How to Republish Old Blog Posts To Social Media Networks (On AutoPilot)

Friends, I have seriously fallen in love with one of the BEST damn tech tools on the market today (outside of Thrive Content Builder)

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for affordable tech investments that I can use in my business that will give me some of my time back.

I mean especially since there are only so many hours in the day to work on social media and run a business too!

Its funny that a little while back I ran across an article that stated:

43% of Small Businesses Spend 6+ Hours Per Week in Social Media – Crazeballs right?

I know from experience that managing social media accounts can get out of control and become a huge drain on a person’s time.

Thinking back to some of the most recent conversations that I’ve had with clients that want to use social media networks to grow their businesses, the biggest complaint that I hear is that:

Kim, I want to use social media to grow my business but it is too time consuming”  

I almost ALWAYS have to remind them that there are tech resources available that make social media marketing easy peasy.  It’s just knowing which ones to use.

If You Have Old Blog Posts, Don’t Let Your Content Go to Waste. Share the Heck Out of Them!

If you’ve taken the time to write blog content, it doesn’t matter if it’s old, new or whatever…you need to share it multiple times on social media.

Unlike bread, blog posts do not have a shelf life. Shocker right?

As a matter of fact, Hubspot stated some years ago in a blog post that content that they have published on their blog yearssss ago is still bringing them fresh leads on a monthly basis.

And best of all, the longer your content has been around (and as long as its search engine optimized properly), it will continue to bring traffic to your blog.

The Benefits of Sharing Old Blog Posts on Social Media Multiple Times

I know what you may be thinking:

  • Will people get tired of seeing the same old blog posts?
  • Will people think I am incapable of coming up with more creative content to share?
  • Will people think that I am lazy?
  • Will people think that I totally suck at social media marketing?

My answer: no, no and no!

In fact, after I decided to put a tech system in place to share older blog posts from my blog multiple times to social media, want to know what happened:

I started getting more leads, traffic and subscribers to my email list!

What’s tripped me up even more about this is that as I started to dig more into my analytics, and checking the lead to conversion stats via the Thrive Leads Referral reporting feature in my blog’s dashboard, I noticed the following: 

  • The conversions and opt-ins I have been getting from publishing older content to social media networks was HIGHER than the conversions I was getting from PAID Facebook ads – go figure! 
  • The bounce rate was a lot lower from the folks coming to my blog to read my older and recycled content

Do you know what I did next?

I killed my Facebook ads campaign…for the time being!

I figured that hey, if I can successfully get visitors to check out the blog organically (without ad spend) while increasing conversions to the blog, I am all for that.

The Benefits of Sharing Your Old Blog Posts to Social Media Networks

One of the most interesting articles that I’ve read on sharing blog posts repeatedly on social media networks was from the folks over at Buffer.

Buffer outlined in their article that the three biggest benefits of re-sharing their blog posts were:

  • Getting more traffic to their blog
  • Getting their content in front of their audience at different times of the day
  • Reaching new followers

I’m paraphrasing, but you can head over to read their article for yourself.  

One thing’s for sure, is that this strategy absolutely works! 

The Smarter Way to Share Old Blog Posts to Social Media

If you have old blog posts that you want to share effortlessly to social media networks (where you set the tech stuff up once, then forget it), you NEED to be using Revive Old Post.

Revive Old Post Plugin Review
My friend, when I tell you that this is hands down one of the BEST tech inventions ever created..it’s an understatement.

I set this plugin up a while back (oh and it is a WordPress plugin) and I have never looked back.

It really takes a lot of headache out of posting old content to social media networks. With Revive Old Post, you can post all of the content published on your blog to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn too. 

How the Revive Old Post Plugin Works

  • You simply download the plugin either the free or paid version
  • Select which networks you want to post content to
  • Choose the number of posts you want to share (per network)
  • Add hashtags where necessary (I only add them to Twitter)
  • The plugin will automatically add a link shortener to all of your posts

Then let er rip! That. Is. It.

Here is a screenshot of one of my older blog posts that gets recycled and does pretty well with Retweets and re-shares:

The Differences Between the Free and Pro Version

The biggest differences between the free version and PRO version of Revive Old Post is that the Pro Version lets you

  • Post images with your content
  • Set a custom posting schedule
  • Manage additional social media accounts

Either way, this plugin is phenomenal and has changed my lifeeeeeee :-).

How Do I Use The Revive Old Post Plugin for My Blog?

Okay so as with my last blog post, with techie stuff it is easier to show you how to do something rather than write it out.

So on that note, here is a video tutorial that shows you how to get the Revive Old Post plugin setup on your WordPress blog. 
Thank me later! 🙂

I am also linking to a video tutorial that shows you how to get Facebook connected to the plugin!

Are you currently using a plugin like Revive Old Post to recycle your blog content?  Or what kind of automation tools are you using to manage your social media? I’d love to know.  Cheers!