using the “search” engines to find information.  

As you start to write content for your blog (which is attached to your website), over time you will start to get people finding your content in the search engines and then clicking through to your website.

 Now…here’s where things really get fun.  If you have the budget say for Facebook advertising, then you can use “targeted ads” to lead people back to your website to learn more about you.  This y’all is wayyy cool!

Need Help Building Your Small Business Website?

I know that from working with other small businesses that have tried their hand at building their own websites that the process is very overwhelming.  Plus….quite frankly the “tech” side of things can be tough.

That’s why I am excited to introduce to you the Rapid Website Creation packages which are turn key WordPress websites that you can get in as little as 5 days!

The process is easy… simply select a website kit that you want to use, submit your intake form and within 5 days or less you will get your login credentials for access to your site.   You will also get access to training resources, a done for you digital branding kit, plus 48 hours of support after your site launches.

You can find out all of the details here

What are Your Thoughts? Do you Think Having a Website is Important? 

I’d love to hear back from you all.  What has been your experience with running your website? Do you think having a website is important? Why or why not?

Please leave your comments below….

Thanks y’all! 

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