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Hello and virtual high fives to ya!  Welcome to my Work with Me Page…

As I’ve stated on my about page, I’m Kim, YourChicGeek and I am here to help you go from unnoticed to unstoppable on the internet.

Ready to make an IMPACT online? Awesome!  Here you will find a summary of all of the done-for-you services and consulting packages that I am offering at this time.

Courses, Trainings and Workshops

Want to improve your digital branding, marketing and tech skills? Check out some of the courses I offer in my mini university or click here to get a 14-day trial of the Blazing Branding Academy!




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Facebook Sales Funnel Implementation

If you are an infopreneur and digital marketer that is ready to scale your business and GROW your empire with Facebook ads, I’m here to help ya!

I know…I know…

You’ve probably heard people say that Facebook Ad’s Don’t WORK! I am here to tell you that they do! Take this feedback from one of my customers as an example:


By setting up my Facebook Ads Funnel to my real estate investing webinar you helped me realize a dream that I have had for a few years now.  Thank You!

I knew that my expertise in my chosen niche could help a lot of people - and create another income stream for me - but my lack of technical know-how stopped me dead in my tracks for years. After you setup my Facebook ads funnel I started getting leads and new opt-ins -- almost immediately!

Kim, as valuable the Facebook Ads Funnel was, the service you provided for me in setting up my webinar, and my online course was equally as valuable.   I can honestly say... the investment I made in your service(s) was single-handedly one of the best investments I made in 2018. (And that’s saying a lot... because I bought a lot of real estate in 2018. 🙂

Thanks again, Kim! (FYI... I now refer to you as, My Chic Geek.)

TOBARS DOBBS  //  Entrepreneur and Founder of

So, if you need help with putting your leads, growth and revenue on repeat with Facebook ads, I'd love to help ya!

A few pre-requistes:  

You must have a budget allocated to invest on Facebook ads

Run a WordPress website or blog

Have an information product -- ready to sell + scale

The Facebook Sales Funnel Implemenation includes (some) of the following:

  • 30-minute Strategy Call + Consulation
  • Custom Facebook Ad Designs that Stand out and Get Attention in the Newsfeed
  • Landing Designs Pages for Opt-Ins
  • Tripwire Offer (Low Cost Offer) Page Design
  • Thank You Page Designs
  • Suggestions on how to optimize your blog content
  • And more!

I will also work with you to:

  • ​Create engaging copy for your Facebook Ads
  • Setup the "tech" stuff -- aka your email sales sequences and more!

I only have the availability to work with 5 serious peeps a month at a time, so if this is you, click here to contact me and add Facebook Ads Implementation in your subject line.