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Hello and virtual high fives to ya!  Welcome to my Work with Me Page…

As I’ve stated on my about page, I’m Kim, YourChicGeek and I am here to help you create and sell EPIC digital products for passive income.

Here you will find a summary of all of the done for you services, products and more that I offer at this time.

The Template Shop

Want to get on the fast track to creating passive income products? If so, check out some of the done-for-you workbook, eBook, journal and notebook templates and other products that I have available in my online shop that help you create your first passive income product in as little as a day.  

Here’s the deal:

Branding and visual design is one of those things that isn’t talked about enough in the marketing circles, yet it impacts your business in a big way.  

So….if you’re not happy with the way your marketing materials look or want a faster and EASIER way to create passive income products, click here to see whats available in the YCG Template shop. 

The template shop has tons of ready made graphics and template sets that you can easily edit and customize with Canva.

Click here to check out the template shop

KDP Low Content Product Audit + Review!

Stressed out with trying to create low content books to sell on Amazon KDP? Have a low content book that you’ve already published on Amazon KDP that you are struggling to get sales?  If so, I’m here to help!  

Take it from me: 

There’s nothing like waking up, checking your KDP account and seeing that you’ve made a new “Sale“. This is what a well positioned and researched low content book will help you do. 

If you’re struggling to create a low content book or have already published low content books…but are struggling to make sales, Let’s chat about it..

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Please Note: I only have the capacity to work with 2-3 serious clients per month.  So please, serious inquiries only.