7 Thrive Themes Templates that Will SUPERCHARGE Your WordPress Website!

Are you looking for more ways to get more leads, sales and customers from your WordPress website?

If you are…


Keep reading to learn 7 ways thrive architect templates can turn your website into a powerful marketing and sales engine that works around the clock to grow your brand. 

In my opinion these are 7 types of POWERFUL landing pages that every WordPress website should have…

And my friend it gets better:

All of the templates featured this post are included in Thrive Architectone of the most POWERFUL landing page creators for WordPress.


So you ready…?

Lets gooo…

These Are 7 Thrive Architect Templates that Will Spice Up Your WordPress Website


Template #1: The Homepage History Personal Branding Template

Here’s something to consider:

One of the most important pages on your website is your home page.

Yet..most people make the mistake of slapping up some copy, add a picture here and there and voila… the floodgates of clients will come a pouring in.

This is couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, these are some of the common mistakes that make the difference between a homepage that drives results for a business versus one that doesn’t do jack squat.

So my friend:

  • If you have a website homepage that you’re too embarrassed to send potential clients or visitors to
  • Feel like your current homepage is not pulling its weight for your business
  • Want to DIY design a beautiful homepage for your website that you can be proud to show off to potential clients and folks that visit your site…

Then one of the BEST thrive architect templates that you can use to DIY a beautiful homepage for your site is the Personal Branding Template


Personal Branding Homepage Template


What’s Included in the Personal Branding Template?

The personal branding template is especially helpful for creating an EPIC home page for your WordPress website and includes:


#1:  A pre-designed template that follows some the best practices in home page design from the pros. 

In case you didn’t know.  Custom web design work can cost thousands. If your running your business the “lean” way then, I doubt that you want to shell out that much money for a custom home page design for your WordPress website.


Instead of shelling out thousands for a custom home page or spending hours trying to design one from scratch, you could simply use a template like the “personal branding” thrives theme template to design your home page.


#2:  A “hero” image section to help your website visitors understand what you do easier

Answer this question:

Have you ever visited someone’s website and left immediately because you didn’t understand what they did?

I know that I have…

This is the beauty of using a hero image.  

In the hero image section of the thrive architect personal branding template, you can easily add:

  • An image of yourself or a stock photo that represents what your brand does or helps people with
  • A personal video of you (or your team) welcoming peeps to your website…

Either one of these types of visuals will “endear” your visitors to your brand and give them an idea of what your website is about. 


#3: An area to showcase testimonials from happy customers or peeps that have had positive experiences with your brand

Did you know that testimonials can boost conversions to your products and services by as much as 20% to 50%?

That’s right folks!

I mean think about it this way:  

It’s one thing to “tell” people how great your products and services are…  


Showcasing “happy testimonials” from past customers on your website and other marketing materials is a powerful way to show people that your products helped them reach their goals.

Fortunately for you….the personal branding thrive architect template makes it super easy to do this 


Template#2: Bright Lead Generation Page

A lot of DIY website builders make the mistake of focusing too much on how “pretty” a website is.

But here’s the thing:

Pretty does not equal profitable peeps.

If you’re running a business of any sort online, one of the most POWERFUL things that you can do is build your email list.

This is one of the main reasons that I love using thrive architect templates

They have a wide range of list-building templates that you can add to your WordPress website.

One of my favorites is the “Bright Lead Generation Page”.

What’s Included In The Bright Lead Generation Page Template?


Bright Lead Generation Page

#1:  A customizable space to add the headline and title of your free offers.  

One of the MAIN reasons that I love using templates in the Thrive Architect plugin is that they are easy to customize.


Instead of struggling for hours to change things like the text, colors or even your logo, you can make these changes in minutes and add them to the Bright Lead Generation Page in Thrive Architect.

#2:  A placeholder to add an eye-catching picture of your lead magnet

Here’s the thing:

Whenever you are giving away something for free (eBook, eCourse, Workbooks) or the like, creating a visual representation of the thing that you are giving away will boost conversions to your website.

#3:   An email optin form for lead generation

Here again building your email list is essential  (so that you can follow up with your email subscribers later)

Here’s the best part:

You can easily connect your lead generation form to your favorite email marketing service  — in just a matter of minutes with Thrives API connection tool.


#3:  Personal Branding 2-Step Landing Page

If you are coach or consultant then the personal branding 2-step landing page template in Thrive Architect will help you book calls and schedule sessions like a champ from your website.

The great thing about using this template is that you dont have to spend all day trying to figure out what type of content to add to your coaching or consulting page…as everything is all laid out for you!

What’s Included in the Personal Branding Landing Page?

This thrive architect template is super powerful in three ways:

Personal Branding Landing Page


#1:  It’s short, sweet and to the point.  


All you need to do is add an enticing title, some great subtext and a call to action.

Keeping it simple is BEST peeps.  And this is what the personal branding template lets you do.   

When folks land on this landing page, you simply just need to add compelling copy and information that gets them excited to book a coaching call with you.

Whether it is to “Book a free strategy call” or “Schedule a Mini Coaching Session”, this templates will help you get er done.


#2:  You can EASILY connect the Page to your Favorite Online Scheduling Tool

If you are using tools like Calendly or Acuity Scheduling then you can easily connect these tools to your personal branding landing page!

Yay for that!

All you need to do is grab your special booking link from your online scheduling tool, then link it to the Call to Action button on this page that says “Start Your Mini Coaching Session” and that’s it.

When someone clicks on that button it will automatically take them to your “calendar” so that they can schedule an appointment to chat with you!


#3:  It’s perfect for creating a branded and professional looking “Booking” page

Instead of sending folks to a regular calendar invite, this landing page will help you amp up the professionalism of your page.


Well for one, you can add a professional looking picture of yourself to the page that will draw more people into your brand.

I don’t know about you but when I am engaging with a brand online, I want to see who it is that I am interacting with.

Well my friend,

This landing page solves that problem. You can easily upload a picture of yourself on the right side of the landing page to give your page a more “personable” feel when folks visit it.


Template#4:  Video Course Lead Generation Page


When it comes to grabbing the most attention, video is king.

If you’re looking to launch a series of free video courses or create a Jeff Walker “Product Launch Formula” style launch for a course that you are selling, then try out the amazing Video Course Lead Generation Page from Thrive Architect.

What Does the Video Course Lead Generation Page Include?

This set of templates was modeled after Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.  

Video Course Landing Page

In case you are not familiar to help digital marketers launch products using videos that lead up to the final reveal and launch of your new product/service.

The video course lead generation page template allows you to:

  • Embed pre-existing videos onto the page (YouTube, Vimeo and etc)
  • Include a variety of high quality videos within your course
  • Select your favorite page layout from an assortment of available layouts
  • Customize the text, widgets and images as desired
  • Include a catchy call to action where you encourage visitors to “Start a Free Course” or even better “Enroll in Your Paid Course

Creating marketing videos might seem intimidating for most individuals.

But here’s the thing: 

Although this process might seem too complex and time consuming, you can use Thrive’s amazing video course lead generation page to create impressive video landing pages that can help you market or launch courses like a CHAMP!


Template#5:  Icon Sales Page

If you’re looking to provide your customers with limited time offers on particular products or services, the Icon Sales Page will work perfectly.

Time-limited offers are often referred to as “tripwire offers” because they last for a limited time….

So that if people don’t take action and grab the “tripwire/special offer” before the timer expires, they miss out on it.

You might be wondering:

What’s so special about this particular Icon Sales Page from Thrive Architect?

Well, its designed to encourage “Scarcity” aka the Fear of Missing Out.

In the marketing world, scarcity is a powerful marketing psychology and persuasion tool that a lot of marketers use to boost sales.

What’s Does the Icon Landing Page Include?


Icon Tripwire Scarcity Landing Page


Here are some outstanding features of the icon sales page:


#1:  A space to add a Big Bold Sales Page Headlines

This unique Thrive Theme is designed to have huge, bold headlines that can convey the message succinctly.

Tripwire offers are usually available for short periods, so it’s crucial that your audience understands the limited nature of your offers. Naturally, they’ll want to grab the opportunity while it lasts.


#2:  Icons to Spice up Your Sales Page

This Thrive Architect landing page has a vast number of beautiful icons that you can use to add more pizazz to your tripwire sales pages.

These icons provide clues about the type of offers they should expect when they click “Get it Now”.


#3:  Countdown Timer

A tripwire offer isn’t complete without including a countdown timer. This timer indicates the time left till your offer runs out. When the timer goes out, your offer becomes null and void.


Template #6:  Bright Webinar Registration Page

If you’re planning to host a webinar on your WordPress site, use the Bright Webinar Registration Page to get as many people as possible to register.

Trust me when I tell you this:

Trying to create a webinar registration page from scratch is a PITA (for realz).


With Thrive Architect it’s a breeze.  There’s nothing too techie to deal with at all.  

I’m sure as a digital marketer you’ve prolly signed up for tons of webinars and maybe wondered to yourself “How Can I setup a Webinar Registration” page for my business?

Well my friend, if you have a WordPress website, this template has you covered!

Webinars are one of the MOST powerful types of events to host.  You can use webinars to:

  • Generate new leads and sales for your business
  • Educate your audience about a specific topic that they are interested in
  • Demonstrate your authority in your niche (aka basically showing peeps that you know your sh%$) 🙂


Most people’s attention spans are extremely short. They prefer consuming well-packaged information instead of searching endlessly for resources that don’t exist.

Here’s the best part!  

Setting up a webinar registration page is pretty easy with the Bright Registration Template…in a matter of MINUTES you can add a fully functioning webinar registration page to your WordPress website.

What Makes the Bright Webinar Registration Page so Great?


Bright Registration Page


#1:  It’s easy to Brand and Add your Own Colors To

One of my favorite things about the Bright Webinar registration page is that it’s easy to customize and add your businesses color scheme too.

I’ve tried using other Webinar Page builders in the past and believe me when I tell you that they are over complicated to use.

With this landing page however, you can simply add in your brands color codes, an image of yourself, set the date and time of your webinar and you’re off to the races! 


#2:  Its large, bold headlines

Another attractive feature of this theme is its huge headlines that can be customized to your liking.

You want to make sure that your webinar headline is concise and that your subtext has a benefit driven headline that will get peeps excited to register and attend.


#3:  Webinar countdown feature

This theme also contains a special clock countdown feature that informs visitors the exact time remaining till registration closes.

You can either place this clock at the bottom or top of your page, depending on your preference.

This theme should also contain important information such as the host, special guests and major issues that will be discussed.


#4:  Call to action/registration

Finally, this Bright page features a large and clear call to action that prompts users to leave their name email addresses and other relevant info. It’s at this point that they get to register for your upcoming webinar


#7:  Bright Sales Page

Lets face it:

Designing sales pages from scratch can be pretty tough.  There are so many things that you need to add.

But fortunately for the non designer and non techie peeps, the Bright Sales page template has you covered!

You see:

There are certain visual elements design elements that are essential to creating sales pages that convert versus sales pages that don’t.

But here’s the great thing:

The Bright Sales Page has all of the most important design elements that you need for designing high converting sales pages like a CHAMP.  

It really does take all of the guesswork out of what you need to add to your sales pages.


What’s Included in the Bright Sales Page Template?


Bright Sales Page Template


#1:  A placeholder to add High Converting Headlines and Copy

This landing page template has a placeholder for adding outstanding headlines, compelling copy and a strong call to action. You could also include a “Testimonials” section that reveals the first-hand experiences of your previous clients.

The simplicity of this Bright Sales Page makes it an effective sales tool that you can use to scale your business and sell products and services from.


#2: It’s easy to brand and “make your own”

Branding is super important peeps!

To keep in line with your current branding, you can easily add your brands color scheme to your sales page, apply your brands fonts and even add “mockup” images of products that you are selling.


#3: You can easily connect your page to your shopping cart

Using Paypal, Gumroad or advanced shopping carts like Thrivecart for your shopping cart?

No problemo!

The Bright Sales page template in Thrive Architect lets you effortlessly connect your shopping cart to the call to action button on the sales page template.

This makes it easy peasy to collect payments from your sales page without a hitch!


Wrapping Up!

Thrive Architect has really gone above and beyond to create unique landing pages that for a variety of entrepreneurs.

If you’re struggling to grow your email list, create webinar registration pages, design sales pages and more, check out the Thrive Architect to get access so all of the templates mentioned in this post.

Thanks for reading peeps!