9 EPIC Features of the FocusBlog Theme You Can Use to Build a Kick A$$ Blog


For the past year or so since I’ve launched the YourChicGeek blog, I’ve changed WordPress themes more than I can count.

You see…I have a bit of a problem y’all (and I really don’t want to admit that I have this issue) but it is what it is.

As one of my peeps on @Fueza calls it:  I am a “Theme Junkie” — meaning that I have an issue with buying up too many friggin WordPress themes.

It seemed like finding the RIGHT WordPress theme to build my blog was almost impossible.  I wasn’t looking for any old theme.

I needed a WordPress theme that was:

  • Conversion focused
  • Worked well with Thrive Architect (the most amazing WordPress plugin on the planet)
  • Flexible and easy to update! (Again, I want to avoid spending money on new themes every year)

That’s when I realized…

I had the perfect WordPress theme tucked away in my Web Design arsenal the entire time.  It turned out to be the Thrive Focus Blog theme.  

Thrive Themes FocusBlog

Thrive Themes FocusBlog

Let’s take a look at 9 of the top reasons that the FocusBlog theme is EPIC and why it’s an amazing theme to build a WordPress website with:

Thrive Themes FocusBlog Review: 9 Reasons to Love It


#1:  The theme works nicely with Thrive Architect!

If you’ve never heard of Thrive Architect, you can read more about it here.  In a nutshell, it’s a powerful WordPress plugin that you can use to create eye catching content and landing pages for your WordPress blog.

In fact:

I used Thrive Architect to build the homepage of my current website.  You see, before simplifying my homepage design, I just showed my most recent blog posts.  

YourChicGeek Homepage Built with Thrive Architect (Running Thrive FocusBlog Theme)


As I started to focus on getting more conversions from my site (with the same amount) of traffic)  I realized this:  I needed a dedicated homepage to make the browsing experience easier for my visitors!    

This is what I used Thrive Architect to do.

Thrive Architect Landing Page Designs

As of now, there are more than 200 different landing pages that you can add to your WordPress website with a single click!

And…. if I didn’t mention this, the FocusBlog theme and Thrive Architect are both made by the good folks over at Thrive Themes..sooo yay for this!

#2:  It’s Built to Increase Conversions with Multiple Opt-In Forms

I learned a longgg time ago that one of the best ways to encourage more visitors to subscribe to your email list is to add multiple optin forms throughout your site.

Think about it…

Let’s say that you have ONLY one opt-in form on your website that converts visitors at 1%- 3% and your website gets 2,000 visitors a month.

With a conversion rate of 1%-3% this means that you might get 60 subscribers per month to opt-in to your email list.

Thrive FocusBlog OptIn Form (aka Focus Area)


Let’s look at this scenario using multiple opt-in forms via the Thrive FocusBlog theme strategically placed throughout your website.  

One email opt-in form in particular converts at 6%.  This means that you will add an extra 120 subbies to your email list — thus doing MORE with less traffic. (Awesome right).

Well my good friend, this is where the Thrive FocusBlog helps out.  This theme gives you the ability to add email opt-in forms anywhere in your content.


#3:  It’s Affordable

The FocusBlog theme is super affordable guys and will run you $49 for a single site license and $67 for multiple sites. 


#4: It’s Blazing Fast (For realz)

Have you ever downloaded a theme, installed and then it seemed like your blog moved at a snail’s pace?

I have and it sucks!

This is one of the things that I love about using the FocusBlog theme is that it is a super fast theme that doesn’t have a ton of bloatware on it.

After I installed this theme, I noticed a huge difference in how fast my site moved. Plus in case you aren’t aware, a slow website is (no bueno for your visitors).


#5:  The Theme is Responsive (aka works GREAT on mobile devices)

Take a look at this picture.  What do you notice? If you noticed that 50% of my website visitors are on mobile devices— kudos to you!

Mobile Devices Visiting the YourChicGeek Blog

This my friend is why it is oh so imperative to use a responsive theme on your website.  It can increase your conversion rates, sales and more…

The FocusBlog theme is 100% responsive and will make your blog look great on any mobile device.


#6: Automatic Page Generator

I don’t know about you but writing content for certain pages (specifically disclaimer and privacy pages) can be a little tough.

I had a hard time with finding the right verbiage to make sure that my site was legal and stuff…And that’s when I discovered that the FocusBlog theme has an automatic page generator that creates pages “in just a few clicks”.

FocusBlog Page Templates (Source: Top Five Advisor)

Sooo if you’re struggling to come up with a disclaimer and privacy policy statement for your blog, don’t worry.  

You can generate these pages instantly with the auto page generator in the FocusBlog theme. (Yipeeeeee)


#7: You Can Brand Your Website (Like a Rockstar)

In the past when I’ve used other themes, some of them gave me creative control to change up certain areas of my website.  

Others…not so much.

This is one of the things that I fell in love with when I decided to use the FocusBlog theme.  

With it, you will get access to a visual “theme customizer”. The theme customizer lets you change up your website’s fonts, color choices, menu fonts and basically brand your blog like a CHAMP!


#8:  Integrated Membership Site Tools!

Want to add a membership site to your website? No problemo.  In the FocusBlog theme, you will have an opportunity to activate the “Apprentice” feature.

Thrive Apprentice Membership Feature Example

The apprentice feature is a BONUS feature of this theme that lets you setup and run a membership site from your WordPress website.  

How cool is that?  

Note:  Here’s an awesome video tutorial that shows you how to setup your membership site with Thrive Apprentice.


#9: The Support is Pretty Awesome

Support is one of those things that can make or break a product for me.  In the case of the FocusBlog theme (and all of the Thrive Theme products), their support is stellar.

They have a pretty good support team in place to answer any questions that you have about your product.

So in case you run into any tech issues or and etc, you can always open up a ticket with their support team to get assistance. 

Wrap Up and Summary

Guys, I can’t tell you how much the FocusBlog theme has helped grow my business.  I’m getting conversions to my email list and more customers (with a small amount of traffic mind you).

If you want to learn how to use it to build your blog, check out this FREE training.  My Free WordPress Website in a Weekend course walks you through the “tech” stuff you need to do to get the FocusBlog theme up and running, plus more!

What WordPress Themes Have Helped You Grow Your Business?

Your turn….

I would love to know what WordPress theme’s you are using that have helped you grow your business (and how). Drop me a line below…

Thanks for reading peeps and here’s to crushing it in 2018!