Are you overwhelmed with technology and struggling to setup your small business website? 

here's how to get your wordpress website setup IN just (5 DAYS OR LESS!)

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Are you overwhelmed with technology and struggling to setup your small business website?  Tired of searching the web looking at blog posts and videos that "promise" to show you how to get your website setup? your current website looking like something straight out of the "80's" that you are embarrassed to send potential clients to?

In the online world you only have a few "seconds" to make a great first impression with your website visitors.  If your website looks "homemade" and disheveled, this can come across as unprofessional to your audience... and send them off to your competitors.

Andddd... if your website is missing critical "tech" components, you could be leaving money on the table and making it difficult to get potential clients into your products and service funnels.   

I've been building websites since 2009 and know that one of the biggest stumbling blocks that small business owners face is with "technology".  

If you're tired of struggling with tech and want a professional looking website that earns you leads  (in 5 Days or LESS) and fills your funnels with potential clients, then I invite you to check out the Rapid Website Packages.

rapid website and blog packages for small businesses and solopreneurs (in 5 days or less) 

That's right! My team and I will get your website setup in 5 days or LESS!  Each package includes done for you web copy that you can customize, a color scheme applied that compliments your brand, a logo, a website branding kit that makes your website visually stunning and appealing to your website visitors, plus a special "Tech" guide to teach you the ins and outs of running your WordPress site.


Getting started is easy! All that you have to do is choose the website design that you like, submit your payment  and answer a few questions regarding your business.

When your website is ready, you will recieve an email notification from my team with the details of your site.  You will also recieve 48-hours of additional support after your site is launched.  

The Rapid Website Process Involves:

  • Choose your package. We offer three different WebKits with two different checkout options (One-Pay and 3 -Pay)  
  • Complete your intake form. Answer preliminary questions concerning your project. 
  • We will start your project and send you an email with your login credentials, plus access to your training materials when your website is live! Wooot Woot!! 


With each WebKit, you will get:

A 5 page WordPress website with a Blog integrated complete with fill-in-the blank website copy to cut your writing time in half so do you don't have to start from scratch.

A color scheme of your choice applied to your website to make sure that your site matches your company's branding for a consistent customer experience.

A branded blog and web design kit 100% customizable with Canva to make your website visually appealing and engaging to your visitors.

Responsive Design to allow people to discover your website on their computers, iPads or phones.

Security and Anti-Spam protection to protect your website against hackers and make sure that "real" people are leaving comments on your blog.

A dedicated"landing page" integrated with your email service to help you funnel potential clients to your products and services. 

A 90+ page technology guide for maintaining your WordPress website and run your blog like a CHAMP.

Your website designed in a way that helps you increase the number of leads from your website.

plus, FOR A LIMITED TIME, you will get these bonuses!


Fill in the blank email nurturing sequence - that you can edit and customize this is one of the key systems that you need in place to “welcome” new peeps to your business plus sell products or services on autopilot


Professionally written “new” homepage copy (so that you don’t have to struggle with writing your homepage copy from scratch )


A branded blog and web design kit 100% customizable with Canva to make your website visually appealing and engaging to your visitors 

The Best Time to Start Your Website is Now!

89% of consumers use the search engines for purchase decisions.  Times have changed my friend. Instead of using the "yellow pages" to find information people are now using the internet to buy products and services. What does this mean for you? It simply means that you can use your "online real estate" aka your website to reach more customers and attract them to your business.

"Websites will promote you 24/7. No other Employee will do that"

- Paul Cookson

What Can a Website Do for Your Business?

Three things...

  • First off,  you're not getting a website. You are investing in an online marketing asset that helps you get more customers, funnels prospects to your products and services and generates fresh "leads" for your business.

  • Secondly,  you can use your website as a powerful marketing tool that CONNECTS you with potential clients from all around the world, getting your products and services that you offer in front of MORE people (without spending a lot of money to do it). 

  • Lastly, your website will market your business around the clock 24/7 (even when you are not).

If you don't have a website, or your current website is doing nothing for your business, simply click one of the "Start Your Project" buttons on this page.  

You will be taken to a checkout page where you can submit the required information.  As soon as your website is up and running, you can login,  start blogging, writing content and marketing your site!

Who is YourChicGeek?

Kim George aka YourChicGeek + techie fanatic that is passionate about empowering small business owners like you to use tech and digital marketing platforms like champs through DIY materials, workshops and online courses for growth and visibility.  

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