Thrive Architect Review (2020): How to Design Beautiful Landing Pages in WordPress

It’s one of the biggest hurdles for WordPress users: understanding the tech side of things.

And understandably so…

Even though there are tons of articles online about WordPress and the fact that it powers more than 31% of the websites online, it can be a challenging platform to use.


I’ve been using WordPress since 2009 and thankfully with advances in tech there are some amazing tools that remove tech barriers for non-techie folks.  

One of these amazing tools is Thrive Architect

Learn How to Create a Beautiful Landing Page with Thrive Architect in This 3-Part Video Series

What is Thrive Architect?

Glad you asked…

Thrive Architect is an advanced page builder designed specifically for WordPress users.

And let me tell you…

This plugin is hands down one of the most POWERFUL visual designers I’ve ever used…

Basically Thrive Architect turns your “regular smegular” WordPress pages into marketing and lead generation tools that you can use to grow your business with.

For example…

Take a look at this regular WordPress page that I have added to my website…

Thrive Architect for WordPress with Border


Let’s say I wanted to take a page from my WordPress site and use it as my personalized homepage.  If you know anything about coding…then you know that trying to customize the page from complete scratch would take me hours (and even days) to do.

Regular Page Added in WordPress


However with Thrive Architect I can transform this page and take it from a plain jane to EPIC in minutes.


What Does Thrive Architect Do That’s Better than the Competition?

Thrive Architect’s main competitors are platforms like LeadPages and Instapage.

I will admit that these tools are very powerful, but… in my opinion here are a few things that separate Thrive Architect from other visual builder and landing page tools are:

#1:  The price

Instead of paying a monthly fee to keep access to tools like LeadPages and Instapage, you only have to make a one-time investment to get access to Thrive Architect.

In fact, you can grab a copy of Thrive Architect for just $67!

Thrive Architect Price


#2: Thrive Architect removes tech “barriers”

I don’t know about you but I do not like spending hours upon hours trying to figure out how to use tech tools and create landing pages for my website.

This is where Thrive Architect excels.  

You do NOT have to have any special kinds of “tech knowledge” to create landing pages or dress up your content either.  

#3: You will get access to more than 270+ professional looking landing pages

This is one of the things that I absolutely loveeee about Thrive Architect.  If you want to host a webinar and need a Webinar Landing page, Thrive Architect has a set of landing pages that you can customize and use.

As an example, the webinar registration page that I created a while back for my Canva Workshop was created with Thrive Architect.

Canva Workshop Landing Page with Thrive Architect with Border


Need a landing page for a free offer that you are giving away to grow your email list?

No worries? Thrive Architect has you covered.

Need to create a sales page for a product that you are launching? Cool…there are landing pages in Thrive Architect for that to.

Here is an example of a landing page that you will get access to via the plugin that you can use as lead generation landing pages for your website.

Thrive Architect Sales Page Example


What I’m trying to say is this…

The possibilities are endless with this tool. In a matter of minutes you can whip up a landing page or spice up the pages and content that you create in WordPress with this tool.

#4: You can easily customize and brand all of the pages that you create

This one is a biggie for me yall.  

Consistent visual branding + design is super important these days.  This is one of the things that I LOVE about Thrive Architect.

As an example, the lead generation landing page below can be easily customized and branded with my own brands color schemes using Thrive Architects visual editor.

Here’s a before and after of what the page looks like after my brands color schemes were applied:



Thrive Architect Lead Gen Page (Before Branding)



Lead Gen Page After Branding


#5:  It integrates easily with a plethora of email marketing services

That’s rightttt….

If you are building landing pages to grow your email list this is super important.  Thrive Architect integrates with a ton of email marketing solutions to funnel new prospects to your email list and such.

Active Campaign is my email marketing and automation solution of choice…. So it was great to see that this tool makes it easy to connect landing pages to my mailing list.

Email Marketing Services that Work with Thrive Architect


What are the Cons of Using Thrive Architect?

If I had to say one of the cons of using Thrive Architect is that they seem to update the interface quite a bit.

I am all for change, but it’s kind of like once you get used to using something, it takes a bit to re-adjust to new UI (user interface changes).

Another thing that (some folks may consider a downside) to using Thrive Architect is that it is not compatible with platforms other than WordPress.  

The folks at Thrive Themes have made it very clear though that they are targeting the WordPress community and so unfortunately the Thrive Architect plugin does not work with other platforms.

Who is Thrive Architect Ideal For?

If you are a solopreneur, lean entrepreneur, digital marketer or DIY’er running a WordPress website, then Thrive Architect is one of the BEST tech and visual design investments that you can make for your website.

With this plugin, you are a template away from creating a beautiful sales page, email opt-in page for your WordPress website.

Thrive Architect also includes things like:

  • Call to Action Buttons – that you can add to your pages that essentially “tell your website visitors what to do next”


  • Beautiful Testimonial boxes – to showcase the positive feedback that you’ve received from folks that have used the products or services that you offer


  • Lead Generation Forms – that you can connect to your email marketing service to grow your email list


  • Pricing Tables – that you can customize and add to your pages to give pricing information about your products or services


  • Contact Forms – that you can add to your website so that people can get in touch with you


Rounding Things Up

In a nutshell, if you struggle with designing landing pages, email opt-in pages and are looking for a tool that makes it easy peasy to get er done, then Thrive Architect has you covered.

You don’t need any special tech skills, design skills or even coding skills to add landing pages to your WordPress website.  

You can simply download the Thrive Architect plugin, activate it and voila you’re off to creating your first landing page to your WordPress website — in minutes!

Where To Find Out More About Thrive Architect

Ready to start cranking out gorgeous landing pages for your WordPress website?  Got a webinar coming up that you want to create a Webinar Registration page for?

Have an eBook that you want to create a sales page for?  If so, then you can click here to find out more about the Thrive Architect plugin.  

You can also feel free to check out some of the tutorials in the Blazing Branding Academywhere you can get access to over 20+ tech + DIY branding resources to help you take your biz to the next level.  

I hope that you all enjoyed this review and would love to hear your feedback on this post and also …your thoughts on Thrive Architect.

Peas and love yallll!!!!