Website Not Making Sales? Here’s How to Turn It Into your #1 Salesperson

Is your website not making sales?

Does it seem like everyone else is in the game while you’re sitting on the sidelines?

Are you tired of hearing about all of the successes that other people seem to have while your website sits stagnant?

Believe it or not folks, at one point in time I felt the same way too.

I would see people posting online about how they were getting these amazing results from their websites.

But for me… it was the complete opposite.  In fact, I was very frustrated with the results that I was getting from my website (actually lack of results).

I figured oh well, I’ll just install WordPress, add some nice colors to the website, put some social sharing buttons and wooo hoooo the sales would come pouring in.

But here’s the real deal:

This could not be FARTHER from the truth.  

Your visitors do not care about the colors that you use to brand your website or the types of social media sharing buttons you are using.

What they are about is this:

#1:  Am I in the right place?  

When someone lands on your website, if your site is not setup to answer this question, they will leave.  It’s just that simple.

For instance, if you are a coach helping people create profitable WordPress websites, then you need to state that on your website.  If you are a business coach helping millennials start successful side hustles, then you need to put that on your website.

Don’t make people guess what you are doing.  I am the one to tell you that I absolutely despise showing up to a website spending too much brain power trying to figure out what the heck it is that the website does.   

#2:  What problems do you solve?  

The competition is fierce out there.  

When someone lands on your website, you only have a split second to give them a reason to stick around and learn more about your business.  

If your website is not doing a good job of communicating what you help them accomplish, here again, they will leave.  

For example, in my post that covers 7 examples of irresistible homepage copy, one of the examples that I mentioned was from Chandler Bolt’s website where he helps peeps write and launch a best selling book on their own.

In this example, he makes it crystal clear who he serves.  So folks that are interested in writing a best selling book will browse around this website to learn more about what he has to offer.

#3:  Will your products/services help them achieve their goals?


This is where the transformative stuff kicks in.  If there is one thing that I can stress it’s this: specificity sells!

Using the previous example again with Chandler Bolts website.  

In theory he could have kept things super basic and stuck to helping people self-publish best-selling books.


He took it a bit farther.  Chandler helps folks create best-selling book in 90 days or less!  

Now, that is super specific guys!

The Main Problem That Most DIY Created Websites

Here’s the thing:

Based on my experiences with working with biz owners that create their own sites most make the mistake of throwing together websites that do nothing for their businesses.

Or they spend thousands hiring designers that do well with design but don’t understand the “marketing side of things”.

So what happens is this:

You end up with a website that looks pretty that does not generate leads or sales (which we know is the lifeblood of running a successful business).

Here’s the real deal though:

A successful website needs both!  

Great design coupled with great marketing (aka words, systems and etc) that compel visitors to take action instead of clicking away.

This leads me to the top 3 things that I’ve implemented on my website that have helped me take it from a ghost town to a site that helps me generate fresh leads and sales on autopilot.

3 Tips for Taking Your Website from Stagnant to Profitable

Here are three things that took my website from stagnant to profitable:

#1:  You need an irresistible offer

Say what?

Yea.  You need a strong offer on your website. These days putting up a generic free Cheatsheet to Losing Weight is not going to cut it.  

Your offer has to be super specific and address an immediate need or problem that the people you want to attract to your business want to solve.

This is what the folks over at Digital Marketer do so well. All of the lead magnets that they create help people overcome specific problems.

For example:

Their 60 Second Blog Content Plan Freebie.  This is super specific. Instead of just giving away a blog content plan, they attached a more specific outcome to the lead magnet by stating that it helps peeps create blog content in just 60 seconds.

#2:  Your need a process in place for taking people from browsers to buyers.  

I’ve mentioned that you only have a hot second to get someone’s attention.  When most people visit your website, they are not there to buy anything.

They are just browsing around to find out more information about your business.  Every website owner needs to have a process mapped out to turn casual browsers into subscribers, then subscribers to customers.

Here’s how this could work:

Lisa is a solopreneur that is struggling to create graphics to brand her blog posts with.  Lisa see’s an image from Pinterest that covers how to create stylish blog post graphics.

Lisa clicks to read the article, then downloads a free blog post graphic style guide that teaches her how to create branded blog post graphics.

After Lisa downloads the style guide, she is taken to a page where she is offered the chance to get a discounted special offer for a social media marketing graphics kit.

Excited about this offer, Lisa buys the kit and is then taken to a page where she is offered an opportunity to get a 20-pt social media marketing audit for a special price.

Lisa’s social media marketing has not been working for her so she forges ahead and invests in the audit.

Do you see what happened here?

Lisa saw a post that piqued her interest on Pinterest, read the post, downloaded a content upgrade, purchased a social media graphics kit then went on to invest in a social media marketing audit.

In a nutshell, Lisa went from a Stranger —— > Customer

#3: Create “intentional pages” on your website


This simply means that every page that you create on your website needs to have a purpose.

You should NEVER leave any of the pages that you create to chance.  They all need to serve a purpose and get your visitors to take action.

For instance, I used to think that my about page was just a place to gloat about who I am and list out all of my accomplishments.  

Peeps, trust me your visitors do NOT care about you.  They only care about what’s in it for them.

Wanna know why?

I took the focus off of myself and turned it to my visitors. After I rewrote my about page, I started to see a huge bump in conversions to my email list.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear from you guys!  How has your current website been performing? Are there any changes that you’ve made to take your site from stagnant to profitable?

If so, please share them with us.  As they say, sharing is caring.

Thanks a milli peeps!


Kim, YourChicGeek is a tech savvy diva + founder of YourChicGeek. She is passionate about teaching solopreneurs how to stand out and get noticed online through great visual branding and digital marketing. Kim has created several online courses and 20+ DIY trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy that help solopreneurs flourish online. You can click here to start your free 5-day trial of the Blazing Branding Academy .