Social Media Profiles: 3 Reasons Why People Will Never Click or Contact You

Are your social media profiles giving people a reason to contact you?

Do you have inquiries and new opportunities popping up in your inbox from folks on social media?

If you are struggling to convert fans to hot prospects, there may be a reason that you are not seeing any results from social media.

I decided to write this post after meeting with a new client a few weeks ago — who I will refer to as Mary (for confidentiality reasons).

Mary reached out to me for assistance with getting more leads using social media.

Challenge Accepted! 

As she started to talk, Mary explained that she had been in business for a little while, and was very active on social media networks.

Like many small businesses that I encounter, she was sharing content with her community on a regular basis and had amassed a large following on Twitter and a few other social media networks.

During our meeting, as I continued to ask Mary questions, it was clear to me that she was frustrated with the lack of results that she was getting from social media and didn’t understand why:

  • Her followers didn’t seem to want to do business with her
  • She was not generating very many leads from social media
  • The content and information that she was sharing with her audience fell on deaf ears and didn’t bring in any new business opportunities for her.

Mary went on to say that even though she had a pretty large following on Twitter that it was doing absolutely NOTHING for her business and she didn’t want to continue wasting time marketing on social media networks if it wasn’t going to help grow her business.

I started to wonder….what was Mary doing wrong — especially since she had a lot of followers? 

A Pattern Emerges + The Problem with Most Social Media Profiles

As I started to perform a Brand Detox an audit  of Mary’s social media profiles and take a closer look at things, I noticed a major problem with them.

It’s something that I see all of the time and a mistake that I made when I first started using social media networks:

Mary was alllll about MARY! 

Her social media accounts, bio’s, content did not convey the VALUE or the benefits that her business offered.

Her accounts did not clearly identity what she did, who she served and how her business could solve their problems.

To make matters worse, the content that she shared was overly promotional.

It’s no wonder that none of her followers were reaching out to her for help.  Its because Mary wasn’t giving them a reason to do so.

After finishing up my Brand Audit and Detox with Mary, I immediately scheduled a follow-up session with her to talk about her next steps.

This leads me into the top 3 reasons that people may never contact you through social media:

  1. They don’t understand what you do
  2. You don’t communicate the value that you offer to your customers
  3. You promote yourself all of the time and never offer any value to your community 

The Anatomy of Social Media Profiles that Excite and Inspire People to Take Action

As I continue to use social media networks, I’ve noticed there a lot of businesses using social media networks that are making the same mistakes that Mary was making.

They are pumping out content left and right, but are not sharing anything worth value that will truly benefit their audiences.

I mean seriously, it amazes me every time that I look at a social media bio (especially on Twitter), where people do not have ANY information on their profiles that tell their visitors how they can help them.

This is an example of a what I am talking about: 

#Entrepreneur, #Speaker, #Friend of Puppets
#Iloveradio, #JazzMusician, #Fisherman,
#RockClimber and #DogLover

I get it, this person has a lot of interests. But If I were looking for someone to help me with a specific problem that I am having in my business, this would not be the type of bio that would pique my interest… at all.

This bio does not tell me anything about what this person does, and how they could help me.

What’s sad is that most small businesses that are setting up shop on these different platforms do not realize this:

People do not care about you (until they do)!

They only want to know “Whats in it for them”? Why should they care about reading your content?

Why should they follow you?  How are you going to help them accomplish their goals?

This really resonated with me after reading a book by Mark Magnacca called So What! How to Communicate What Really Matters to your Audience.

Mark really breaks down this concept in this book so if you’re looking for a great book on finding the message that will resonate with your audience and communicating it correctly, you should pick up a copy of this book.

A Few Examples of Rock Star Social Media Profiles

For the record, there are some folks that totally understand get the concept of communicating what matters to their audiences.

Allow me to present to you some examples of social media profiles that totally knock it out of the park.

Each of these peeps tell you who they are, how they help, and most importantly what you can expect to get from working with them.

Terry McIntosh












Terry is doing an amazing job with his social media profile.  It is obvious right off of the bat that he helps (Entrepreneurs) using a specialized system that he has created 10x their success.  Simple, straight and to the point.

Another awesome example that I love is Lydia Lee’s Bio.  I first came across Lydia this past week as we participated in the Infopreneur Summit.

Lydia Lee











Do you have to guess what Lydia does and who she serves?  Nope! She tells you in her bio that she helps people that are employed leave their jobs to start life-style based businesses.

And lastly, I couldn’t round out my list without adding my business coach Don Purdum. Don does a great job with his messaging and makes it very clear what he helps businesses achieve:
Don Purdum









3 Tips for Creating Click-Worthy Social Media Profiles

Alrighty, now what we’ve learned what not to do with your social media profiles, here are 3 tips for creating click-worthy profiles that can lead to more business opportunities and growth for your company:

  1. Create a clear message that tells what you do and who you do it for. A mish mosh of hashtags and your “interests” will not do it folks.  You need to make sure that your social media profiles clearly tell your visitors what you do and who you do it for.
  1. Communicate your value. If people work with you will you help them grow their businesses, increase sales, or get new business leads? Whatever it is that people can expect to get as a result from working with you, you need to add it somewhere in your profiles.
  1. Tell your visitors how you solve their problems. As I’ve stated before, people don’t care about you (until they do).  In essence, you have to stage your social media profiles in a way that gets people interested in learning more about your business.


Do You Need Help Creating Click-Worthy Social Media Profile for your Business?

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Over to you my fine people! 

What are your thoughts on the post?

Are you making the same mistakes that Mary is making with her business on social media?

Or perhaps you know someone that is making these mistakes.  Either way, I would love to hear your feedback.

Cheers yall!